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October 2021 List

3. Bill Analyses, Enrolled Legislation of the 87th Texas Legislature
By Senate Research Center
Compiles the Senate Research Center's analyses of enrolled bills from the Regular and Second Called Sessions of the 87th Legislature, organized in numerical order over eight volumes. Includes the author's or sponsor's statement of intent as well as a section-by-section analysis, and identifies bills that grant additional rulemaking authority to any state officer, institution, or agency. Notes no legislation was enrolled during the 87th Legislature, First Called Session.
Senate Research Center, 2021. 8 volumes.
L1803.6 AN13 2021

4. Constitutional Amendments Proposed for November 2021 Ballot
By House Research Organization
Describes the process by which constitutional amendments are adopted. Provides information on each of the eight proposed amendments that will be submitted for voter approval at the November 2, 2021, general election. Includes background information, analysis, and arguments for and against each proposal.
House Research Organization, 2021. 20 pages.
Online at: https://hro.house.texas.gov/pdf/focus/amend87.pdf
L1801.9 ST94 87-3

7. Sunset in Texas, 2022-2023
By Sunset Advisory Commission
Explains the Sunset review process, which was created in 1977 to examine the need for and the effectiveness of state agencies and their programs. Describes each stage of the review process, the evaluation tools that guide every review, and ways in which the public can participate. Offers examples of major Sunset changes since 1977 and highlights recommendations adopted by the 87th Legislature. Includes the Sunset review schedule for the 2023-2033 period, a list of agencies that are reviewed, and the text of the Texas Sunset Act (Texas Government Code, Chapter 325).
Sunset Advisory Commission, 2021. 44 pages.
Online at: https://www.sunset.texas.gov/public/uploads/files/reports/Sunset%20in%20Texas%202022-23.pdf
S1500.8 SU74 2021

1. The Constitution of Knowledge: A Defense of Truth
By Jonathan Rauch
Employs a philosophical and journalistic approach to examine the ways in which Americans on different sides of the political spectrum distinguish fact from fiction, as widespread disinformation and polarization affect the way we determine and uphold the "truth." Investigates trends from both the right and left, including trolling and cancel culture, and highlights how various forms of disinformation were utilized during the 2016 and 2020 elections.
Brookings Institution Press, 2021. 305 pages.
174.907 R241C 2021

2. Redistricting: The Most Political Activity in America
By Charles S. Bullock III
Provides an overview and history of redistricting at the congressional, state legislative, and local levels. Discusses factors that influence redistricting as well as districting schemes, partisan gerrymandering, minorities, redistricting controversies, and judicial challenges. Addresses redistricting in Texas, including plans by former U.S. Representatives Tom Delay and Martin Frost.
Rowman & Littlefield, 2021. 261 pages.
328.73 B938R 2021

5. Data for 2021 Redistricting in Texas
By Texas Legislative Council
Examines the data utilized within the Texas Legislative Council’s redistricting computer system. Describes how the data is collected and prepared for redistricting, the sources of data, and the electronic resources available for viewing and obtaining the data. Presents information in three sections: population data, geographic data, and election data.
Texas Legislative Council, 2021. 21 pages.
Online at: https://redistricting.capitol.texas.gov/docs/pubs/data_for_2021_redistricting.pdf
L1400.8 D262 2021

6. Guide to 2021 Redistricting in Texas
By Texas Legislative Council
Introduces the issues and constraints related to statewide redistricting in Texas following the 2020 decennial census. Outlines the requirements of a redistricting plan and explains the redistricting process. Includes sections on the types of data used and public participation.
Texas Legislative Council, 2021. 10 pages.
Online at: https://redistricting.capitol.texas.gov/docs/pubs/guide_to_2021_redistricting.pdf
L1400.8 G942 2021