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Legislation authored by Wesley Brownlee Roberts

Includes legislation with Wesley Brownlee Roberts as the primary author for the 55th through 57th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

57th Regular Session
HB 24 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Statute authorizing the Legislature to submit a question to the qualified voters of the State at any general or special election, in order to obtain an expression of public opinion in connection with pending or future legislation.
HB 104 Caption: Relating to authorizing certain counties and cities jointly to own, construct, equip, enlarge and maintain a building to be used for city, county and other public purposes.
HB 306 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Statute making the appointment of county auditor discretionary.
HB 680 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Article of the Revised Civil Statues relating to the location of Courts of Civil Appeals.
HCR 64 Caption: Urging the Texas Delegation in Congress to oppose Federal financial assistance to public schools.
HJR 71 Caption: Relating to proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Texas relating to Legislative control of the use of certain funds described therein, redefining the purposes for which such funds may be used, and including Midwestern University in the list of those to receive funds, beginning June 1, 1968.
HR 121 Caption: In memory of Judge R. A. "Bob" Moxley of Andrews.
HR 327 Caption: Directing the creation of a Committee to investigate subversion and Communism within all levels of government.
HR 725 Caption: Directing the creation of a Committee on Saving Taxes to study means of reducing costs and eliminating waste from State spending.
HR 737 Caption: Extending good wishes to Senior Master Sergeant John H. Gross as he is deployed to service on the island of Guam.
57th 1st Called Session
HR 40 Caption: Directing the creation of a committee to investigate subversion and Communism in all levels of government.
57th 3rd Called Session
HR 80 Caption: Requesting the Governor to submit to the Legislature the issue of sales tax law revision.
56th Regular Session
HB 87 Caption: Relating to creating the 121st Judicial District of Texas, composed of the counties of Cochran, Hockley, Terry and Yoakum; reorganizing the 72nd Judicial District to remove Cochran and Hockley Counties therefrom, and reorganizing the 106th Judicial District to remove Terry and Yoakum Counties therefrom; providing the effective date of this Act.
HB 219 Caption: Relating to the maintenance of public highways, by authorizing the Commissioners' Court of Gaines County to expend proceeds of road bonds heretofore and hereafter voted by said county for the purpose of providing for drainage of state highway rights of way and adjacent lands where such drainage is made necessary by the construction, widening or improvement of such highways.
HR 11 Caption: Directing the creation of temporary committees.
HR 286 Caption: Urging the Fullerton Oil Field and other oil companies in the State of Texas to employ service personnel from the State of Texas.
56th 2nd Called Session
HB 7 Caption: Relating to providing additional revenue for the support of State government.
HB 8 Caption: Relating to providing additional revenue for the support of State government.
HB 12 Caption: Relating to additional revenue for the support of State government.
56th 3rd Called Session
HB 9 Caption: Relating to revising certain statutes and certain other laws relating to taxation.
HB 10 Caption: Relating to levying certain new taxes and increasing certain existing taxes for the support of the State government.
HB 11 Caption: Relating to taxation; revising certain statutes into a new Title to be known as Title 122A "Taxation General" of the Revised Civil Statutes of Texas; providing for an effective date.
55th Regular Session
HB 48 Caption: Relating to providing for fixing the compensation of judges of district courts in the 106th, 109th, and 143rd Judicial Districts.
HB 730 Caption: Relating to authorizing the Governor to transfer certain funds.
HB 806 Caption: Relating to amending the Code of Criminal Procedure relating to pay of jurors, to provide that each juror in Justice Courts shall be paid Two Dollars for each day and each fraction of a day he attends court as such juror.
HCR 116 Caption: Suspending the Joint Rules in order to consider S. B. No. 123 at any time.
HR 9 Caption: Providing for a Temporary Committee on Rules.
HR 229 Caption: Congratulating the Seminole High School Basketball Team on being named the 5AA District Championship Team.
HR 322 Caption: Congratulating Nancy Nowlin on making the University of Texas Honor Roll.
55th 1st Called Session
HB 30 Caption: Relating to making more adequate provision for maintenance and operation of county-owned parks in certain counties which have voted and issued bonds for park purposes; amending certain Acts.
HR 47 Caption: Expressing appreciation to the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company for their work in the House of Representatives.
HR 119 Caption: In memory of Autice Arthur Ward, Dolores Marie Ward, Kathleen Ann Ward and Nanett Marie Ward.
55th 2nd Called Session
HB 34 Caption: Relating to repealing the Act closing the season on wild quail in Andrews County.
HR 20 Caption: In memory of M. W. Moseley of Seagraves.