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Legislation authored by Robert Clifton Jackson

Includes legislation with Robert Clifton Jackson as the primary author for the 54th through 56th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

56th Regular Session
HB 223 Caption: Relating to the employment of persons under jail sentence; authorizing the court to permit the prisoner to continue his employment under certain circumstances.
HB 505 Caption: Relating to amending certain acts providing for the use of any unclaimed surplus of taxes which had been collected for the interest and sinking fund accounts of certain road bonds.
HB 565 Caption: Relating to amending the Election Code to fix the compensation of election judges for delivering election returns and unused election supplies.
HB 777 Caption: Relating to amending the Public Welfare Act of 1941 by prohibiting payments by the Department of Public Welfare to unwed mothers for the support of a child or children of more than one illegitimate birth.
HCR 38 Caption: Granting Billy Barron Melton permission to sue the State of Texas.
55th Regular Session
HB 70 Caption: Relating to providing for the rehabilitation, clearance and redevelopment of slums and blighted areas in cities of this State in accordance with urban renewal plans approved by the governing bodies thereof.
HB 466 Caption: Relating to validating orders entered by county judges declaring the inhabitants of certain cities, towns or villages incorporated, setting forth the boundaries thereof and the officials of such cities, towns or villages.
HB 525 Caption: Relating to permitting the establishment of a period of time, following the regular hunting season, for the hunting of deer and turkey exclusively with bows and arrows; authorizing the Game and Fish Commission to prescribe rules and regulations in connection therewith.
HB 646 Caption: Relating to employment of persons under jail sentence.
HCR 104 Caption: Suspending the Joint Rules in order to consider H. B. No. 70 at any time.
55th 2nd Called Session
HB 22 Caption: Relating to authorizing and directing the Texas Youth Council to grant an easement to the City of Corsicana.
54th Regular Session
HB 252 Caption: Relating to constituting a local law for the maintenance of the public roads and highways in Navarro County by authorizing the county to issue certificates of indebtedness for the purpose of acquiring right of way for designated state highways or federal highways when the acquisition of such right of way is approved by the state highway commission; requiring the levy of a tax to pay such certificates to be approved by the Attorney General and registered by the Comptroller of Public Accounts and prescribing the effect thereof; enacting other provisions related to the subject.
HCR 19 Caption: Granting Ike F. Roberts and Cora Roberts permission to sue the State of Texas.