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Legislation authored by William Taylor Bagby

Includes legislation with William Taylor Bagby as the primary author for the 32nd through 36th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.
Please note author information is not complete for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures or for sessions prior to the 30th.

36th Regular Session
HB 528 Caption: Relating to amending certain statute relating to Confederate pensions by providing for the payment of three hundred dollars per year, in quarterly payments, for service in the Confederate army, navy, frontier organizations, the militia of the State of Texas, and for the widows of such soldiers serving in said armies, navies, organizations and militia.
36th 3rd Called Session
HB 69 Caption: Relating to amending certain laws relating to official shorthand reporters' compensation in certain counties and districts in this State.
HB 78 Caption: Relating to amending certain laws relating to the appointment of certain officers or their deputies; prescribing the issuance by the county judge of an order authorizing the appointment of such assistants or deputies.
HB 79 Caption: Relating to amending certain articles of the Code of Criminal Procedure relating to the fees allowed sheriffs or other peace officers performing the same services in misdemeanor cases to be taxable against the defendant on conviction; relating to the allowance for the safekeeping of prisoners in jail or under guard.
35th Regular Session
HB 171 Caption: Relating to making it the duty of the county attorney or district attorney to institute suit for the collection of inheritance taxes.
HB 357 Caption: Relating to authorizing railroad companies to relocate portions of their tracks with permission of the Railroad Commission.
HB 490 Caption: Relating to the fees of sheriffs.
HB 491 Caption: Relating to fees of sheriffs and constables in felony cases.
HB 831 Caption: Relating to setting aside the old Land Office building for use of the Daughters of the Republic and the Texas Division of the Daughters of the Confederacy.
35th 1st Called Session
HB 86 Caption: Relating to official shorthand reporters compensation in certain counties.
34th Regular Session
HB 496 Caption: Relating to making unlawful the diversion of natural flow of the surface waters of the State or to impound or permit the impounding of such waters.
HB 654 Caption: Relating to creating a more efficient road system for Lavaca County, Texas.
34th 1st Called Session
HB 35 Caption: Relating to regulating the rate of interest charged by Life Insurance companies.
33rd Regular Session
HB 137 Caption: Relating to promoting the safety of employees on railroads.
HB 388 Caption: Relating to apportioning the state into Congressional Districts, providing for two additional districts in the number now provided for.
HB 408 Caption: Relating to defining and enlarging the powers of corporations.
HB 743 Caption: Authorizing the formation of corporations for the purpose of acting as guarantor of the fidelity of employees.
HB 833 Caption: Relating to amending articles of the Revised Code of Criminal Procedure, adopted at the regular session of the Thirty-second legislature.
32nd Regular Session
HB 51 Caption: Relating to amending an Act so as to provide for the appointment by the Commissioner of Labor Statistics of an inspector of safety appliances, and also to provide for the appointment of such commissioner of a clerk and a factory inspector, and increasing the appropriation for traveling expenses.
HB 306 Caption: Relating to the time of hearing of an application for change of venue in criminal cases.
HB 434 Caption: Relating to amending an Act regulating the general occupation tax.