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Chief Administrative Officials

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Agency Phone Administrator
Administrative Hearings, State Office of 512-475-4993 Kristofer Monson
Agriculture, Texas Department of 512-463-7476 Sid Miller
Alcoholic Beverage Commission, Texas 512-206-3333 Adrian Nettles
Animal Health Commission, Texas 512-719-0700 Andy Schwartz
Architectural Examiners, Texas Board of 512-305-9000 Julie Hildebrand
Arts, Texas Commission on the 512-463-5535 Gary Gibbs
Attorney General, Office of the 512-463-2100 Ken Paxton
Auditor’s Office, State 512-936-9500 Lisa Collier, First Assistant State Auditor
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Banking, Department of 512-475-1300 Charles Cooper
Bar of Texas, State 512-427-1463 Trey Apffel
Blind and Visually Impaired, Texas School for the 512-454-8631 Bill Daugherty
Bond Review Board, Texas 512-463-1741 Rob Latsha
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Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas 512-463-3190 Wayne Roberts
Chiropractic Examiners, Board of 512-305-6700 Patrick Fortner
Comptroller of Public Accounts 512-463-4444 Glenn Hegar
Consumer Credit Commissioner, Office of 512-936-7600 Leslie Pettijohn
Court Administration, Office of 512-463-1625 David Slayton
Credit Union Department 512-837-9236 Harold Feeney
Criminal Appeals, Court of 512-463-1551 Sharon Keller
Criminal Justice, Texas Department of 512-463-9988 Bryan Collier
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Deaf, Texas School for the 512-462-5353 Claire Bugen
Demographer, Office of the State 512-463-8390 Lloyd Potter
Dental Examiners, Texas State Board of 512-463-6400 W. Boyd Bush, Jr.
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Economic Development and Tourism Office, Texas 512-936-0101 Bryan Daniel
Education Agency, Texas 512-463-9734 Michael Morath
Educator Certification, Office of 512-936-8400 Michael Morath
Emergency Communications, Commission on State 512-305-6911 Kelli Merriweather
Employees Retirement System of Texas 512-867-7176 Porter Wilson
Engineers, Texas Board of Professional 512-440-7723 Lance Kinney
Environmental Quality, Texas Commission on 512-239-3900 Toby Baker
Ethics Commission, Texas 512-463-5800 Anne Peters
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Facilities Commission, Texas 512-463-3446 Mike Novak
Film Commission, Texas 512-463-9200 Stephanie Whallon
Finance Commission of Texas 512-936-6222 Charles Cooper
Fire Protection, Texas Commission on 512-936-3838 Tim Rutland
Funeral Service Commission, Texas 512-936-2474 Janice McCoy
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General Land Office 512-463-5001 George P. Bush
Geoscientists, Texas Board of Professional 512-936-4401 Rene Truan
Governor 512-463-2000 Greg Abbott
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Health and Human Services Commission 512-424-6603 Courtney N. Phillips
Health Professions Council 512-305-8550 John Monk
Higher Education Coordinating Board, Texas 512-427-6101 Harrison Keller
Historical Commission, Texas 512-463-6100 Mark Wolfe
House of Representatives, Chief Clerk 512-463-0845 Robert Haney
Housing and Community Affairs, Department of 512-475-3800 David Cervantes, Acting Executive Director
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Information Resources, Department of 512-475-4700 Amanda Crawford
Injured Employee Counsel, Office of 512-804-4170 Jessica Barta
Insurance, Texas Department of 512-463-6000 Kent Sullivan
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Jail Standards, Texas Commission on 512-463-5505 Brandon Wood
Judicial Conduct, State Commission on 512-463-5533 Eric Vinson
Juvenile Justice Department, Texas 512-490-7130 Camille Cain
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Land Surveying, Texas Board of Professional 512-239-5263 LeAnn Catron
Law Enforcement, Texas Commission on 512-936-7700 Kim Vickers
Law Examiners, Texas Board of 512-463-1621 Susan Henricks
Law Library, Texas State 512-463-1722 Dale Propp
Legislative Budget Board 512-463-1200 Julie Ivie, Assistant Director
Sarah Keyton, Assistant Director
John McGeady, Assistant Director
Paul Priest, Assistant Director
Legislative Council, Texas 512-463-1155 Jeff Archer
Legislative Reference Library 512-463-1252 Mary Camp
Library and Archives Commission, Texas State 512-463-5455 Mark Smith
Licensing and Regulation, Texas Department of 512-463-6599 Brian Francis
Lieutenant Governor 512-463-0001 Dan Patrick
Lottery Commission, Texas 512-344-5000 Gary Grief
Lower Colorado River Authority 512-473-3200 Phil Wilson
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Medical Board, Texas 512-305-7010 Brint Carlton
Military Department, Texas 512-782-5006 Tracy R. Norris
Motor Vehicles, Texas Department of 512-465-3000 Whitney Brewster
Municipal Retirement System, Texas 512-476-7577 David Gavia
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Nursing, Board of 512-305-7400 Katherine Thomas
Optometry Board, Texas 512-305-8500 Chris Kloeris
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Pardons and Paroles, Texas Board of 512-406-5452 Jessica Dillard
Parks and Wildlife, Texas 512-389-4800 Carter Smith
Pension Review Board, State 512-463-1736 Anumeha Kumar
Pharmacy, Texas State Board of 512-305-8000 Allison Benz
Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy Examiners, Executive Council of 512-305-6900 John Maline
Plumbing Examiners, Texas State Board of 512-936-5200 Lisa Hill
Preservation Board, State 512-463-5495 Rod Welsh
Prosecuting Attorney, State 512-463-1660 Stacey Soule
Psychologists, Texas State Board of Examiners of 512-305-7700 Darrel Spinks
Public Accountancy, Texas State Board of 512-305-7800 William Treacy
Public Finance Authority, Texas 512-463-5544 Lee Deviney
Public Insurance Counsel, Office of 512-322-4143 Melissa Hamilton
Public Safety, Texas Department of 512-424-2000 Steve McCraw
Public Utility Commission of Texas 512-936-7000 John Paul Urban
Public Utility Counsel, Office of 512-936-7500 Cassandra Quinn, Interim Public Counsel
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Racing Commission, Texas 512-833-6699 Chuck Trout
Railroad Commission of Texas 512-463-7158 Wayne Christian
Christi Craddick
Ryan Sitton
Real Estate Commission, Texas 512-936-3000 Douglas Oldmixon
Risk Management, State Office of 512-475-1440 Stephen Vollbrecht
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Savings and Mortgage Lending, Texas Department of 512-475-1350 Caroline Jones
Secretary of State 512-463-5555 Ruth Ruggero Hughs
Securities Board, State 512-305-8300 Travis Iles
Senate, Secretary of 512-463-0100 Patsy Spaw
Soil and Water Conservation Board, Texas State (254) 773-2250 Rex Isom
Speaker of the House 512-463-1000 Dennis Bonnen
State–Federal Relations, Office of 512-463-4375 Wes Hambrick
Stephen F. Austin State University 512-463-1533 Baker Pattillo
Sunset Advisory Commission 512-463-1300 Jennifer Jones
Supreme Court of Texas 512-463-1312 Blake Hawthorne
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Teacher Retirement System of Texas 512-542-6400 Brian Guthrie
Texas A&M University System (979) 458-7700 John Sharp
Texas Southern University (713) 313-7011 Austin Lane
Texas State Technical College System (254) 799-3611 Mike Reeser
Texas State University System 512-463-1808 Brian McCall
Texas Tech University System (806) 742-0012 Tedd L. Mitchell
Texas Woman's University (940) 898-2000 Carine Feyten
Transportation, Texas Department of 512-463-8588 James Bass
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University of Houston System (713) 743-2255 Renu Khator
University of North Texas System 512-936-8200 Lesa Roe
University of Texas System 512-499-4200 James B. Milliken
Veterans Commission, Texas 512-463-5538 Thomas Palladino
Veterinary Medical Examiners, Texas State Board of 512-305-7555 John Helenberg
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Water Development Board, Texas 512-463-7847 Jeff Walker
Workforce Commission, Texas 512-463-2222 Ed Serna, Interim Executive Director

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