Legislative Trail

Begun in 1965, the study and redrafting of the Texas Penal Code resulted in legislation proposed in 1971 for the 62nd Legislature. This proposed legislation did not garner a consensus, and after an interim study, a new bill was offered in 1973. The following is a brief synopsis of the path through the legislative process for these bills.

1971 - Final draft of work of the State Bar Committee on Revision of the Penal Code and the staff of the Texas Legislative council was introduced as a bill.

1971 - When HB 419 cannot be passed, an interim committee is created to "study and educate the public in the proposed revision of the Texas Penal Code". (NOTE: It appears this interim committee was never appointed).

1973 - Groups from the State Bar of Texas, Texas District and County Attorneys Association, and the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association reached an agreement on language that all groups could support. The State Bar offered a new draft and bills were introduced.

Unique issues to consider when researching SB 34 and HB 514: