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Legislation authored by F. Charles Hume, Jr.

Includes legislation with F. Charles Hume, Jr. as the primary author for the 30th through 32nd Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.
Please note author information is not complete for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures or for sessions prior to the 30th.

32nd Regular Session
SB 163 Caption: Relating to changing the territorial limits of the Criminal Judicial District composed of Galveston and Harris counties so as to hereafter include Harris county alone, and to establish and create within the limits of Harris county, Texas, a separate Criminal District Court for Harris county alone.
SB 170 Caption: Relating to granting a charter to the City of Houston Heights.
SB 175 Caption: Relating to providing for the organization of Assets Realization Companies, to purchase for liquidation and sale the assets of estates and loaning or placing money upon any character of assets or securities.
SB 179 Caption: Relating to divorce.
SB 223 Caption: Relating to fixing the salaries of the judges of the Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeals and the Courts of Civil Appeals.
SB 226 Caption: Relating to the relief of the Houston Light Guard, a militia company known as Company A, Third Infantry, Texas National Guard; validating its title to armory property in the city of Houston, Texas.
SB 258 Caption: Relating to amending "An Act to define and provide for the organizing and disciplining the militia;" to prescribe the duties of the Governor, the Adjutant General and all officers and enlisted men thereof; to define military offenses and to provide for the trial and punishment thereof. To provide that the amount of real and personal property that shall be owned, transferred or otherwise handled by military companies shall not exceed in value two hundred thousand dollars.
SB 261 Caption: Relating to granting permission to Phillip H. Fall, Charles Magill and the heirs of E.B. Nichols, deceased, to bring suit in the District Court of Travis County to ascertain and establish their claims against the State of Texas, as owners and holders of certain claims and bonds therein mentioned.
SB 343 Caption: Relating to establishing a State Bureau of Child and Animal Protection, prescribing the duties thereof.
32nd 1st Called Session
SB 50 Caption: Relating to amending "An Act to grant a new charter to the city of Houston, Harris county, Texas," providing for the improvement of highways in the city of Houston, and providing for the payment of the cost of making such improvements, and for the making thereof upon petitions of property owners, and providing for the enforcement and collection of such assessments, and providing that this amendment shall be referred to the qualified property taxpaying votes of the city of Houston for adoption before becoming effective.
31st Regular Session
SB 96 Caption: Relating to amending Section 9, Chapter CXLIV (144), an act passed by the Thirtieth Legislature, An Act to preserve and protect the wild game, birds and fowls; providing adequate penalties.
SB 113 Caption: Relating to authorizing the Governor to purchase for the State the papers of President Mirabeau Lamar, and making appropriation therefor.
SB 207 Caption: Relating to providing for a deputy county superintendent of schools of Harris and Travis counties, and prescribing duties and qualification of same.
30th Regular Session
HB 37 Caption: Relating to providing for acquiring by purchase or condemnation about fourteen acres of land, being a part of and adjoining the San Jacinto battle grounds, and fronting upon the navigable waters of Buffalo Bayou or San Jacinto bay, and providing for fencing, beautifying and improving the lands of the San Jacinto battlefield now owned or hereafter acquired by the State of Texas, the same to be designated by name as "San Jacinto State Park," making an appropriation therefor.
HB 373 Caption: Relating to the creation of corporations, and validating certain bonds issued by terminal railway companies.
HB 632 Caption: Relating to providing for a lien in favor of mechanics, contractors and material men on oil wells, cisterns, tanks, reservoirs or artificial pools or lakes made for supplying or storing oil, water and gas.