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Legislation authored by James Paul Buchanan

Includes legislation with James Paul Buchanan as the primary author for the 31st through 33rd Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.
Please note author information is not complete for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures or for sessions prior to the 30th.

33rd Regular Session
HB 197 Caption: Relating to prohibiting any person from maliciously, willfully or wantonly making or circulating any false statement against any civil officer or candidate for any state, county, precinct, or municipal office, affixing a penalty.
HB 341 Caption: Relating to providing that women, either married or single, shall be eligible to serve as notaries public.
HB 345 Caption: Relating to providing that acknowledgments heretofore taken by women notaries public, are hereby validated in so far as any objections may arise thereto by reason of their having been taken by women notaries public.
HB 402 Caption: Relating to the State Levee and Drainage Board.
HB 520 Caption: Relating to amending the Revised Civil Statutes relating to private corporations to include two or more of the following purposes: to supply water to the public, the manufacture and supply of ice, gas, electric lights and motor power, or either of them, to the public, and the manufacture, supply and sale of carbonated water, and the operation of cotton seed oil mills or cotton compresses.
HB 598 Caption: Relating to preventing the tampering with and corrupting jury commissioners and to prevent any one from giving or suggesting names to said jury commissioner before and after they are appointed jury commissioners; providing a penalty.
HB 599 Caption: Relating to amending the Revised Civil Statutes by further providing that a jury commissioner shall state under oath that no one has suggested to him before or since his appointment.
HB 634 Caption: Relating to empowering the city commission or city council of any city or town to prescribe the districts within which intoxicating liquors may be sold within such city or town, prescribing penalties.
HB 638 Caption: Relating to amending the Acts of the Thirty-second Legislature, conferring certain powers upon the Commissioners Courts of the counties and authorizing said courts, to appropriate and use any sum or sums of money not exceeding one thousand dollars per year for Farmer's Co-operative Demonstration work in their respective counties along the same lines as this work is or may be conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture.
HB 641 Caption: Relating to amending Article 257 of the Penal Code to apply the provisions of said article to all persons and corporations required to obtain a permit or a license to do business.
HB 688 Caption: Relating to amending the Special Laws of the 32nd Legislature entitled an act to created road system for Washington County, so as to confer upon the commissioners court the authority to employ a person to work under orders of the court for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of said chapter.
32nd Regular Session
HB 75 Caption: Relating to providing for the appointment of official stenographers for district and county courts by the judges thereof.
HB 88 Caption: Relating to providing for the location, establishment and maintenance of two colonies for the treatment of persons suffering from tuberculosis, and to provide for the care and treatment of indigent consumptives, and making an appropriation therefor; defining a citizen as used in this Act.
HB 381 Caption: Relating to amending "An Act to organize and establish the Twenty-first Judicial District," and to change the time of holding the terms of the district court in Bastrop county, and conform the issuance, service and return of process from said court to such change.
HB 407 Caption: Relating to authorizing the creation of a State Levee and Drainage Board and defining its powers and duties.
HB 441 Caption: Relating to amending an Act to create a more efficient road system for Washington county, Texas.,
HB 447 Caption: Relating to providing for the organization of levee districts.
HB 493 Caption: Relating to amending an Act empowering commissioners courts to authorize the establishment of two or more schools in one school district.
HB 562 Caption: Relating to defining the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and regulating the practice therein.
32nd 1st Called Session
HB 9 Caption: Relating to repealing an Act providing for a board to calculate the ad valorem taxes for State purposes each year, and to prescribe the duties of such board, and certain duties of the Tax Assessors of the State.
31st Regular Session
HB 363 Caption: Relating to authorizing the commissioners courts to create and establish improvement districts to construct levees and other improvements on rivers, creeks, and streams to prevent overflows; granting the right of eminent domain; making it a penal offense for any person to willfully prevent the Improvement District officers from entering upon such person's land for purpose of carrying out the provisions of this Act; providing a penalty.