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Legislation authored by Elmer Emory Bedell

Includes legislation with Elmer Emory Bedell as the primary author for the 35th through 36th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.
Please note author information is not complete for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures or for sessions prior to the 30th.

36th Regular Session
HB 33 Caption: Relating to making appropriation of the sum of thirty thousand ($30,000) dollars or as much thereof as may be necessary, to pay the contingent expenses of the Thirty-sixth Legislature of the State of Texas, providing how accounts may be approved.
HB 34 Caption: Relating to appropriating the sum of one hundred twenty-five thousand ($125,000) dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, out of the general revenue, not otherwise appropriated, to pay the mileage and per diem of members and the salaries and per diem of officers and employees of the Thirty-sixth Legislature of the State of Texas, providing how accounts may be approved.
HB 376 Caption: Relating to defining the duties of county clerk relating to tax receipts.
HB 555 Caption: Relating to amending certain statute relating to duties of county commissioners by providing that county commissioners in counties having a special road law may be excepted from the provisions of said statute, and fixing their compensation for attending court, or such other business within their jurisdiction.
36th 2nd Called Session
HB 31 Caption: Relating to amending sections of the special road law for Smith County.
HB 75 Caption: Relating to granting cities and towns the power to re-assess the cost of street and sidewalk improvements.
35th Regular Session
HB 375 Caption: Relating to empowering trustees of school districts upon petition of parents or guardians to require said trustees to establish and maintain free kindergarten for children between the ages of five and seven years, and to provide for trained kindergarten teachers.
HB 454 Caption: Relating to granting the right of contribution among defendants in judgment in cases arising out of tort.
HB 496 Caption: Relating to reorganizing the Seventh Judicial District.
HB 571 Caption: Relating to amending statute making fraudulent and void all mortgages, deeds of trust, or other form of lien attempted to be given by the owner of any stock of goods, wares, or merchandise daily exposed to sale, so as to extend the provisions of said article to all reservations of title to or property in chattels as security for the purchase money thereof.
HB 659 Caption: Relating to authorizing the claimants of the La Prieta grant of land in El Paso county and other counties to sue the State.
HB 828 Caption: Relating to creating the Tahoka Independent School District in Lynn County, Texas.
35th 4th Called Session
HB 121 Caption: Relating to amending the Special Road Law for Smith County to prescribe the number of petitioners for election in said county for road bonds, the purpose of sold bonds and the condition upon which every able-bodied male convict shall be required to labor upon public roads, and further prescribing the duty of commissioners, providing penalties for failure to perform such duty.