Selected newspaper articles related to Albert Price

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Entries marked with are biographical in nature.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Leaders strive to improve plight of young black men Austin American Statesman  Ward, Mike  03/21/93
Price tries to help minority males graduate Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, David  10/21/92
Re-count: Price still wins Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, David  05/08/92
Morrison asks judge to void election loss Beaumont Enterprise  Borreson, Susan  05/06/92
Morrison alleges vote irregularities Beaumont Enterprise  Brewer, Steve  04/25/92
Democrat to request recount in runoff Dallas Morning News    04/20/92
Morrison will seek recount Beaumont Enterprise  Brewer, Steve  04/18/92
Morrison questions election Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, David  04/16/92
Price apparently will keep seat Beaumont Enterprise  Bauerlein, David  04/15/92
Association honors Price for community efforts Beaumont Enterprise  Hallman, Scott  03/01/91
Getting grounded Austin American Statesman    05/10/90
Reaching new heights Beaumont Enterprise  Wilkins, Deborah  04/23/90
Books neglect black history, legislator says Waco Tribune Herald  Schmook, Deborah  02/15/89
Price contends 'wrong tax bill' was passed Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  07/23/87
Magazine raps Rep. Price Beaumont Enterprise  Warren, Jim  06/20/87
Price's stands face uphill battle Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  06/17/87
A Port Arthur News personality profile Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  04/20/86
Stiles, Price walk opposite paths Beaumont Enterprise  Levine, Steve  05/05/85
Price, Deshotel spurn reception invite Beaumont Enterprise  Cullen, James  01/03/85
Price calls invitation a slap in the face Beaumont Enterprise  Novak, Shonda  05/18/84
Bills are geared toward consumers Port Arthur News  Brenner, Margo  01/19/84
Price will study new trade possibilities for Texas Beaumont Enterprise  Monger, Janis  02/22/83
Rep. Price asked for office probe Port Arthur News  Sohlinger, Helen  06/02/82
Equal access still needed Port Arthur News  Winkler, Jerry  06/16/81
Crawford, Price vie over 'local bill' Beaumont Enterprise    05/20/81
Price to attend Zimbabwe reception in Washington Beaumont Enterprise    08/27/80
Rep. Al Price feels Zimbabwe's success will benefit U.S. Beaumont Enterprise  Englade, Sharon  04/22/80
Price in U.S. delegation to Rhodesian inauguration Beaumont Enterprise  Hiesiger, Michael  04/12/80
Rep. Al Price honored at local fundraiser Beaumont Enterprise  Englade, Sharon  04/15/78
Clayton to be speaker Beaumont Enterprise    04/04/78
Price speaks against health neglect of poor Port Arthur News  Hall, Willard  10/15/77
Price: learning and getting his ideas into action Beaumont Enterprise  Holland, Danny  06/05/77
Texans 'have a right to be nervous' over legislature Beaumont Enterprise  Smith, Carol  03/11/77