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Legislation authored by Tom Bullock Hyder

Includes legislation with Tom Bullock Hyder as the primary author for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.
Please note author information is not complete for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures or for sessions prior to the 30th.

45th Regular Session
HB 1 Caption: Relating to making an appropriation of the sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand ($250,000) Dollars or so much thereof as may be necessary, out of any funds in the State Treasury, not otherwise appropriated, to pay the contingent expenses, and to pay the mileage and per diem of Members and the per diem of officers and employees of the Regular Session of the Forty-fifth Legislature, and to pay any unpaid accounts of the Third Called Session of the Forty-fourth Legislature.
HB 469 Caption: Relating to authorizing the increase or decrease in the list of subjects for which free textbooks are adopted.
HB 739 Caption: Relating to providing for the painting of school buses in a distinctive design of colors of red, white and blue; and making it unlawful for any vehicle using the public highway for purposes other than the transportation of school children to be painted in a similar design as provided for school buses and providing a penalty.
HB 756 Caption: Relating to courses of instruction in the Government of Texas and the Government of the United States, including instruction in the Constitution of Texas and the Constitution of the United States, in schools, colleges, and universities, supported by public funds.
HB 1147 Caption: Relating to increasing and providing for the salary of the Superintendent of Public Instruction of Denton County.
45th 2nd Called Session
HB 134 Caption: Relating to requiring license fees for the privilege of opening, operating, establishing or maintaining chain stores or mercantile establishments.
HB 163 Caption: Relating to providing the time when mourning doves and white-winged doves may be shot in Colin, Dallas, Delta, Denton, Franklin, Haskell, Hopkins, Hunt, Jack, Johnson, Kaufman, Montague, Parker, Rockwall and Wise Counties; providing a penalty for the violation of any such regulations.
44th Regular Session
HB 519 Caption: Relating to making an appropriation of Six Thousand, Five Hundred ($6,500) Dollars to be used by the Secretary of State in paying the unpaid portion of the publication cost of certain Constitutional Amendments.
44th 1st Called Session
HB 126 Caption: Relating to appropriating One Hundred Twelve Thousand ($112,000.00) Dollars for the purpose of constructing and equipping a library building on the campus of the North Texas State Teachers College, at Denton, Texas, under certain conditions and requirements.
HB 147 Caption: Relating to making an appropriation of Two Hundred and Fifty-nine Dollars and forty-four cents ($259.44) to pay W.P. McLean, Jr. for twenty-four (24) days attendance as Special Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas, and to pay the sum of Three Hundred and Six Dollars and eighty-eight cents ($306.88), to Alvin C. Owsley for twenty-eight (28) days attendance as Special Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas.
43rd Regular Session
HB 388 Caption: Relating to amending certain statute relating to the sale of stocks in private corporations in the State of Texas so as to require certain additional persons to comply with the provisions therein.
HB 389 Caption: Relating to repealing certain statute relating to the sale of stocks of solvent concerns.
43rd 2nd Called Session
HB 138 Caption: Relating to the payment of certain tax to State department heads.
HB 159 Caption: Relating to seining in certain counties during the months of July, August, September, and October.