One of the most significant items is a book of "minutes" from a series of early meetings in which many of the chapter drafts were debated among prominent members of the committee. This set of minutes appears to be a significant source of deliberation and debate, providing significant insight into the nature of certain drafting decisions and the thought processes of identified participants who helped make decisions. [Bar Association, Penal Code Revision, Minutes, 1966-1970. B600.8 P 371m]

The "content" of these minutes includes extensive explanation of the topics covered during each meeting, with the text laid out and discussed, followed by substantive commentary by several participants on each of the chapters covered. In the apparent absence of tape recordings of these meetings, this written explanation of the deliberations is very useful in tracking the thoughts and perceptions of the attendees.

These minutes are included in the Documents by Penal Code Chapter section, but the following list is provided for users who want to survey the minutes as a succinct research item:



MINUTES: Oct. 14, 1966 (Sec. 1.02 General Purposes; Sec. 3.01 Voluntary Act or omission; Sec. 220.1 Arson; Business meeting)

MINUTES: June 30, 1966 (General meeting to discuss direction and review past)

MINUTES: January 13, 1967 (Consideration of proposals on Assault; Aggravated assault; Threats; Criminal Coercion; Kidnapping and False Imprisonment)

MINUTES: June 16, 1967M (Consideration of proposals on Rape; Classes of crimes; Conformity with classification and sentence; Sentencing; Fines)

MINUTES: April 28-29, 1967 (Offenses against public administration; Sexual offenses; Criminal attempt)

MINUTES: Nov. 3, 1967 (Corporate Criminal liability; Criminal homicide; burglary and other criminal intrusion)

MINUTES: February 9, 1968 (Criminal responsibility)

MINUTES: April 26-27, 1968 (Family offenses; Criminal responsibility; Conforming amendments necessitated by Corporate criminal liability)

MINUTES: June 21, 1968 (Sexual offenses)

MINUTES: October 25, 1968 (Offenses against public administration)

MINUTES: April 25, 1969 (General principles of justification)

MINUTES: October 24-25, 1969 (Theft, Territorial jurisdiction, justification)

MINUTES: January 9-10, 1970 (Complicity and Inchoate offenses; Criminal Trespass; Criminal mischief; Robbery; Aiding suicide; Reckless conduct; Criminal nonsupport; Causal relations

MEMORANDUM: July 13, 1970: Issues for manuscript review of Chapters 2, 6, 7, 9, 21, 25, 28-31, 36-39

MEMORANDUM: August 28, 1970: Issues for manuscript review of Chapters 36-39, 3, 8, 12, 15, 16,19, 20, 22, 32, C.C.P. 14, 42, 43, 46-48