Legislative agencies and the legislative process in Texas

Legislative agencies

Texas Legislative Council
The Texas Legislative Council is a state agency within the legislative branch that provides services for the senate and house of representatives that include drafting bills and other legislative documents, conducting legal, public policy, and statistical research, producing informational publications, and supporting a wide variety of operations with information technology services.
Legislative Budget Board
The Legislative Budget Board is a permanent joint committee of the Texas Legislature that develops recommendations for legislative appropriations for all agencies of state government.
House Research Organization
The House Research Organization is a nonpartisan source of impartial information on legislation and issues considered by the Texas Legislature. During legislative sessions, the HRO publishes the Daily Floor Report, which includes analyses of all legislation, except local and consent bills, scheduled for floor debate on the daily house calendar.
Senate Research Center
Provides quality, specialized, objective research and information to the Texas Senate and Office of the Lieutenant Governor.
State Auditor's Office
The Texas State Auditor's Office is the independent auditor for Texas State government and provides information about the operations of state agencies and universities to legislators, agency management, and the citizens of the State.
Sunset Advisory Commission
The Sunset Advisory Commission reviews the policies and programs of more than 150 state agencies and questions the need for each agency; looks for duplication of other public services or programs; and considers changes to improve each agency's operations and activities
State Preservation Board
The State Preservation Board was established in 1983 for the purpose of preserving, maintaining, and restoring the State Capitol and the General Land Office Building, and their contents and grounds for the benefit of the citizens of Texas.

Legislative process

Citizen Handbook, Secretary of the Senate
Includes information on the legislative process in Texas, advocacy etiquette and guidelines.
House Bill Process Flowchart
Provides a visual representation of the legislative process for House bills.
Senate Bill Process Flowchart
Provides a visual representation of the legislative process for Senate bills.
How A Bill Becomes Law: 86th Legislature, House Research Organization
Summarizes key constitutional provisions and rules governing a bill's movement through the Legislature, with emphasis on House Rules.
House Committee Procedures: 84th Legislature, House Research Organization
Reviews the rules and procedures used in the committees of the Texas House of Representatives.
The Legislative Process, 88th Legislature
Features details on the legislative process in Texas and includes a useful diagram.
Reading Statutes and Bills
Provides an overview of each part of a bill and its function.
Texas Legislative Glossary
Defines many words and phrases used to describe legislative activity.
Legislative Lexicon
Defines many words and phrases used to describe legislative activity.
How to Follow a Bill, Texas Legislature Online
Offers links and descriptions of resources that can be used to follow a bill through each stage of the legislative process.
Secretary of State, Elections Division: Voter Information
Gathers information on voter registration, candidates, past election returns, and upcoming elections.
The official website of the State of Texas.

The handbooks and resources below are available for viewing at the Legislative Reference Library.

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