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Legislation authored by Lee Miller Kenyon

Includes legislation with Lee Miller Kenyon as the primary author for the 39th through 45th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.
Please note author information is not complete for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures or for sessions prior to the 30th.

45th Regular Session
HB 126 Caption: Relating to providing that County Courts, upon information and notice, without the necessity of a trial by jury may temporarily commit persons alleged to be mentally ill who are not charged with a criminal offense to State hospitals for the mentally ill for not exceeding ninety (90) days for observation and/or treatment.
HB 504 Caption: Relating to limiting the provisions of Article 63 of the Revised Penal Code of 1925, so that the third conviction of a felony less than capital will not authorize life imprisonment unless the two former convictions were for offenses of the grade of felony at the time of the commission of the third offense.
HB 505 Caption: Relating to amending certain statute relating to the use of certain names in corporations incorporated by veterans and excluding from its provisions certain corporations at the time of the effective date of this Act.
HB 596 Caption: Relating to permitting any county containing a population not less than five thousand six hundred (5,600) nor more than five thousand seven hundred fifty (5,750) according to the last preceding Federal Census to adopt by a majority vote of qualified voters of such county a county unit system to the extent provided in this Act.
HB 737 Caption: Relating to providing that the Texas Ranger force and its members shall hereafter be used for the purpose of preventing and suppressing major and organized crime throughout the State in addition to the duties now prescribed by law for such Texas Rangers and making it unlawful for the person or persons in control of said Texas Rangers to send any member of said Texas Rangers force into any County in this State for the enforcement of local sumptuary laws, not of the grade of major offenses, and making it unlawful for any member of the Texas Ranger force to go into any county in this State and attempt to enforce any local laws or make any arrests in connection therewith.
HB 894 Caption: Relating to authorizing State and County Tax Collectors to collect delinquent State and County Taxes (delinquent on date of passage of this bill only) on a monthly payment plan of not less than Ten ($10.00) Dollars per month.
45th 1st Called Session
HB 3 Caption: Relating to requiring, after January 1, 1938, as a condition precedent to the issuance of a license for the racing of horses under the provisions of certain Act, that the applicant for such license shall, in addition to the requirements of Subsections 3 and 5 of said Act, file with and present to the Racing Commission, with his application, a certificate of the County Judge of the county where such racing is proposed to be held, showing that a majority of the qualified voters of such county have, at a special election held for that purpose, voted in favor of racing, and prohibiting the Racing Commission from issuing a license without such certificate.
HB 35 Caption: Relating to amending the Special Law validating the creation of Road District No. 2 of Chambers County, Texas, by validating road bond election held on June 12, 1937, and further prescribing the duty of the Commissioners Court in reference to the issuance of such bonds.
41st Regular Session
HB 566 Caption: Relating to fixing the compensation for sheriffs in certain counties.
HB 608 Caption: Relating to granting to cities located in certain counties in this State, the right to execute leases not to exceed a period of ninety-nine years, on islands, flats and other submerged lands heretofore granted by the State of Texas, or the Republic of Texas to such cities.
40th Regular Session
HB 108 Caption: Relating to the filing and recording of instruments of writing and validating defective certificates of acknowledgment.
HB 307 Caption: Relating to amending certain articles by adding thereto minimum specifications for another type of exterior chute fire escape.
39th Regular Session
HB 114 Caption: Relating to acquiring land for county park purposes; providing for the creation of taxes or bonds for the purchase and improvement of lands for county parks.
HB 115 Caption: Relating to the creation of a juvenile board constituting the judges of the District Courts and County Judge of counties of certain population; prescribing the powers and duties of such a board.
HB 451 Caption: Relating to the providing for an old age pension system for resident citizens over the age of seventy years; providing for the administration of the system; prescribing the qualifications of an application for a pension; permitting discontinuance of the pension on conviction of an offense or upon evidence of changed status. Fixing the punishment of any applicant or other person violating any of the provisions of the act.
HJR 4 Caption: Proposing an amendment providing for a State tax to be levied and collected to pay pensions to persons who have served as much as thirty years as teacher or instructor in the public schools or educational institutions; providing for the publication and submission of said amendment to the qualified voters of this State.