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Daily Legislative Clipping Service for February 20, 2017 Select another date

The Legislative Reference Library produces a Daily Newspaper Clipping Service for members of the Legislative community. Each morning, Library staff members select and compile articles of interest to the legislature from over 30 national and regional newspapers.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date Related Links
Adult prison is not for 17-year-olds San Antonio Express News  Editorial 02/20/17 4 TX bill(s) 3 doc(s)
Abbott, Patrick seek to protect public with SB4 Austin American Statesman  Mackowiak, M. 02/20/17 1 TX bill 1 doc(s)
Serving up lies to 'Intimidation and Customs Enforcement' raids Austin American Statesman  Smith, G. 02/20/17  
What you need to know about the enemies of the American people Dallas Morning News  Wilson, M. 02/20/17  
Pre-K grants work, must be renewed Dallas Morning News  Jalonick, M. 02/20/17 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Vouchers: This approach will destroy public education Dallas Morning News  McNeil, L. 02/20/17  
Charter schools are succeeding on large scale Dallas Morning News  Winters, M. 02/20/17  
Courts gutting real value of property insurance San Antonio Express News  Loyd, S. 02/20/17 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Abbott fight with Travis County may hurt program to curb prostitution Austin American Statesman  Hall, K. 02/20/17 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Forgotten victims of underworld Dallas Morning News  Smith, M. 02/20/17 6 TX bill(s) 2 doc(s)
Area group vows to fight ‘bathroom bill’ Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Smith, D. 02/20/17 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Not just Lady Gaga: Anti-Texas bathroom bill stars have pro-LGBT cred Austin American Statesman  Webb, E. 02/20/17 2 TX bill(s)
Singing out against Texas bill Dallas Morning News  Wilonsky, R. 02/20/17 1 TX bill 1 doc(s)
What to Watch: NFL feud, foster care, abortion case Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Weissert, W. 02/20/17 1 TX bill 5 doc(s)
Bills aim to make it tougher to develop affordable housing Houston Chronicle  DePillis, L. 02/20/17 1 TX bill
No easy fight: Group wants title insurance biz opened to competition Houston Chronicle  Drew, J. 02/20/17 2 doc(s)
Texas disaster housing idea may get done in Louisiana first Houston Chronicle  Rice, H. 02/20/17  
Parents fight for services for medically fragile kids San Antonio Express News  Fikac, P. 02/20/17 1 TX bill
Lawmakers Must Listen Dallas Morning News  Editorial 02/19/17  
Kids in danger, tight budget — it’s a rainy day Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Editorial 02/19/17 3 doc(s)
Criminal justice needs age adjustment Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Editorial 02/19/17 2 TX bill(s) 2 doc(s)
ICE raids and more Houston Chronicle  Editorial 02/19/17 5 doc(s)
Pension teamwork Houston Chronicle  Editorial 02/19/17 1 doc(s)
Partisanship in drawing districts same as race motive San Antonio Express News  Editorial 02/19/17 4 doc(s)
Hits and Misses Dallas Morning News  Editorial 02/18/17 1 TX bill 1 doc(s)
Thumbs up, down Houston Chronicle  Editorial 02/18/17 1 TX bill
Romo rebuke lacks context, transparency San Antonio Express News  Editorial 02/18/17  
Lame-duck board makes right move San Antonio Express News  Editorial 02/18/17 1 doc(s)
Legislators must revise state’s age of criminal responsibility Austin American Statesman  Buckler, K. 02/19/17 4 TX bill(s) 1 doc(s)
Don’t reward cartels by making asset forfeiture harder Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Brown, J. 02/19/17 5 TX bill(s) 1 doc(s)
Some at the Capitol in Austin put Texas economy at risk Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Greene, R. 02/19/17 2 TX bill(s) 1 doc(s)
Hailstorms now bring out armies of lawyers, others wanting to file suits Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Sampson, D. 02/19/17 1 doc(s)
Property tax plan a blow to communities San Antonio Express News  Davidson, B. 02/19/17 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Here we go again, fighting a new voucher proposal at the Capitol Austin American Statesman  Stevenson, S. 02/18/17 2 TX bill(s) 1 doc(s)
You can save this country Dallas Morning News  Luce, K. 02/18/17  
Let youth choose HPV vaccine Houston Chronicle  Pyle, J. 02/18/17 1 TX bill 1 doc(s)
Don’t privatize Child Protective Siervices San Antonio Express News  McCown, F. 02/18/17 2 doc(s)
Patrick-Straus rift now affects budget Austin American Statesman  Walsh, E. 02/19/17 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Prosecutor: ICE detainees often escape justice Austin American Statesman  Plohetski, T. 02/19/17 1 TX bill 1 doc(s)
A shock to the system Dallas Morning News  McSwane, D. 02/19/17 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Adults tussle over transgender wrestler Dallas Morning News  Florek, M. 02/19/17 1 doc(s)
Texas legislators ponder whether to tax three ‘medical necessities’ Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Tinsley, A. 02/19/17 3 TX bill(s)
Hundreds of Texans may have voted improperly Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Rauf, D. 02/19/17 1 TX bill 1 doc(s)
The Trump effect Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Tinsley, A. 02/19/17  
Abortion case’s ‘Roe’ dies at 69 Houston Chronicle  Blakinger, K. 02/19/17 1 doc(s)
Refugees here face new worry Houston Chronicle  Deam, J. 02/19/17 5 doc(s)
Supporters rally to UTSA’s Romo San Antonio Express News  O'Hare, P. 02/19/17 1 doc(s)
Bathroom bill draws deluge of opposition San Antonio Express News  Fikac, P. 02/19/17 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Mayors warn of economic backlash over bathroom bill Austin American Statesman  Lindell, C. 02/18/17 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Feds: Freeze threatens intellectually disabled Austin American Statesman  Ball, A. 02/18/17 3 doc(s)
GOP not sure how long hold on Collin will last Dallas Morning News  Wigglesworth, V. 02/18/17  
Clock is ticking on plan to end daylight-saving time in Texas Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Tinsley, A. 02/18/17 2 TX bill(s)
Fear of deportation shadows immigrants Houston Chronicle  Kriel, L. 02/18/17 1 doc(s)
Campus carry unrest fades in Texas Houston Chronicle  Ellis, L. 02/18/17 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
‘100% not true’ migrant roundup plan draws fire San Antonio Express News  Lambrecht, B. 02/18/17 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Grievances at charter school provoke warning from state San Antonio Express News  Caruba, L. 02/18/17 2 doc(s)
What the arts mean to great Texas artists and patrons Austin American Statesman  Barnes, M. 02/19/17 1 doc(s)
Judge slams AG’s office in voter suit Austin American Statesman  Lindell, C. 02/19/17 3 doc(s)
Industry veteran helps UT integrate design, curriculum Austin American Statesman  Haurwitz, R. 02/19/17  
Lawmaker faulted for 9/11 tweet isn’t real Austin American Statesman  Selby, W. 02/19/17  
In Texas politics, often it’s God’s people vs. God’s people Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 02/19/17 2 TX bill(s)
Fundraising groups prepare for face time with legislators Austin American Statesman  Williams, M. 02/19/17  
10 departments detail officer-related shootings Austin American Statesman  Moravec, E. 02/19/17 1 TX bill
Some sex ed is for the birds Dallas Morning News  Floyd, J. 02/19/17 1 doc(s)
UP may change firefighter pension plan Dallas Morning News  Limon, E. 02/19/17 2 doc(s)
Rep seeks 2016 voter fraud data Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 02/19/17 1 doc(s)
Time to raise our game with LGBT Dallas Morning News  Sherrington, K. 02/19/17 3 doc(s)
Who gets to control Oncor? Dallas Morning News  Schnurman, M. 02/19/17 3 doc(s)
How to fix medical insurance Dallas Morning News  Kotlikoff, L. 02/19/17 1 doc(s)
Company left victims without a new roof over their heads Dallas Morning News  Lieber, D. 02/19/17  
Battle for 2018 races starts now, Texas Republicans say at dinner Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Tinsley, A. 02/19/17 2 TX bill(s)
Texas, don’t risk major events over potty law Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Engel, M. 02/19/17 2 TX bill(s) 2 doc(s)
Tip of the hat to two true Texans: Ryan and Campbell Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Tinsley, A. 02/19/17  
County eyes probation overhaul Houston Chronicle  Zaveri, M. 02/19/17  
This land is your land? Not with eminent domain Q & A : Justin Hodge Houston Chronicle  Sixel, L. 02/19/17 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Commissioner says bid process might hinge on state laws Houston Chronicle  Feigen, J. 02/19/17 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Legislators target boaters, popular deer program Houston Chronicle  Tompkins, S. 02/19/17 5 TX bill(s) 2 doc(s)
Uresti’s troubles could open the door for a Gutierrez run San Antonio Express News  Garcia, G. 02/19/17 1 doc(s)
STD rates reach record highs in Bexar San Antonio Express News  Martin, B. 02/19/17 2 doc(s)
Junk food parity in SNAP users, nonusers San Antonio Express News  Marini, R. 02/19/17 3 doc(s)
Attorney: Inmate, focus of ‘sanctuary city’ battle, here legally Austin American Statesman  Plohetski, T. 02/18/17 1 TX bill 1 doc(s)
Bill aims at lax state nursing home rules Austin American Statesman  Chang, J. 02/18/17 4 TX bill(s) 3 doc(s)
Central Texas reps skip town halls Austin American Statesman  Tilove, J. 02/18/17 1 doc(s)
Thousands miss school in immigration protest Austin American Statesman  Taboada, M. 02/18/17  
Rockne Historical Association’s annual fundraiser always a hit Austin American Statesman  Lee, L. 02/18/17  
Abbott asks court to block California gun law Dallas Morning News  Mekelburg, M. 02/18/17 2 doc(s)
AG case prompts possible challenge Dallas Morning News  McGaughy, L. 02/18/17 1 TX bill 7 doc(s)
New DA makes her case Dallas Morning News  Ragland, J. 02/18/17  
Trustee to kids: Schools havens Dallas Morning News  Hacker, H. 02/18/17 8 doc(s)
Inspiring students to teach Dallas Morning News  Brumfield, L. 02/18/17 1 doc(s)
Texas lawmaker unfurls flag flap Dallas Morning News  Scudder, C. 02/18/17 1 TX bill
Convicted officials can get pensions Dallas Morning News  Wang, J. 02/18/17 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
NBA joins those warning Texas Dallas Morning News  McGaughy, L. 02/18/17 1 TX bill 1 doc(s)
UPDATE Anthem comment Dallas Morning News  Grissom, B. 02/18/17 1 doc(s)
Latinos ‘gearing up for a fight’ Dallas Morning News  Olivera, M. 02/18/17 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Use of Guard troops weighed Dallas Morning News  Burke, G. 02/18/17 3 doc(s)
Group working for an America free of all Islamic influence Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Hauslohner, A. 02/18/17 2 doc(s)
State sued over law allowing landlords to refuse renters Houston Chronicle  Elliott, R. 02/18/17 1 TX bill 4 doc(s)
Audit questions MD Anderson spending Houston Chronicle  Ackerman, T. 02/18/17 1 doc(s)
State’s past comes alive as earnest re-enactors learn, teach Houston Chronicle  Holley, J. 02/18/17  
Religious leaders seek new trial for killer San Antonio Express News  Eaton, E. 02/18/17 1 doc(s)
Journalists care about truth; does Trump? San Antonio Express News  Chasnoff, B. 02/18/17 1 doc(s)
Texas Oil Fields Rebound From Price Lull, but Jobs Are Left Behind New York Times  Krauss, C. 02/20/17  
As 'Jane Roe' she symbolized abortion divide New York Times  McFadden, R. 02/20/17  

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