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Legislation authored by Thomas Whitfield Davidson

Includes legislation with Thomas Whitfield Davidson as the primary author for the 36th through 37th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.
Please note author information is not complete for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures or for sessions prior to the 30th.

37th Regular Session
SB 51 Caption: Relating to public road maintenance; creation of a patrol system; providing for a county road superintendent; providing for short term convicts to work on public highways, etc.
SB 60 Caption: Relating to the publishing of the decisions of the Courts of civil Appeals.
SB 61 Caption: Relating to reorganizing and adjusting the 4th and 71st Judicial Districts of Texas and fixing the times for holding court in said districts.
SB 62 Caption: Relating to providing for the removal of Panola county from the 9th Supreme Judicial District and placing it with the 6th Supreme Judicial District.
SB 99 Caption: Relating to providing for appeals to the District Court from judgments and orders of the County Court in probate matters, regulating pending litigation.
SB 100 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Act abolishing the defense of assumed risk as a bar to recovery in any suit against any corporation, receiver or person operating any railroad, street railway or interurban railway in this State for damages for death or for personal injuries to employees thereof, and further defining and regulating the doctrine of contributory negligence in such cases.
SB 126 Caption: Relating to regulating the procedure in the collecting of delinquent taxes.
SB 155 Caption: Relating to creating the Laneville Independent School District of Rusk County.
SB 156 Caption: empowering cities of a certain population to determine, fix and regulate rates, fares, etc.
SB 196 Caption: Relating to granting Willie Jackson right to sue the State for being improperly and erroneously confined in the State penitentiary.
SB 211 Caption: Relating to regulate the procedure in the trial of Civil cases requiring parties to frame issues involved before the introduction of any evidence.
SB 298 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Act regarding employers' liability.
SB 310 Caption: Relating to providing that a person convicted if a felony may take oath and appear as a witness, and such testimony be used.
SB 326 Caption: Relating to seeking to amend the Workman's Compensation Law.
SB 338 Caption: Relating to providing for the appointment of administrators by courts in actions for injuries resulting in death, etc.
SJR 5 Caption: Relating to proposing an amendment to the Constitution relating to the Judiciary.
37th 1st Called Session
SB 18 Caption: Relating to providing a systematic method of road maintenance; the creation of a patrol system for the care and upkeep of the public roads and highways of the State.
SB 72 Caption: Relating to amending the act relating to the relinquishment of fifteen-sixteenths of the oil and gas in public free school and asylum land to the owner of the soil.
SB 92 Caption: Relating to the abolishment of the "Hip Pocket Defense" in homicide cases.