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Legislation authored by John Edward Kauffman

Includes legislation with John Edward Kauffman as the primary author for the 31st through 33rd Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.
Please note author information is not complete for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures or for sessions prior to the 30th.

33rd Regular Session
SB 17 Caption: Relating to defining and regulating the practice of Optometry to create a Board of Examiners in Optometry for the examining and licensing of Optometrists and to issue the Certificates as provided; to prescribe the qualifications of applicants for license in Optometry; to provide for registration of Optometrist, and to fix penalties.
SB 156 Caption: Relating to the offense of swindling.
SB 229 Caption: Relating to creating and establishing the Angleton Independent School District, in Brazoria County, defining its boundaries, providing for its management and control under the general laws.
SB 236 Caption: Relating to providing for the punishment of the parents of children who abandon or neglect them and to provide for the application of the earnings of such persons abandoning such child or children, and giving the Court authority to order and direct the payment of the same.
SB 237 Caption: Relating to safeguarding and improving the health of the school children, defining the duties of the State Board of Health, School Trustees, County Superintendents of public schools; and affixing certain penalties.
SB 319 Caption: Relating to providing for the establishment and maintenance of an agricultural experiment station at Alta Loma, for the purpose of conducting experiments in fruits, vegetables, grains and other farm crops, and studying soil problems in Galveston county and contiguous counties in the Gulf Coast region of Texas, and disseminating useful information, making necessary appropriation therefor.
SB 343 Caption: Relating to amending the road law for Matagorda County, such amendment providing for more adequate compensation for road commissioners.
SB 355 Caption: Relating to amending article 6625 of the Revised Civil Statutes of 1911, by striking therefrom certain words.
SB 432 Caption: Relating to providing that sand taken for the raising of the grade on Galveston Island, shall be exempt from the provisions of Chapter 68, Thirty-second Legislature.
SB 466 Caption: Relating to creating a more efficient road law for Wharton County.
32nd Regular Session
SB 5 Caption: Relating to defining and providing for organizing and discipling the militia; to prescribe the duties of the Governor and all officers and enlisted men thereof; defining military offenses.
SB 47 Caption: Relating to authorizing the sale of property of the estate of wards for the purpose of investing or loaning the proceeds or for the purpose of changing an investment previously made.
SB 67 Caption: Relating to investing and loaning money of wards.
SB 87 Caption: Relating to amending the charter of the City of Galveston including authorizing the Board of Commissioners to convey by proper deed for not less than $50,000 in cash to the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway, the interest of said city in the lots and blocks known as the "East End Park" for the purpose of building thereon a union passenger depot and further providing for the payment of $25,000 for the pavement of streets, the building of drains and other public works.
SB 91 Caption: Relating to declaring it a misdemeanor under certain conditions to draw and utter any check, draft or order on any bank, and providing a penalty therefor.
SB 104 Caption: Relating to designating the 18th day of October of each year as a public and legal holiday, to be know as Columbus Day.
SB 121 Caption: Relating to granting and transferring to the United States Government land belonging to the State of Texas, situated on Galveston Island, in Galveston county, Texas, comprising what is known as the Fort San Jacinto Military Reservation, on which to locate, construct and maintain a military post and fortification, and to grant, cede and transfer to said United States Government the tide lands in front of and all future accretions and accumulations to all of said lands.
SB 154 Caption: Relating to providing for the initiative and referendum of ordinances and the recall of elective officers in the city of Galveston.
SB 194 Caption: Relating to the pay of jail guards.
SB 195 Caption: Relating to providing a day of weekly rest; providing penalties.
SB 212 Caption: Relating to authorizing and empowering Galveston County or the Commissioners Court of said county to convey or lease to the Board of Regents of the University of Texas, for hospital purposes in connection with the John Sealy Hospital, all or any part of the tract of certain land which lies to the North or Northwestward of Avenue B in Galveston.
SB 213 Caption: Relating to the qualifications of county judges.
SB 214 Caption: Relating to providing that county attorneys may contract to collect delinquent taxes.
SB 215 Caption: Relating to regulating rates or charges now in force and to be made by telegraph and telephone companies, and make all such telegraph and telephone companies subject to the control and regulation of the Railroad Commission of Texas, and providing penalties.
SB 216 Caption: Relating to appropriating and transferring the surplus remaining in the Quarantine Fee Fund at Galveston Station to the Board of Regents of the University of Texas for the purpose of erecting, equipping and repairing such buildings as may be necessary to enable the John Sealy Hospital to properly care for cases of contagious disease.
SB 217 Caption: Relating to ratifying and confirming an ordinance passed by the City of Galveston vacating that portion of 18th Street between Avenue A and B in the city of Galveston, to be used for hospital purposes as a part of the John Sealy Hospital.
SB 246 Caption: Relating to creating and establishing the County of Culberson, providing for the new county to pay its pro rate share of the debt of the counties from which it is taken.
SB 267 Caption: Relating to Galveston County, authorizing same to lease or sell certain land for right of way.
SB 325 Caption: Relating to permitting the owner of lands or lots sold to the State or to the city or town for taxes to redeem the same.
SB 333 Caption: Relating to authorizing the Board of City Commissioners of the City of Galveston to fix the salaries of all its employees in the police department and fire department.
32nd 1st Called Session
SB 29 Caption: Relating to authorizing and empowering Galveston County to convey or lease certain land acquired for seawall purposes to the Board of Regents of the University of Texas for hospital purposes.
SB 30 Caption: Relating to amending an Act so as to extend the provisions thereof with respect to furnishing offices and supplies to officers to include district judges, county attorneys, tax collectors, tax assessors and constables.
SB 42 Caption: Relating to making is a misdemeanor to draw any check, draft or order upon any bank, person, firm or corporation when the maker thereof has not sufficient funds on deposit at the time; providing a penalty.
SB 43 Caption: Relating to amending the charter of the city of Galveston, authorizing the board of commissioners of the city of Galveston to issue the bonds of said city of Galveston, to the amount of one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars, payable not more than fifty years after date and bearing interest payable semiannually at a rate not to exceed five per cent per annum, and their proceeds to be used and expended exclusively for raising and filling to grade the avenues, streets, sidewalks, alleys, lots and blocks in said city of Galveston.
SB 51 Caption: Relating to empowering the County Commissioners Court of Galveston County to re-divide Bolivar Peninsula into Public Free School Districts of less that nine square miles area and to divide the present Public Free School District No. 9 into not more than two public Free School Districts.
SB 52 Caption: Relating to providing for the conversion of the present tax for maintenance of public free school in Public Free School District No. 9 of Galveston County into a tax to provide both a sinking fund for an issue of bonds for schoolhouse construction and equipment and a maintenance fund for pubic school by levying taxes at a total rate equal to the present rate, for said purposes and repealing the present said tax.