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Legislation authored by Thomas Roger Joseph

Includes legislation with Thomas Roger Joseph as the primary author for the 52nd through 55th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

55th Regular Session
HB 197 Caption: Relating to amending the Meat Inspection Law so as to include poultry and domestic rabbits within its provisions.
HB 208 Caption: Relating to employee welfare funds.
HB 331 Caption: Relating to providing that no person shall conduct a business in this State under any name or designation using the words "National", "Federal", "United States", "State of Texas", "State", "Texas", or any combination or variation of such words, or any designation tending to create the impression of Federal or State ownership or connection.
HB 695 Caption: Relating to revising and arranging certain statutes of this State relating to delinquent and dependent children, juvenile courts, detention homes, juvenile boards, juvenile officers and domestic relations courts into a consistent whole and under a single title, preserving the substantive law as it existed immediately prior to the passage of this Act.
HB 794 Caption: Relating to levying additional taxes for the support of State Government.
HR 37 Caption: Providing for a presentation of a Texas flag to the House of Representatives.
HR 467 Caption: Expressing appreciation to fellow Members for hosting a fishing trip on the Gulf Coast.
54th Regular Session
HB 35 Caption: Relating to amending Statutes in regard to authorizing certain insignia on each year registration plates of motor vehicles.
HB 121 Caption: Relating to amending the Texas Election Code so as to require party committee holding primary elections in this State to certify as party nominees and/or as members of the County Committee all unopposed candidates without printing that race and candidate upon the primary ballot, to limit the fees to be charged for placing the name of the candidate upon the primary election ballot.
HB 176 Caption: Relating to making it unlawful to take, trap, hunt, kill, or attempt to kill wild deer in McLennan County, for a period of five (5) years from and after October 15, 1955; providing a penalty.
HB 209 Caption: Relating to the time of filing requests to have the names of candidates placed on a primary election ballot; amending the Texas Election Code so as to fix a deadline of 5 o'clock p.m. on the last day for filing requests.
HB 240 Caption: Relating to amending Statutes so as to include within the definition of the term "State Bank" all corporations heretofore or hereafter organized having the authority to do a general fiduciary and depository business under the provisions of the Insurance Code, and all corporations heretofore or hereafter organized having the authority under the provisions of certain Statutes, to accept bills or drafts drawn upon said corporation.
HB 720 Caption: Relating to the annual minimum base salary of vocational teachers under the Foundation School Program Act; amending said Act by adding a new section providing for an increase in the minimum annual salary of vocational teachers conducting vocational programs in excess of nine months.
HCR 177 Caption: Granting Morris Lang, Johnnie Christian, James C. Schreiber, O. L. Owens, and William Henderson permission to sue the State of Texas.
HR 172 Caption: Electing the children of a Member of the House to the office of Mascot.
HR 186 Caption: Welcoming the students of Paul Quinn College of Waco to the State Capitol.
HR 253 Caption: Commending H. E. "Sonny" Box, of Waco for being selected as "Most Representative Hobbs Knight of the Road for 1954".
HR 310 Caption: Welcoming the students of Waco High School to the State Capitol.
53rd Regular Session
HB 177 Caption: Relating to amending certain Acts relating to fees for drivers' licenses; increasing the fee for an operator's license.
HB 211 Caption: Relating to authorizing cities to hold an election to authorize the use of the proceeds of sale of bonds for other purposes where the purpose for which the bonds were voted has been accomplished by other means or has been abandoned.
HB 249 Caption: Relating to amending certain Acts so as to exempt bank employees from statutes regulating the working hours of female workers.
HB 321 Caption: Relating to deleting reference to the capital stock tax.
HB 322 Caption: Relating to repealing the tax on terminal companies.
HB 456 Caption: Relating to creating a Conservation District comprising certain territory contained within the City of Waco in McLennan County, Texas, for the purpose of providing a source of water supply for municipal, domestic and industrial use and processing, transporting, and distributing the same.
53rd 1st Called Session
HB 48 Caption: Relating to providing for constructing and equipping additional buildings for the Waco State Home at Waco, Texas; providing for the appropriation for constructing and equipping said buildings and expenses incidental thereto.