Selected newspaper articles related to Bill Finck

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Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Henry Finck Sr. San Antonio Express News  Staff 07/15/18
Big fear for cigar maker San Antonio Express News  Welch, C. 07/19/07
William Wayne Justice: a judge who lived up to his name Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Ivins, M. 05/12/98
Abolish antiquated state office San Antonio Express News  Diehl, K. 10/29/95
Ann: Let Bill Finck do for Texas as he did for Bexar San Antonio Express News  Casey, R. 06/09/93
McKool, glassy-eyed, but strong of voice, breaks filibuster record Houston Chronicle  Kuempel, G. 06/28/72
Bill asks Board to boost develpment in agriculture. Austin American Statesman  Wood, S. 03/10/67
County turns down lobbyist's free offer San Antonio Express News  Mccory, Jim  06/25/83
Bexar treasurer working as paid lobbyist San Antonio Light  Stone, O'Lene  06/01/83
Candidate in running for a job he doesn't want Dallas Times Herald  Lytle, Stewart  05/04/82
Finck named regent San Antonio Express News    06/22/78
Rep. Finck's committee does voters a service San Antonio Express News    06/02/72
Rep. Finck's position rates his re-election San Antonio Express News    06/01/72
'No more secrets' San Antonio Light  Castillo, Ed  05/31/72
Lawmaker's plans stir new dispute Houston Post    05/27/72
Corporate tax said 'inevitable' San Antonio Light  Mcguire, Stryker  05/25/72
Finck gives back money San Antonio Light  Castillo, Ed  04/20/72
Finck running hard Dallas Morning News  Kinch, Sam  04/11/72
Finck gets choice post San Antonio Express News  Mccory, Jim  04/03/72
Finck to head House committee Dallas Times Herald    04/02/72
Special fillet for Finck's fish fry? San Antonio Light  Robison, Clay  04/01/72
Finck favored San Antonio Express News  Ford, Jon  03/29/72
Rep. Finck may get powerful post San Antonio Light  Robison, Clay  03/29/72
'Here, smoke a real cigar' San Antonio Express News  Barnes, Bill  12/05/71
Finck options open San Antonio Light  Rust, Joe Carroll  11/12/71
S.A. legislator 'returns' unused expense credits San Antonio Express News    10/25/69
Finck brings gifts, stirs parliamentary controversy San Antonio Express News    08/24/69
On life in Texas' only cigar factory Dallas Morning News  Tolbert, Frank  08/23/67
Resolution commends Rep. Finck San Antonio Express News    05/30/67