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Legislation authored by Frank Bobbitt McGregor

Includes legislation with Frank Bobbitt McGregor as the primary author for the 51st through 57th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

57th Regular Session
HB 84 Caption: Relating to liens for persons, firms, lumber dealers or corporations, artisans, laborers, mechanics, subcontractors who labor, specially fabricate material or furnish labor or material for certain construction or repair works; creating liens to secure payment; fixing the effective date of this Act.
HB 107 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Act relating to the re-employment of retired teachers, to extend period allowed to 80 days in a single school year; providing a penalty for employment in excess of eighty (80) days.
HB 514 Caption: Relating to validating McLennan and Hill Counties Tehuacana Creek Water Control and Improvement District Number One.
HB 607 Caption: Relating to amending Article 4.01 of the Insurance Code of Texas, as amended, relating to that provision requiring that furniture, fixtures and automobiles are to be rendered as personal property in the city and county where located.
HB 933 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Act relating to respecting the rates of tuition or registration fees to be charged by the institutions of higher education supported in whole or in part by the public funds appropriated from the State Treasury; providing an effective date.
HB 942 Caption: Relating to increasing the punishment authorized by law for offenses when the property has historical significance; providing for the additional punishments of a fine of not less than One Dollar ($1.00) nor more than One Thousand Dollars ($1,000) or confinement in a County jail or State penitentiary of not less than one (1) day nor more than ten (10) years.
HB 976 Caption: Relating to creating the Texas Ranger Historical Commission.
HR 15 Caption: Relating to the drawing the introduction of bills and joint resolutions.
HR 255 Caption: Congratulating Representative H. J. "Jack" Woods and his wife Ana on the birth of their Daughter.
HR 269 Caption: In memory of Dr. Littleton A. Woods, father of Representative Jack Woods.
HR 277 Caption: Proposing an amendment to the House Rules.
HR 761 Caption: Directing the Chairman of the State Affairs to purchase a set of scales to discourage certain Members from becoming "too corpulent".
HR 764 Caption: Congratulating Dr. Charles D. Johnson on his retirement from teaching at Baylor University.
57th 3rd Called Session
HB 66 Caption: Relating to creating and establishing a conservation and reclamation district to be known as McLennan County Water Control and Improvement District-Bosqueville Hills.
56th Regular Session
HB 56 Caption: Relating to requiring registration with the Texas State Department of Health of any person, firm or corporation who shall slaughter cattle, calf, sheep, swine, goat, poultry or domestic rabbit for human consumption; providing for penalty for non-registration.
HB 344 Caption: Relating to the requirement of performance and payment bonds by public contractors and claims and liens thereunder for materials and labor.
HB 799 Caption: Relating to amending Insurance Code relative to mineral interests and sale of real estate.
HCR 66 Caption: Memorializing Congress to enact legislation to prolong the lease of federal reservoirs from the Government.
HR 18 Caption: Directing the creation of committees to notify the Senate and Governor that the House is organized.
HR 375 Caption: Electing the children of a Member of the House to the office of Mascot.
56th 3rd Called Session
HR 37 Caption: Designating the Waco Civil Air Control Cadet Drill Team as official representatives to the State of New York and inviting requesting the Governor to attend their competition.
55th Regular Session
HB 361 Caption: Relating to the State Department of Public Welfare; authorizing a foster home program for children admitted to the Waco State Home or to any other orphans home under the Public Welfare Department's jurisdiction; centralizing future applications for State care and support of orphans or of dependent and neglected children; providing safeguards.
HB 490 Caption: Relating to making it unlawful for anyone to willfully deface, disfigure, damage or destroy any historical building or monument; providing penalties.
HB 504 Caption: Relating to requiring all high schools and all institutions of higher learning supported and maintained by the State of Texas and all junior colleges receiving state aid to offer a course in Texas History and requiring the graduates from such high schools and the undergraduates from such institutions of higher learning to receive credit in a course of Texas History as a requirement for graduation.
HB 755 Caption: Relating to amending certain Acts so as to provide for registration of automobiles manufactured prior to 1921.
HB 763 Caption: Relating to amending the Texas Election Code so as to authorize the county executive committee of a political party to make nominations for unexpired terms in county and precinct offices under certain circumstances.
HB 765 Caption: Relating to amending certain Acts to authorize the superintendents of children's institutions under the supervision and management of the State Department of Public Welfare to receive funds on behalf of children in said institutions and to expend the same on behalf of children in said institutions and to expend the same on behalf of the individual child for whom the money is received; providing safeguards for the handling of such funds.
HB 862 Caption: Relating to amending the State Building Commission Act by requiring additional qualifications of the Executive Director and Engineer of the State Building Commission.
HCR 79 Caption: Granting M. G. Selman and Jim H. Gordon permission to sue the State of Texas.
HR 200 Caption: Amending the procedure of electing the Speaker of the House.
HR 337 Caption: Inviting the Honorable Clyde Whiteside to play piano for the Members of the House.
54th Regular Session
HB 122 Caption: Relating to authorizing Cities to hold an election to authorize the use of the proceeds of sale of bonds for other purposes where the purpose for which the bonds were voted has been accomplished by other means or has been abandoned.
HB 166 Caption: Relating to amending Statutes concerning the disqualifications of parties to testify in actions by or against executors, administrators or guardians.
HB 167 Caption: Relating to providing for the proof of business and official records by the use of photographic copies.
HB 322 Caption: Relating to providing that the Criminal District Attorney of McLennan County, Texas, shall receive an annual salary of Eight Thousand Five Hundred ($8,500) Dollars payable in equal monthly installments out of the Officers Salary Fund of McLennan County, Texas, upon orders of the Commissioners' Court; providing for a repealing clause.
HB 698 Caption: Relating to amending certain Acts to authorize a County Board of School Trustees to purchase property and mortgage it and pledge its transportation cost allotment in such portion and for such period as is approved by the State Commissioner of Education for the purpose of providing housing and maintenance facilities for school buses.
HB 699 Caption: Relating to amending certain Acts to make withdrawal of an independent school district from the county public school transportation system discretionary with the County Board of School trustees, or on appeal, the State Commissioner of Education.
HCR 21 Caption: Granting Kathleen Maddox Pinto permission to sue the State of Texas.
HR 260 Caption: In memory of Arthur Stout of Waco.
HR 283 Caption: In memory of Edward Rice Bolton of Waco.
HR 284 Caption: In memory of Mrs. J. Lee "Fan" Davis of Waco.
51st Regular Session
HB 89 Caption: Relating to providing for a more secret ballot in all elections in Texas; repealing all laws or parts of laws in conflict with this Act to the extent of such conflict only.
HB 148 Caption: Relating to providing that no candidate's name for nomination by any political party at primary elections for any county and precinct office, and for any district office and for any member of the State Legislature, and for any office to be nominated by the vote of the voters of the while State, unless he has paid the expense for holding such primary elections assessed against him by the County Executive Committee of such party, and also the expense as fixed by law for the nomination of candidates for such offices.
HB 481 Caption: Relating to amending a previous Act, so as to provide that the first general primary election shall be held on the fourth Saturday in April, 1950, and every two years thereafter, and so as to further provide that the second primary election shall be held on the fourth Saturday in April, 1950, and every two years thereafter; repealing all laws in conflict.
HB 648 Caption: Relating to authorize joint control by a principal and his sureties of moneys and other assets and properties, deposited in and held by banks, savings banks, safe deposit or trust companies, or other depositories.
HB 893 Caption: Relating to amending a previous Act, to exempt from State Bar Examination, applicants for law licenses who are Veterans of Military or Merchant Marine Service in World War II, and who graduate form law schools approved by the American Bar Association prior to July 1, 1952.
HB 973 Caption: Relating to amending a previous Act, providing for the conferring of concurrent jurisdiction on the 74th District Court with the County Court of McLennan County, in all misdemeanor cases of which the County Court of McLennan County has original jurisdiction.
HB 974 Caption: Relating to amending a previous Act, providing for reorganization of the Board of Control; prescribing its duties; providing for the appointment of an Executive Director by the Board of Control and prescribing his duties; repealing all laws in conflict; providing that this Act shall be severable.
HJR 6 Caption: Proposing an amendment to Sections 1 and 2, Article VI of the Constitution by providing that ever person who shall have attained the age of eighteen (18) years, and not otherwise disqualified, shall be deemed a qualified elector; and directing the Governor to issue the necessary proclamation.