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Committee: House Judicial Affairs
Title: Interim Report
Library Catalog Title: House Committee on Judicial Affairs, Texas House of Representatives interim report, 2002 : a report to the House of Representatives, 78th Texas Legislature.
Subjects: Campaign finance reform | Conflicts of interest | Contraceptives | County clerks | Court Administration, Texas Office of | Court costs and fees | Court reform | Crime prevention | District court clerks | Drug courts | Drug enforcement | Elder abuse | Electronic business filings | Ethics | Facsimiles | Guardianship | Judicial Council, Texas | Judicial districts | Judicial elections | Judicial selection | Law clerks | Redistricting | Searches and seizures | Senior citizens | Sex crimes | Tulia, Texas | Voter education | Wrongful convictions |
Library Call Number: L1836.77 j899
Session: 77th R.S. (2001)
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Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. Review the Uniform Durable Power of Attorney Act, including witnessing, notarization, and notification; possible abuse of elders; refusal of financial institutions to accept Texas' law; and accounting and liability issues concerning attorneys-in-fact.
2. Develop a plan for judicial redistricting as required by the Texas Constitution, Article V, Section 7a.
3. Evaluate the rules of ethical conduct, conflict and disclosure for briefing clerks of the appellate courts.
4. Study the feasibility of creating a statewide sexual assault prevention program.
5. Make an assessment of all issues related to the current organization of the Texas Judicial Council and the Office of Court Administration. Consider the efficiency, responsiveness and accountability of the current organization, and make any appropriate recommendations for change.
6. Monitor the progress of efforts to enable the filing of court documents of all kinds by facsimile or other electronic means, including the use of electronic signatures, actual or electronic notarization, and the need for verification.
7. Assess the current state of judicial campaigns in regard to financing, accountability, immunity and candidate qualification. Make any appropriate reform recommendations.
8. Study the fees assessed by district and county clerks for filing and processing civil cases and consider the establishment of a uniform schedule of fees.
9. Actively monitor agencies and programs under the committee's oversight jurisdiction, including the new Court Interpreter's Board.
Committee: Senate Health Services
Title: Interim Report
Library Catalog Title: Report to the 77th Legislature / Texas Senate Health Committee.
Subjects: Biological weapons | Biotechnology industry | Children's Health Insurance Program | Cloning | Dentists | Ethics | Genetic research and testing | Health care providers | Immunizations | Managed care | Medicaid | Medical privacy | Medical records | Nurses | Nursing shortages | Pharmaceutical industry | Pharmacists | Physicians | Privacy | State employee turnover | Telemedicine |
Library Call Number: L1836.76 h35
Session: 76th R.S. (1999)
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Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. Evaluate the changes in the Medicaid system since the beginning of Medicaid reform. The Committee shall assess reform efforts in light of the original goals for implementation of Medicaid managed care, as well as the impact of Medicaid managed care on patient outcomes, cost implications to the state, and the impact on traditional providers of indigent care. The Committee shall also specifically evaluate the ability of Medicaid managed care organizations and the state to manage chronic illnesses and develop specific strategies for disease management for certain populations.
2. Inventory and analyze the amount and type of research related to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and genetics currently occurring in Texas to maximize the benefits to Texans in these fields. The Committee shall also examine the ethical implications associated with pharmaceuticals, genetic and biotechnology research.
3. Review the type, amount, availability, and use of patient-specific medical information, including prescription data, and current statutory and regulatory provisions governing its availability. The report shall explore if statutory and regulatory provisions are consistent and adequately enforced.
4. Study impacts of the degree of choice granted physicians to administer immunizations to children under the Vaccinations For Children (VFC) Program. The Committee shall focus on the health and fiscal implications to the public and private sectors of granting choices to physicians where more than one manufacturer produces the same vaccine at an equivalent price.
5. Assess the preparedness of the Texas health care workforce to meet the health care needs of Texans beyond the year 2000, including methods to retain Texas-trained medical personnel. The Committee shall evaluate the availability of health care providers in rural and urban areas. The Committee shall also review the oversight of medical procedures performed by medical residents and disclosure provided to patients prior to treatment.
6. Monitor the implementation of SB 445, 76th R.S. relating to the Children's Health Insurance Program.
Committee: House State Affairs
Title: Interim report
Library Catalog Title: House Committee on State Affairs, Texas House of Representatives interim report, 1998 : a report to the House of Representatives, 76th Texas Legislature.
Subjects: Alternative energy | Automobiles | Biotechnology industry | Business taxes | Campaign contributions | Campaign contributors | Campaign finance reform | Cloning | Councils of government | Electric utility deregulation | Ethics | Genetic research and testing | Long distance telephone service | Privacy | Public Utility Commission of Texas | Public Utility Regulatory Act | Soft money | State agencies | State taxes | Telephone deregulation | Telephone service |
Library Call Number: L1836.75 st29h
Session: 75th R.S. (1997)
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Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. Examine and evaluate the role of financial contributions in campaigns for election to state offices. Identify practices or trends that may be detrimental to the public good and study ways to eliminate or reverse those trends. (Joint with the House Committee on Elections)
2. Study the threats to personal privacy due to technological advances in the capacity to store data and the increasing use of electronic transaction in government, business, and everyday life. Examine the uses made of such information by governments and commercial enterprises, and the potential for abuse. Assess legislative options.
3. Review conditions in the telecommunications industry. Examine changes that have occurred since the passage of HB 2128, 74th R.S., and compare current conditions to expectations at the time of passage. Assess the need for revisions to keep the transition to competition on track.
4. Inventory the kinds of public-private arrangements that currently exist in Texas government, and examine any new ethical or accountability issues that arise when the state relies on private entities in non-traditional ways.
5. Study the legal, social, and economic issues likely to arise because of developments in the fields of genetics and bioethics. Such issues may include those related to altered foodstuffs, cloning, reproduction, eugenics, and genetic testing.
6. Examine whether Regional Planning Commissions (COG's) have fulfilled the purposes for which they were established originally, and whether their functions or enabling legislation requires change.
7. Examine the feasibility of combining agency automobile fleets into a pooled fleet that could be centrally administered to obtain efficiencies of operation.
8. Assess the state and local tax impacts of possible changes in the structure of the electric power industry.
Committee: House State Affairs
Title: Interim report
Library Catalog Title: Interim report to the 72nd Texas Legislature / Committee on State Affairs.
Subjects: Bribery | Campaign contributors | Conflicts of interest | Ethics | Financial disclosures | Lobbyists | Public Utility Commission of Texas |
Library Call Number: L1836.71 st29
Session: 71st R.S. (1989)
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Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. To monitor all activities and to have budget oversight responsibilities for those agencies, boards and commissions as listed in Rule 3, Section 32.
2. To study the organization and management of the Public Utility Commission of Texas (coordinate with Governor's Task Force on PUC).
3. To study financial disclosure laws, including benefits for public officials and Chapter 305 of the Government Code.
Committee: House Ethics
Title: Interim report
Library Catalog Title: To the Speaker and members of theTexas House of Representatives, 69th Legislature / report of the House Committee on Ethics, Texas House of Representatives, 68th Legislature.
Subjects: Ethics | House of Representatives, Texas |
Library Call Number: L1836.68 et32
Session: 68th R.S. (1983)
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Charge: This report should address the charge below.
1. Create a code of ethics for members of the Texas House of Representatives. *
Committee: House Ethics
Title: Proceedings regarding Rep. Wilson
Library Catalog Title: Conclusions in re: initial review and subsequent proceedings regarding Rep. Ronald R. Wilson
Subjects: Ethics | Wilson, Ron |
Library Call Number: L1836.68 et32 68w
Session: 68th R.S. (1983)
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Charge: This report should address the charge below.
1. Review allegations that Representative Ron Wilson engaged in improper conduct. *
Supporting documents
Committee: House Ethics
Title: Notices of public hearing and formal meeting
Library Catalog Title: Minutes
Library Call Number: L1801.9 ET32 68
Session: 68th R.S. (1983)
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Committee: House Houston Press Story, Investigation, Special
Title: Report
Library Catalog Title: Report of Committee Appointed to Make Certain Investigation Pursuant to H.S.R. no. 172.
Subjects: Bribery | Ethics |
Library Call Number: H.J. of Tex., 52nd Leg., R.S. 1889 (1951)
Session: 52nd R.S. (1951)
Online version: View report [4 pages  File size: 94 kb]
Charge: This report should address the charge below.
1. The Houston Press on Monday, April 9, displayed headlines and a front page "exclusive" story to the effect that a member of the "Texas House of Representatives has shaken down Harris county clubs for hundreds - and perhaps thousands of dollars with a promise to prevent the anti-slot machine bill from passing the Legislature --." Conduct immediately an investigation into all all of the alleged acts appearing in the story above referred to, as well as any other matters relating thereto.
Committee: House Charges Against James E. Ferguson, Governor, Investigate
Title: Report
Library Catalog Title: Report
Subjects: Banks and banking | Conflicts of interest | Ethics | Ferguson, James E. 'Pa' | Fiscal management | Fraud | Government ethics | Governor's mansion | Impeachment | State purchasing |
Library Call Number: H.J. of Tex., 35th Leg., R.S. 1338 (1917)
Session: 35th R.S. (1917)
Online version: View report [20 pages  File size: 1,197 kb]
Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. Investigate the charge that Governor Ferguson misapplied and misappropriated state funds in violation of the state Constitution including repairs, improvements to the Governor's Mansion and Grounds and well as the labor to care for same. *
2. Investigate the charge that Governor Ferguson not only misapplied and misused a large part of appropriations by approving for payment by State accounts for merchandise and articles for which he owes and is personally liable, and approved on said accounts, deficiency certificates. *
3. Investigate the charge that in violation of the Constitution and laws of Texas that James E. Ferguson misapplied and misused a large portion of the appropriation described as "Payment of rewards and other expenses necessary for the enforcement of laws, lithography, telegraphing and other purposes, $7,500." *
4. Investigate the charge that Governor Ferguson has approved accounts for articles for the personal use of his family and household which have been paid out of appropriations and some of which have been made the basis for deficiency certificates issued by the Comptroller of the State. *
5. Investigate the charges that while an officer of a State bank, the Temple State Bank, that Governor Ferguson became indebted to said bank in excess of the amount by statutes violating both civil and criminal statutes. *
6. Investigate the charge that Cashier of the Temple State Bank knowing that Governor Ferguson was in debt to the bank in excess of statutes loaned him additional funds from the bank. *
7. Investigate the charge that James E. Ferguson executed certain mortgages to Temple State Bank to secure all or part of his indebted thereto and requested that the officers of the bank withhold same from record in order that he might be relieved of criticism of his political appointments, and said mortgages were withheld. That while said mortgages were withheld from record by the offices of said bank, that James E. Ferguson executed other mortgages to other parties on the same property, or a large part thereof, and said other mortgages were placed of record before mortgages from said bank were recorded, thereby making the mortgages and security of said bank subject to the liens of said other mortgages. *
8. Investigate the charge that Temple State Bank accepted the "bonding plan" to secure its depositors and did not become a beneficiary of the bank guaranty fund. And that officers of said bank have made application in the last ninety days under the law to the guaranty fund plan that the bondsmen may be relieved of liability by failure of said bank by reasons of the indebtedness of James E. Ferguson to it. *
9. Investigate the charge that the Commissioner of Insurance an Banking, Charles O. Austin, appointed by Governor Ferguson, has failed to investigate the indebtedness of Governor Ferguson to the Temple State Bank. *
10. Prepare a report that shall contain a full and accurate transcript of the proceedings. *
11. Prepare and submit with its report such specific charges as may the basis, or may be necessary in impeachment proceedings against James E. Ferguson, Governor of the State of Texas. *

* This represents an abstract of the report contents. Charge text is incomplete or unavailable.

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