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Legislation authored by William Wade Caves

Includes legislation with William Wade Caves as the primary author for the 31st through 32nd Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.
Please note author information is not complete for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures or for sessions prior to the 30th.

32nd Regular Session
HB 256 Caption: Relating to creating a more efficient road system for Live Oak county, Texas.
HB 404 Caption: Relating to repealing an Act, which provides that non-residents of counties owing state or county taxes, may pay the same to the Comptroller of Public Accounts under certain conditions.
HB 528 Caption: Relating to amending an Act so as to take the County of Goliad out of the counties which are exempted , which provides for the appointment of Road Superintendents.
HB 537 Caption: Relating to amending an Act providing for the protection of fruit trees.
31st Regular Session
HB 370 Caption: Relating to amending "An Act to Section 9, Chapter 72, special road law for Karnes county," approved April 4, 1907, so as to provide that each county commissioner, when acting as road commissioner and performing the duties imposed upon him by law or by the commissioners court shall receive three dollars ($3.00) a day for services actually performed, not to exceed seventy-five ($75.00) dollars a quarter.
HB 381 Caption: Relating to amending Article 2466, Chapter 3, Title XLV of the Revised Civil Statutes of 1895, relating to the per diem of county commissioners, and county judges when acting as such.
HB 402 Caption: Relating to creating an independent school district, to be known as the Goliad Independent School District, including within its limits the unincorporated town of Goliad in Goliad County.
HB 592 Caption: Relating to exempting Karnes county from the provisions in so far as the same relate to the inspection of the ears and hides of animals slaughtered by butchers.