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Legislation authored by Hugh Birt Steward

Includes legislation with Hugh Birt Steward as the primary author for the 42nd through 44th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.
Please note author information is not complete for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures or for sessions prior to the 30th.

44th Regular Session
HB 360 Caption: Relating to authorizing commissioners courts to limit the payment of fees.
HB 862 Caption: Relating to making it an offense for any person to forge the name of any agent, officer or employee of the Railroad Commission of Texas to a permit or tender of the Railroad Commission of Texas relating to crude petroleum oil or natural gas or any product or by-product of either.
HB 925 Caption: Relating to the residence of plaintiff in suits for divorce.
HB 963 Caption: Relating to validating and confirming all levies and assessments of ad valorem taxes made by independent school districts and cities and towns in certain counties.
43rd Regular Session
HB 69 Caption: Relating to creating a closed season upon wild deer, buck, doe, fawn or wild turkey for a period of five (5) years in the Counties of Freestone and Leon in the State of Texas; providing a penalty therefor.
HB 91 Caption: Relating to fixing the salary of the official court reporter in each judicial districts composed of one county only, and in which county there is only one district court.
HB 493 Caption: Relating to authorizing and requiring the levying, assessing, and collection of a tax on all advertising road signs, said tax to be retained by the county, and placed in a pauper fund, and paid to paupers as directed by the commissioners court.
HB 906 Caption: Relating to authorizing the board of trustees of independent school districts, having a scholastic population of not less than 1,135 and not more than 1,140, according to the last State scholastic census, to borrow money from the reconstruction Finance Corporation or form other sources, for the purpose of installing canning factories, manual training equipment, equipment for physical education department, and for the erection of necessary buildings therefor.
43rd 2nd Called Session
HB 141 Caption: Relating to prohibiting the taking, killing or possession of wild fox, for the purpose of barter or sale in certain counties; providing penalties.
43rd 3rd Called Session
HB 33 Caption: Relating to prohibiting the taking of fur-bearing animals by the use of any snare, deadfall or steel trap in Freestone County; providing a penalty.
42nd Regular Session
HB 466 Caption: Relating to levying and collecting annually a Three ($3.00) Dollar Road Tax against all able-bodied male citizens of Freestone County, Texas, who are between the ages of twenty-one and forty-five years, except such as are by the General Laws of this State exempt from road duty.
HB 997 Caption: Relating to abolishing the office of District Attorney in the 77th Judicial District of Texas.
42nd 3rd Called Session
HB 40 Caption: Relating to providing for the manner in which the salary and expense of all shorthand reporters and deputy official shorthand reporters in each judicial district may be paid.