Who represented Travis County in the House and Senate in 1905?  What were their party affiliations?  Which Senate and House districts did Travis County belong to that year?

If you're researching questions like these, you may want to check the library's
Texas Legislators: Past & Present database. We've recently added information about the counties represented by each member of the Legislature, allowing you to find things like all members who have represented all or part of a county since the county's creation, or which counties were in a particular member's district at any given time. While you're researching, keep in mind that county boundaries have shifted over the years. Bexar County used to include all of west Texas, along with parts of New Mexico, Kansas, and Colorado.  In the database, members are linked to the counties as they were at the time the member was elected, not as they are today. If you need information on historical county boundaries, a great source to look at is the Atlas of Historical County Boundaries.

In addition to county information, we've also added party affiliation for members back to the 12th Legislature (1870), making it possible to see the party breakdown in any one session back to that cutoff date, or to view the party affiliation of any member in particular. As with the county information, party information reflects the member's affiliation at the time he/she was elected.  We are currently researching and verifying party affiliations, so if a member's record does not yet include that information, it will be added as it becomes available.