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Legislation authored by James W. Shannon

Includes legislation with James W. Shannon as the primary author for the 50th through 55th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

55th Regular Session
HB 24 Caption: Relating to amending certain Statutes to provide for a four-year college at Tarleton State College.
HB 338 Caption: Relating to the retail sale of packaged meat or meat products.
54th Regular Session
HB 26 Caption: Relating to amending Statutes so as to provide for a four-year college at Tarleton State College; prescribing courses of study; providing an operative date.
HB 225 Caption: Relating to amending the Texas Liquor control Act so as to provide that any person may bring into this state from any other State not more than one quart of liquor for his own personal use if the required State tax thereon is paid and stamp affixed; and prohibiting any person from importing or bringing in or causing to be brought in any liquor from without the United States unless he is the holder of a permit authorizing him to do so; providing for such permit.
HB 238 Caption: Relating to authorizing the formation of private corporations to provide for the mutual protection of members of voluntary non-profit poultry associations and to promote the welfare of the poultry industry; providing the amount of fee to be paid by such corporation for filing each charter, amendment or supplement; exempting such corporations from payment of franchise tax.
HB 320 Caption: Relating to amending certain Acts regulating retirement compensation for State employees by adding a provision entitling examiners in the Drivers License Division of the Department of Public Safety to their service retirement allowance after twenty years of creditable service.
HB 321 Caption: Relating to providing for a standard policy of hospitalization issued by every insurance company, corporation, Lloyds, reciprocal inter-insurance exchange, fraternal, mutual insurance company of every kind and character, group hospital service, or other insurance carrier licensed to transact insurance business in this State and regulated by the Board of Insurance Commissioners when such companies shall issue policies to insure against losses resulting from hospitalization or medical care.
HB 592 Caption: Relating to providing that in all actions brought to recover damages for personal injuries, injuries resulting in death or injury to property the contributory negligence of the person injured or his agent, or the owner of the property, or person having control over the property, shall not be a complete bar to the recovery of damages, but such damages shall be diminished by the jury in proportion to the contributory negligence shown.
HB 883 Caption: Relating to permitting the propagation and sale of minnows under certain conditions in Bosque, Coryell, Erath and Hamilton Counties; repealing conflicting laws.
50th Regular Session
HB 74 Caption: Relating to making an appropriation to the Board of Directors of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas to be used by said board for the purpose of paying claims incurred by John Tarleton Agricultural College for the construction of a building on the campus of said college pursuant to deficiency authorization by the Governor of Texas on August 31, 1937, providing method of payment of said claims.
HB 374 Caption: Relating to amending a previous Act, to provide for the collection of a tax on the intangible assets of each person, firm, partnership, copartnership, corporation or association of persons engaged in air commerce in the State of Texas.
HB 486 Caption: Relating to permitting the operation of "marble machines" for amusement purposes, and provided there is no pay-off in money or other valuable thing other than free games.
HB 549 Caption: Relating to amending a previous Act, to provide for an assistant to the ex-officio county superintendent of public instruction; providing for office and traveling expense for such ex-officio county superintendent; repealing all laws or parts of laws in conflict; providing a saving clause.
HB 773 Caption: Relating to increasing the maximum annual fees that may be retained by the Justices of Peace and Constables in certain counties and prescribing a limit to the expenses of such officers; repealing all laws in conflict.