Selected newspaper articles related to Margie E. Neal

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Entries marked with are biographical in nature.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
GOP strides mean strides for women Dallas Morning News  McCann, I. 11/14/10
House minority puts quietus on redistrict bill Dallas Morning News  Staff 10/03/31
Margie Neal dies; former state senator Houston Post    12/20/71
Miss Neal bought 'The Texas Mule' Dallas Morning News  Tolbert, Frank  04/24/67
First Woman to serve in state senate honored Dallas Morning News  Hayes, Robert  06/17/52
Woman politician will be honored Dallas Morning News  Hayes, Robert  06/09/52
Jester calls special election as Mrs. Stewart quits Senate Dallas Morning News    12/10/48
Texas Senate will have 2 women at next session Dallas Morning News    08/08/48