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Legislation authored by Peter Joseph La Valle

Includes legislation with Peter Joseph La Valle as the primary author for the 56th through 57th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

57th Regular Session
HB 118 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Statute providing that there shall be an endorsement as an additional prerequisite for the recording of certain written instruments that there be an endorsement; providing a penalty for such offense.
HB 175 Caption: Relating to compensation to be paid from County funds to the District Judges of the 10th, 56th, and 122nd District Courts of Galveston County by the Commissioners Court of Galveston County.
HB 176 Caption: Relating to creating a Juvenile Board for Galveston County and designating the members thereof.
HB 755 Caption: Relating to providing for the sale of certain land to the City of Texas City.
HB 778 Caption: Relating to regulating the business of pawn-brokering; providing a penalty.
HB 805 Caption: Relating to require any person, association of persons, corporate or other customarily engage in the business of obtaining motor vehicles for purposes of scrap, resale of parts therefrom or salvage, to surrender to the State Highway Department all unexpired vehicle license plates and Certificates of Title for such motor vehicles; providing a penalty.
HB 806 Caption: Relating to providing that Articles 1667 through 1676b, inclusive, Vernon's Texas Civil Statutues, as amended, shall have no application to any water control and improvement district, fresh water supply district, navigation district, drainage district or other conservation district heretofore or hereafter created in Galveston County.
HB 947 Caption: Relating to amending the Penal Code of the State of Texas creating a Boxing and Wrestling Commission.
HB 1017 Caption: Relating to applying to certain incorporated cities and towns located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, or any channel, canal, bay, or inlet connected therewith, owning and operating port facilities; authorizing such city to build, construct, purchase, acquire, improve, enlarge, extend, repair, maintain, or replace any and all improvements and facilities which the governing body thereof deems to be necessary or convenient to the proper operation of the ports or harbors of such city.
HB 1098 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Act providing higher compensation for county officials of certain counties with high assessed values for tax purposes.
HJR 56 Caption: Relating to proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Texas permitting the Legislature to delegate certain zoning powers to the governing body of any county bordering on the Gulf of Mexico or the tidewater limits thereof.
HR 12 Caption: In memory of Dr. Walter McCray of Galveston.
HR 76 Caption: Electing children of a Member of the House to the office of Mascot.
HR 200 Caption: In memory of W. E. "Bill" Thomas of Galveston County.
HR 248 Caption: In memory of Philip Klotzman of Texas City.
HR 328 Caption: Congratulating Mrs. I. A. Lerner and Sidney Borschow on their election as presidents of the B'nai B'rith for men and women respectfully.
HR 398 Caption: Congratulating Representative Maco Stewart, III on his birthday.
HR 406 Caption: In memory of Mrs. A. J. Bostick of La Marque.
HR 407 Caption: In memory of E. H. "Shorty" Harris of Texas City.
HR 466 Caption: In memory of Milton E. Agee of Texas City.
HR 467 Caption: In memory of Judge Charles Dibrell of Galveston.
HR 775 Caption: Memorializing Congress and the President to regulate the importation of shrimp so the domestic industry may stabilize.
57th 1st Called Session
HB 74 Caption: Relating to re-enacting and amending a certain Act relating to the official shorthand reporters of the 10th, 56th and 122nd Judicial Districts of Texas; fixing the maximum salary and method of determining same, and by fixing the fee for transcript.
HB 136 Caption: Relating to amending the Texas Liquor Control Act; defining members, veteran's clubs and fraternal clubs; exempting fraternal and veteran's clubs.
HR 47 Caption: Memorializing Congress to implement restrictions on the importation of shrimp in order to stabilize the domestic market.
HR 75 Caption: In memory of Harold C. Palfrey, Sr. of Galveston.
HR 77 Caption: Recognizing the members of the Stingaree Band of Texas City for their success.
HR 128 Caption: In memory of Theodore Robinson of Galveston County.
HR 175 Caption: In memory of Orville E. Snarr of Texas City.
56th Regular Session
HB 14 Caption: Relating to amending certain acts so as to increasethe rate of the present distilled spirits tax from $1.408 to $2.50 per gallon; increasing the tax on motor vehicles sold in this State and brought into this State; levying a tax upon the sale, consumption, handling or distribution within this State of cigars and tobacco products; providing an effective date.
HB 473 Caption: Relating to authorizing the Commissioners Courts of certain counties to construct or otherwise acquire buildings to be used as county public health units or public health centers, including the acquisition of the sites therefor, and providing for the payment therefor.
HB 813 Caption: Relating to authorizing and providing for certain cities and towns (hereinafter referred to as "cities" or "city"), under certain conditions, to take over the powers, duties, assets, and obligations of certain water control and improvement districts and fresh-water supply districts (hereinafter referred to as "districts" or "district") lying in more than one (1) city.
HB 829 Caption: Relating to authorizing the Commissioners Court in certain counties to allow each member of the County Commissioners Court to each purchase and maintain an automobile or a pickup truck for use by each member in connection with official business.
HB 973 Caption: Relating to creating a conservation and reclamation district to be known as "Bacliff Municipal Utility District".
HB 997 Caption: Relating to providing for the sale of certain land to the City of Texas City, upon payment of a stated sum.
HR 47 Caption: Commending the Texas City Junior Chamber of Commerce and designating January 18 through January 25, 1959 as "Jaycee Week" in Texas.
HR 63 Caption: In memory of Angelo Caravageli of Galveston.
HR 108 Caption: Commending the Quota Club of Galveston for their service to the Community.
HR 574 Caption: In memory of A. T. Barclay.
HR 595 Caption: Congratulating the Singaree Band of Texas City High School for winning the Grand Sweepstakes Award at the Tri-State Festival in Enid, Oklahoma.
56th 1st Called Session
HR 33 Caption: In memory of Rex. L. McNamara.
HR 50 Caption: In memory of Joseph Anthony Pinachio of Galveston.
HR 100 Caption: In memory of Ray E. Douglas.
HR 156 Caption: In memory of Raymond Rudolph Rapp, Sr.
56th 2nd Called Session
HR 20 Caption: In memory of George Paul Juneman of Galveston.
HR 72 Caption: In memory of Medlock Richardson.
HR 73 Caption: In memory of T. S. Snell, Sr. of League City.
HR 86 Caption: In memory of Helen Sosnowy of Galveston.
56th 3rd Called Session
HB 44 Caption: Relating to creating a conservation and reclamation district to be known as "Bacliff Municipal Utility District".
HR 30 Caption: Congratulating State Representative R. H. Cory and his wife Marie Helen Cory on their 15th wedding anniversary.
HR 66 Caption: Congratulating State Representative Robert C. "Bob" Jackson, Jr. on his birthday.