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Committee: House Agriculture and Livestock
Title: Interim Report
Subjects: Agriculture | Agriculture, Texas Department of | Emergency management | Irrigation | Litter | Livestock | Property taxes | Soil pollution | Water conservation | Water planning | Water supplies |
Library Call Number: L1836.84 Ag86
Session: 84th R.S. (2015)
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Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. Evaluate policy challenges to the state’s agriculture and livestock industry, including long-term impacts of price declines in oil and natural gas; the availability of natural resources, including water, necessary to operate the industries; and the mitigation of and preparation for potential future hazards to the industries caused by natural disaster, drought, or disease.
2. Determine the sources of water used by Texans in the production of food and fiber, and examine current water delivery methods and water conservation goals for agricultural use. Evaluate whether there are more efficient and effective water-usage management practices that could be employed in the agricultural industry, and determine the impact of crop insurance requirements on producers. (Joint charge with the House Committee on Natural Resources)
3. Evaluate ways in which Texas can continue to promote our domestic agricultural products, across the nation and internationally, and to strengthen our state's international ties for the purpose of exporting Texas food and fiber. (Joint charge with the House Committee on International Trade & Intergovernmental Affairs)
4. Study the impacts of windblown trash on agriculture and ranching.
5. Study the appraisal of agricultural land for taxation and related issues, including the change-of-use "rollback" provision. Examine the impact of the current appraisal system of agricultural land for taxation on rural economic development.
6. Conduct legislative oversight and monitoring of the agencies and programs under the committee’s jurisdiction and the implementation of relevant legislation passed by the 84th Legislature. In conducting this oversight, the committee should: a. consider any reforms to state agencies to make them more responsive to Texas taxpayers and citizens; b. identify issues regarding the agency or its governance that may be appropriate to investigate, improve, remedy, or eliminate; c. determine whether an agency is operating in a transparent and efficient manner; and d. identify opportunities to streamline programs and services while maintaining the mission of the agency and its programs.
Committee: Senate Agriculture, Water, and Rural Affairs
Title: Interim Report
Subjects: Agriculture, Texas Department of | Animal diseases | Chronic Wasting disease | Deer | Flooding | Groundwater | Groundwater conservation districts | Interbasin water transfers | Junior water rights | Liens | Litter | Surface water | Texas State Water Plan | Water rights |
Library Call Number: L1836.84 AG86r
Session: 84th R.S. (2015)
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Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. Surface Water/Groundwater: Study and make recommendations regarding the ownership, production, and transfer of surface water and groundwater in the state of Texas.
2. State Water Plan: Study and make recommendations on improving the process of developing and executing the State Water Plan.
3. Agricultural Liens: Study and make recommendations on improving the law in this state regarding agricultural liens under Chapter 70, Agricultural Code. The study should include whether sufficient safeguards exist to protect the financial interest agricultural producers have in their product.
4. Water Litter: Study and make recommendations on the effects of windblown and waterborne litter. The study should include an analysis of the economic effects of litter, any necessary methods to prevent and remediate litter, and an assessment of state and local programs to reduce litter.
5. Game & Ag. Product Safety: Study and make recommendations on improving the laws regarding the management of game animals, production of domestic fowl, and development of agricultural products in the State to reduce the occurrence and spread of disease and harmful pests.
6. Promotion of Texas Agriculture: Study the economic benefits the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Market Development Services provide to the state through promoting Texas Agricultural products. Review the current marketing services and strategies available to Texas producers and determine additional resources necessary to increase the Market Development Services capabilities. Make recommendations for legislative action, if needed.
7. Monitoring Charge: Monitor the implementation of legislation addressed by the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Water & Rural Affairs during the 84th R.S., and make recommendations for any legislation needed to improve, enhance, and/or complete implementation. Specifically monitor the Texas Water Development Board's process in the identification and designation of brackish groundwater zones.
Committee: House Environmental Affairs
Title: Interim Report
Library Catalog Title: To the speaker and members of the Texas House of Representatives, 67th Legislature : report of the Committee on Environmental Affairs.
Subjects: Air quality | Clean Air Act | Environmental crimes | Environmental laws and regulations | Environmental permits | Environmental protection | Hazardous substances | Hazardous waste | Litter | Outdoor recreation | Radioactive waste | San Antonio Missions National Historical Park | Solid waste disposal | State parks |
Library Call Number: L1836.66 en89
Session: 66th R.S. (1979)
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Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. Review methods for local and/or state governments to dispose of hazardous chemicals in an economical and environmentally sound manner.
2. Determine the feasibility of the issuance of joint permits for air and water quality to industries through interagency coordination in order to reduce paperwork, quicken the process and avoid bureaucratic duplication.
3. Study the environmental, public safety, and economic impact of litter along Texas highways, streets and roads and recommend a plan for reducing litter that emphasized public education and incentives for anti-litter programs.
4. Determine the economic and environmental impact of nuclear waste storage and disposal in and on Texas, with attention to the licensure of disposal facilities, safety regulations and standards, and local citizen approval of site selection.
5. Monitor the impact of the State Implementation Plan under the 1977 Federal Clean Air Act, and determine the need, if any, for revisions of standards.
6. Project the recreational needs of Texas for the remainder of the twentieth century and forecast urban park needs.
7. Provide an update on the progress of the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. *
Committee: House Transportation
Title: Interim Report
Library Catalog Title: Report to the 67th Legislature / Transportation Committee, House of Representatives ; 66th interim study report.
Subjects: Air transportation | Highway construction | Highway finance | Litter | Mass transit | Railroad crossings | Semi-trailer trucks | Traffic safety |
Library Call Number: L1836.66 t687
Session: 66th R.S. (1979)
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Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. Oversight functions shall be conducted for all appropriations-related actions of those agencies assigned to this committee for appropriative purposes during the 66th Regular Session of the Legislature. Procedures suggested for this purpose during the last interim are recommended. The agencies include: Civil Air Patrol Commission; Texas Railroad Commission (partial); Department of Public Safety (partial - Traffic Law Enforcement Division); Department of Highways and Public Transportation; Texas Aeronautics Commission; Texas Motor Vehicle Commission; Texas Transportation Institute.
2. Examine the present uses of the State Highway and Public Transportation Commission's Public Mass Transit Fund and explore incentives that will encourage cities to develop systems and programs through the use of these monies.
3. Evaluate the design plan for implementing the State Airport Development Fund administered by the Texas Aeronautics Commission.
4. Review the administration of highway contract construction funds and suggest ways to expedite utilization of these funds.
5. Determine the extent to which the economy and public safety of Texas citizens are affected by litter and spills from trucks and other motor vehicles operating on Texas highways.
6. Study the railroad crossing situation in Texas to determine the jurisdiction over railroad crossing safety.
7. Study the merits and demerits of deregulation of the trucking industry in terms of both interstate and intrastate implications.
Supporting documents
Committee: House Transportation
Title: List of subcommittees
Library Catalog Title: Minutes
Library Call Number: L1801.9 T687 66
Session: 66th R.S. (1979)
Online version: View document [1 pages]
Committee: House Transportation
Title: Public Mass Transit Fund Study Report
Library Catalog Title: Public Mass Transit Fund Study Report / Texas House Committee on Transportation.
Library Call Number: L1836.66 t687pm
Session: 66th R.S. (1979)

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