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Legislation authored by Charles Milton Spradley

Includes legislation with Charles Milton Spradley as the primary author for the 31st through 35th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.
Please note author information is not complete for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures or for sessions prior to the 30th.

35th Regular Session
HB 680 Caption: Relating to preventing the adulteration and misbranding of food products.
35th 2nd Called Session
HB 18 Caption: Relating to incorporating and creating the Renner Independent School District of Dallas and Collin counties, Texas, for free school purposes only.
34th Regular Session
HB 187 Caption: Relating to amending the Sunday law so as to permit the sale of cigars, soda water, gasoline, etc. on a Sunday.
HB 363 Caption: Relating to incorporating and creating the Murphy Independent School District of Collin county, Texas, for free school purposes only, defining its boundaries.
HB 409 Caption: Relating to relieving Road District No. 9, Collin county, Texas, from payment of tax to pay interest and sinking fund on road bonds issued in said district until such time as said road bonds can be sold.
HB 424 Caption: Relating to exempting county fairs from taxation; providing a penalty.
HB 435 Caption: Relating to prescribing how and by whom tickets may be sold by companies engaged in the carrying and transportation of passengers; providing penalties.
33rd Regular Session
HB 19 Caption: Relating to requiring manufacturers to place their name and statement of materials on manufactured articles.
HB 66 Caption: Relating to regulating the sale of white lead paint.
HB 67 Caption: Relating to the creation of a public service commission to regulate public service corporations and to provide penalties.
HB 222 Caption: Relating to regulating sale of intoxicating liquors.
HB 242 Caption: Relating to making it the duty of certain railroad agents to bulletin the arrival time of passenger trains, providing penalties.
HB 601 Caption: Relating to regulating the business of all persons, co-partnerships, associations, organizations or Corporations which are now or shall hereafter be engaged in business as Home Co-operative companies, building and loan associations or in the business of issuing contracts or agreements, whether in the nature of a Bond, Certificate or otherwise, providing for the redemption or fulfilling of such contracts or agreement by an accumulation of a fund or funds from the contributions made by the subscribers to or the holding of such contracts or agreements in the order of the issue or in some other fixed or arbitrarily determined order; or providing for the payment of moneys or the granting or giving of any consideration greater in value than the amount paid in upon such contract, together with the actual net earnings accrued and accumulated thereon, and classifying such companies, except all persons, co-partnerships, associations, organizations or corporations doing business under the provisions of any law providing for the regulation of insurance companies, or banks, savings and loan or building and loan
32nd Regular Session
HB 6 Caption: Relating to voiding all assignments, sales or pledges of unearned wages, salary or other compensation for personal services.
HB 7 Caption: Relating to the general occupation taxes.
HB 36 Caption: Relating to conferring on county commissioners and the authorities of cities and towns the power to make contracts providing for the working of city or town convicts on the public roads.
HB 60 Caption: Relating to control by towns and cities of more than two thousand population of Local Telephone Companies.
HB 173 Caption: Relating to regulating the sale of white lead paint and paint materials within the State of Texas.
HB 370 Caption: Relating to creating a more efficient road system for Collin County in the State of Texas, and making County Commissioners Ex-officio Road Commissioners; fixing penalties for violation.
32nd 1st Called Session
HB 62 Caption: Relating to incorporating the city of McKinney and granting a new charter to said city.
31st Regular Session
HB 276 Caption: Relating to amending subdivision 23, Article 5049, Chapter 1, Title 104 of the Revised Statutes, regulating the general occupation tax as amended by Act of the Twenty-fifth Legislature, said amendment being Chapter 18 of the Acts of the Special Session of the Twenty-fifth Legislature, being shown at page 49 of the General Laws of said Special Session.
HB 294 Caption: Relating to amending Article 784 of the Penal Code, defining the offense and fixing a penalty for destroying telegraph and telephone poles, wires, etc., and interfering with messages, and providing an exception in cases where poles are removed by order of the Commissioners' Court.
HB 434 Caption: Relating to establishing a school of agriculture for the instruction of white male children in the science of agriculture and horticulture, to be known as the North Texas Agricultural College.