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Presidents Pro Tempore of the Texas Senate, 1846 - present

Legislature and Year Name
 84th Legislature, 2015-2016
Regular SessionJuan "Chuy" Hinojosa
Ad InterimKevin Eltife
 83rd Legislature, 2013-2014
Regular SessionLeticia Van de Putte
Ad InterimCraig Estes
1st Called SessionCraig Estes
2nd Called SessionCraig Estes
3rd Called SessionCraig Estes
Ad InterimCraig Estes
 82nd Legislature, 2011-2012
Regular SessionSteve Ogden
Ad InterimMike Jackson
1st Called SessionMike Jackson
Ad InterimMike Jackson
 81st Legislature, 2009-2010
Regular SessionRobert Duncan
Ad InterimTroy Fraser
1st Called SessionTroy Fraser
Ad InterimTroy Fraser
 80th Legislature, 2007-2008
Regular SessionMario Gallegos
Ad InterimJohn Carona
 79th Legislature, 2005-2006
Regular SessionFlorence Shapiro
Ad InterimFrank Madla
1st Called SessionFrank Madla
Ad InterimFrank Madla
2nd Called SessionFrank Madla
Ad InterimFrank Madla
3rd Called SessionRoyce West
Ad InterimRoyce West
 78th Legislature, 2003-2004
Regular SessionEddie Lucio, Jr.
Ad InterimJane Nelson
1st Called SessionJane Nelson
Ad InterimJane Nelson
2nd Called SessionJane Nelson
Ad InterimJane Nelson
3rd Called SessionJane Nelson
Ad InterimJane Nelson
4th Called SessionJeff Wentworth
Ad InterimJeff Wentworth
 77th Legislature, 2001-2002
Regular SessionChris Harris
Ad InterimMike Moncrief
 76th Legislature, 1999-2000
Regular SessionTeel Bivins
Ad InterimRodney Ellis
 75th Legislature, 1997-1999
Regular SessionJudith Zaffirini
Ad InterimBill Ratliff
 74th Legislature, 1995-1997
Regular SessionGonzalo Barrientos
Ad InterimKen Armbrister
 73rd Legislature, 1993-1995
Regular SessionJohn T. Montford
Ad InterimJohn Whitmire
 72nd Legislature, 1991-1993
Regular SessionRobert J. Glasgow
Ad InterimDon B. Henderson
1st Called SessionDon B. Henderson
Ad InterimDon B. Henderson
2nd Called SessionDon B. Henderson
Ad InterimDon B. Henderson
3rd Called SessionWilliam M. Sims
Ad InterimWilliam M. Sims
 71st Legislature, 1989-1991
Regular SessionJohn N. Leedom
Ad InterimJames E. Brown
1st Called SessionJames E. Brown
Ad InterimJames E. Brown
2nd Called SessionKent A. Caperton
Ad InterimCraig A. Washington
Kent A. Caperton
3rd Called SessionHugh Q. Parmer
Ad Interim
4th Called SessionM. Robert McFarland
Ad InterimM. Robert McFarland
5th Called SessionM. Robert McFarland
Ad InterimM. Robert McFarland
6th Called SessionM. Robert McFarland
Ad InterimM. Robert McFarland
 70th Legislature, 1987-1989
RegularCarl A. Parker
Ad InterimRoy M. Blake
1st Called SessionRoy M. Blake
Ad InterimRoy M. Blake
2nd Called SessionRoy M. Blake
Ad InterimRoy M. Blake
 69th Legislature, 1985-1987
RegularK. Ray Farabee
Ad InterimCarlos F. Truan
1st Called SessionCarlos F. Truan
Ad InterimCarlos F. Truan
2nd Called SessionCarlos F. Truan
Ad InterimV. Edgar Howard
3rd Called SessionCarlos F. Truan
Ad InterimCarlos F. Truan
 68th Legislature, 1983-1985
Regular SessionJ. Grant Jones
Ad InterimLloyd A. Doggett, Jr.
1st Called SessionLloyd A. Doggett, Jr.
Ad InterimLloyd A. Doggett, Jr.
2nd Called SessionLindon Williams
Ad InterimLindon Williams
 67th Legislature, 1981-1983
Regular SessionJohn A. Traeger
Ad InterimJack C. Ogg
1st Called SessionJack C. Ogg
Ad InterimWalter H. Mengden
2nd Called SessionWalter H. Mengden
Ad InterimWalter H. Mengden
3rd Called SessionJohn T. Wilson
Ad InterimJohn T. Wilson
 66th Legislature, 1979-1981
Regular SessionWilliam C. Meier
Ad InterimWilliam O. Braecklein
 65th Legislature, 1977-1979
Regular SessionElizabeth R. Andujar
Ad InterimDon G. Adams
1st Called SessionC. Peyton McKnight, Jr.
Ad InterimRaul L. Longoria
 64th Legislature, 1975-1977
Regular SessionGlenn H. Kothmann
Ad InterimH. Tati Santiesteban
 63rd Legislature, 1973-1975
Regular SessionOscar H. Mauzy
Ad InterimO.H. (Ike) Harris
1st Called SessionMax R. Sherman
Ad InterimJames P. Wallace
 62nd Legislature, 1971-1973
Regular SessionJack E. Hightower
Ad InterimWallace E. (Pete) Snelson
1st Called SessionWallace E. (Pete) Snelson
Ad InterimWallace E. (Pete) Snelson
2nd Called SessionBarbara C. Jordan
Ad InterimBarbara C. Jordan
3rd Called SessionChet E. Brooks
Ad InterimWayne W. Connally
4th Called SessionWayne W. Connally
Ad InterimCharles N. Wilson
 61st Legislature, 1969-1971
Regular SessionDon C. Kennard
Ad InterimMurray Watson, Jr.
1st Called SessionHorace J. (Doc) Blanchard
Ad InterimJames P. Word
2nd Called SessionJames P. Word
Ad InterimCriss Cole
 60th Legislature, 1967-1969
Regular SessionWilliam N. Patman
Ad InterimRalph M. Hall
1st Called SessionJames S. Bates
Ad InterimD. Roy Harrington
 59th Legislature, 1965-1967
Regular SessionThomas W. Creighton
Ad InterimAaron R. (Babe) Schwartz
1st Called SessionAaron R. (Babe) Schwartz
Ad InterimC. Galloway Calhoun, Jr.
 58th Legislature, 1963-1965
Regular SessionMartin Dies, Jr.
Ad InterimLouis M. Crump
 57th Legislature, 1961-1963
Regular SessionRay Roberts
Ad InterimDavid W. Ratliff
1st Called SessionPreston E. Smith
Ad InterimBruce A. Reagan
2nd Called SessionDoyle H. Willis
Ad InterimBruce A. Reagan
3rd Called SessionCharles F. Herring
Ad InterimCulp Krueger
 56th Legislature, 1959-1961
Regular SessionGeorge M. Parkhouse
Ad InterimRudolph A. Weinert
1st Called SessionJarrard Secrest
Ad InterimJarrard Secrest
2nd Called SessionAndrew J. Rogers
Ad InterimAndrew J. Rogers
3rd Called SessionAbraham Kazen, Jr.
Ad InterimFrank Owen III
 55th Legislature, 1957-1959
Regular SessionOttis E. Lock
Ad InterimCarlos Ashley
1st Called SessionJ. Searcy Bracewell, Jr.
Ad InterimJ. Searcy Bracewell, Jr.
2nd Called SessionWilliam T. Moore
Ad InterimJep S. Fuller
 54th Legislature, 1955-1957
Regular SessionCrawford C. Martin
Ad InterimMrs. Neveille H. Colson
 53rd Legislature, 1953-1955
Regular SessionRogers Kelley
Ad InterimJimmy Phillips
1st Called SessionGus J. Strauss
Ad InterimDorsey B. Hardeman
 52nd Legislature, 1951-1953
Regular SessionPat M. Bullock
Ad InterimHoward A. Carney
 51st Legislature, 1949-1951
Regular SessionKyle Vick
Ad InterimGeorge C. Morris
1st Called SessionGrady Hazlewood
Ad InterimWardlow W. Lane
 50th Legislature, 1947-1949
Regular SessionBen Ramsey
Ad InterimT.C. Chadick
 49th Legislature, 1945-1947
Regular SessionGeorge C. Moffett
Ad InterimWilliam C. Graves
 48th Legislature, 1943-1945
Regular SessionVernon Lemens
Ad InterimFred Mauritz
Ad InterimA.M. Aikin, Jr.
 47th Legislature, 1941-1943
Regular SessionClay Cotten
Ad InterimRudolph A. Weinert
1st Called SessionE. Harold Beck
Ad InterimHenry L. Winfield
 46th Legislature, 1939-1941
Regular SessionWeaver Moore
Ad InterimAlbert Stone
 45th Legislature, 1937-1939
Regular SessionWill D. Pace
Ad InterimClaud C. Westerfeld
1st Called SessionOlan R. Van Zandt
Ad InterimClaude Isbell
2nd Called SessionRobert Allan Shivers
Ad InterimBenjamin G. Oneal
 44th Legislature, 1935-1937
Regular SessionKenneth M. Regan
Ad InterimJohn S. Redditt
1st Called SessionWill M. Martin
Ad InterimJim Neal
2nd Called SessionWilliam R. Poage
Ad InterimWilbourne B. Collie
3rd Called SessionRoy Sanderford
Ad InterimTom A. DeBerry
 43rd Legislature, 1933-1935
Regular SessionWalter Frank Woodul
Ad InterimNat Patton
1st Called SessionGeorge C. Purl
Ad InterimWelly K.Hopkins
2nd Called SessionFrank H. Rawlings
Ad InterimMargie E. Neal
3rd Called SessionCecil Murphy
Ad InterimJoe M. Moore
4th Called SessionWalter C Woodward
Archie Parr
 42nd Legislature, 1931-1933
Regular SessionCarl C. Hardin
Ad InterimJohn W.E.H. Beck
1st Called SessionTom A. DeBerry
Ad InterimClint C. Small
2nd Called SessionWilliam E. Thomason
Ad InterimJames W. Stevenson
3rd Called SessionJacob J. Loy
Ad InterimCharles S. Gainer
4th Called SessionOliver C. Cunningham
Ad InterimH. Grady Woodruff
 41st Legislature, 1929-1931
Regular SessionWalter C. Woodward
Ad InterimWilfred R. Cousins, Sr.
1st Called SessionEugene Miller
Ad InterimMargie E. Neal
2nd Called SessionPink L. Parrish
Ad InterimGus Russek
3rd Called SessionGus Russek
Ad InterimBenjamin F. Berkeley
4th Called SessionEdgar E. Witt
Ad InterimJulian P. Greer
5th Called SessionW. Albert Williamson
Ad InterimJoe M. Moore
 40th Legislature, 1927-1929
Regular SessionAshley E. Wood
Ad InterimThomas J. Holbrook
1st Called SessionTomas G. Pollard
Ad InterimRichard S. Bowers
 39th Legislature, 1925-1927
Regular SessionAlvin J. Wirtz
Ad InterimWilliam H. Bledsoe
1st Called SessionJames G. Strong
Ad InterimJohn Davis
 38th Legislature, 1923-1925
Regular SessionRichard M. Dudley
Woodville J. Rogers, Jr.
Ad InterimWilliam E. Watts
1st Called SessionDan S. McMillin
Ad InterimEdgar E. Witt
2nd Called SessionCharles Murphy
Ad InterimIsaac E. Clark
3rd Called SessionHenry L. Lewis
Ad InterimI.D. Fairchild
 37th Legislature, 1921-1923
Regular SessionPaul D. Page
Ad InterimCharles R. Floyd
1st Called SessionJohn H. Bailey
Ad InterimArchie Parr
2nd Called SessionJames H. Woods
Ad InterimHarry Hertzberg
 36th Legislature, 1919-1921
Regular SessionJeff J. Strickland
Ad InterimGeorge W. Dayton
1st Called SessionJames M. Alderdice
Ad InterimCharles R. Buchanan
2nd Called SessionPaul D. Page
Ad InterimGeorge M. Hopkins
3rd Called SessionAaron C. Buchanan
Ad InterimEd Westbrook
4th Called SessionWalter D. Caldwell
Ad InterimMartin Faust
 35th Legislature, 1917-1919
Regular SessionJohn M. Henderson
Ad InterimFlavious M. Gibson
Ad InterimEd Westbrook
1st Called SessionWilliam D. Suiter
John H. Bailey
Ad InterimClaude B. Hudspeth
2nd Called SessionLon A. Smith
Ad InterimWilliam L. Dean
Ad InterimJames C. McNealus
3rd Called SessionWilliam L. Dean
Ad InterimWillard A. Johnson
4th Called SessionEdmond A. Decherd, Jr.
Ad InterimRienzi M. Johnston
 34th Legislature, 1915-1917
Regular SessionClinton W. Nugent
Ad InterimWilliam J. Townsend, Jr.
1st Called SessionJames R. Wiley
Ad InterimIsaac E. Clark
 33rd Legislature, 1913-1915
Regular SessionOffa S. Lattimore
Ad InterimWilliam J. Greer
1st Called SessionEdgar H. Carter
Ad InterimVinson A. Collins
2nd Called SessionRobert L. Warren
Ad InterimJames R. Wiley
Ad InterimFlavious M. Gibson
3rd Called SessionWright C. Morrow
Claude B. Hudspeth
Ad InterimCharles W. Taylor
Ad InterimQuintus et U. Watson
 32nd Legislature, 1911-1913
Regular SessionClaude B. Hudspeth
Ad InterimTom W. Perkins
1st Called SessionCharles V. Terrell
Ad InterimEarle B. Mayfield
 31st Legislature, 1909-1911
Regular SessionJames M. Terrell
Ad InterimQuintus et U. Watson
1st Called SessionCharles L. Brachfield
Ad InterimEdward I. Kellie
2nd Called SessionWilliam O. Murray
Ad InterimAlfred J. Harper
3rd Called SessionDavid M. Alexander
Ad InterimHenry B. Terrell
4th Called SessionErasmus G. Senter
Ad InterimFerdinand C. Weinert
 30th Legislature, 1907-1909
Regular SessionSidney P. Skinner
Ad InterimMcDonald J. Meachum
1st Called SessionA.P. Barrett
Ad InterimBenjamin F. Looney
 29th Legislature, 1905-1907
Regular SessionWilliam A. Hanger
Ad InterimJohn G. Willacy
1st Called SessionJohn G. Willacy
Ad InterimJohn G. Willacy
2nd Called SessionJames J. Faulk
Ad InterimWilliam C. McKamy, Jr.
 28th Legislature, 1903-1905
Regular SessionAsbury Bascom Davidson
John G. Willacy
Ad InterimRobert V. Davidson
1st Called SessionRobert V. Davidson
Ad InterimGeorge W. Savage
 27th Legislature, 1901-1903
Regular SessionBarry Miller
Ad InterimGeorge D. Neal
1st Called SessionGeorge D. Neal
Ad InterimDaniel W. O'Dell
2nd Called SessionDaniel W. O'Dell
Ad InterimAsbury Bascom Davidson
Ad InterimCalhoun L. Potter
 26th Legislature, 1899-1901
Regular SessionRobert N. Stafford
Ad InterimWilliam W. Turney
1st Called SessionWilliam W. Turney
 25th Legislature, 1897-1899
Regular SessionJoseph B. Dibrell
Ad InterimJames R. Gough
1st Called SessionJames R. Gough
 24th Legislature, 1895-1897
Regular SessionPerry J. Lewis
Ad InterimJames D. Woods
1st Called SessionJames D. Woods
 23rd Legislature, 1893-1895
Regular SessionJohn G. Kearby
Ad InterimEdwin A. Atlee, Jr.
 22nd Legislature, 1891-1893
Regular SessionJohn W. Cranford
Ad InterimErnst G. Maetze
1st Called SessionLouis N. Frank
Ad InterimRobert Henry Burney
 21st Legislature, 1889-1891
Regular SessionHenry D. McDonald
Ad InterimWilliam H. Burges
 20th Legislature, 1887-1889
Regular SessionWilliam H. Pope
Caleb J. Garrison
1st CalledJohn Woods
 19th Legislature, 1885-1887
Regular SessionWilliam R. Shannon
Ad InterimConstantine B. Kilgore
 18th Legislature, 1883-1885
Regular SessionAugustus W. Houston
Ad InterimS. Bronson Cooper
1st Called SessionS. Bronson Cooper
 17th Legislature, 1881-1883
Regular SessionJohn Young Gooch
Ad InterimFrancis Marion Martin
1st Called SessionFrancis Marion Martin
 16th Legislature, 1879-1881
Regular SessionEdwin Hobby
Ad InterimLeonidas J. Storey
1st Called SessionLeonidas J. Storey
 15th Legislature, 1876-1879
Regular SessionWells Thompson
 14th Legislature, 1874-1876
Regular SessionJohn Ireland
2nd Regular SessionJohn Ireland
 13th Legislature, 1873-1874
Regular SessionEdward B. Pickett
 12th Legislature, 1870-1873
Provisional Session
Called SessionDonald Campbell
Regular Session
Adjourned SessionWebster Flanagan
Albert J. Fountain
 11th Legislature, 1866-1870
Regular SessionRobert Henry Guinn
 10th Legislature, 1863-1866
Regular SessionRobert Henry Guinn
1st Called Session
2nd Called Session
 9th Legislature, 1861-1863
Regular SessionRobert Henry Guinn
1st Called SessionRobert Henry Guinn
 8th Legislature, 1859-1861
Regular SessionJesse Grimes
1st Called Session
Adjourned Session
 7th Legislature, 1857-1859
Regular SessionMarion DeKalb Taylor
Ad Interim SessionSamuel A. Maverick
 6th Legislature, 1855-1857
Regular SessionJesse Grimes
Adjourned SessionJesse Grimes
 5th Legislature, 1853-1855
Regular SessionMarion DeKalb Taylor
Guy Morrison Bryan
 4th Legislature, 1851-1853
Regular SessionEdward Burleson
1st Called SessionJesse Grimes
 3rd Legislature, 1849-1851
Regular SessionEdward Burleson
1st Called SessionEdward Burleson
2nd Called Session
 2nd Legislature, 1847-1849
Regular SessionEdward Burleson
 1st Legislature, 1846
Regular SessionEdward Burleson

Members of the Texas Congress 1836-1845, Members of the Texas Legislature 1846-1992. [Austin, Tex.]: Senate Engrossing and Enrolling, Senate Reproduction, [1992].
Secretary of the Senate