Selected newspaper articles related to Virginia Elizabeth Duff

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Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
'Chubbing' happens, but no one knows who came up with the term Dallas Morning News  Funk, M. 05/26/09
Remembering a Texas trailblazer Dallas Morning News  Larson, J. 06/15/07
The more things change Dallas Morning News  Brooks, K. 04/27/07
Ferris' lady lawmaker knows farm problems Dallas Morning News  Hughes, Eddie  03/25/61
Texas women legislators Dallas Morning News    01/15/55
Miss Virginia Duff Dallas Morning News  Brinkerhoff, Mary  07/07/54
Extra heads would help Houston Chronicle  Paxson, Marjorie  04/20/53
No special favors are asked; they 'stand on own merits' Houston Chronicle  Paxson, Marjorie  04/19/53
Lawmaking jobs thrill to women Dallas Morning News    01/10/51