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Legislation authored by Robert Berrien Green

Includes legislation with Robert Berrien Green as the primary author for the 30th through 30th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.
Please note author information is not complete for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures or for sessions prior to the 30th.

30th Regular Session
SB 31 Caption: Relating to requiring that sureties on liquor dealer's bond by affidavit to state their sufficiency and preventing the approval of any such bond unless the sureties so qualify, and providing adequate punishment and penalty for any violation of this Act.
SB 37 Caption: Relating to creating, fixing and establishing a cause of action to recover money or any thing of value lost, paid or delivered in gambling, raffles, lotteries, bet or water or what is commonly known as dealing in futures, and designating in whose behalf such cause of action exists and against whom recovery in such actions can be had, and fixing an attorney's fee for recovery in such actions, and fixing a lien upon the property in which any such transactions are had, and compelling the testimony of witnesses.
SB 41 Caption: Relating to providing that any citizen of this State may prosecute a suit on his relation in the name of the State for the benefit of the county, to recover the penalties fixed by law for the violation of any condition of liquor dealers' bonds, and fixing a compensation or fee to the citizen so prosecuting such suit.
SB 42 Caption: Relating to preventing by means of the writ of the injunction at the suit of the State or any citizen thereof the violation, actual, contemplated or threatened, of any condition of liquor dealers' bonds.
SB 43 Caption: Relating to abolishing the office of district attorney of the Thirty-seventh Judicial District of Texas at the expiration of the term of the present incumbent.
SB 44 Caption: Relating to prescribing the pains and penalties for the collection of usurious interest, and fixing the venue of suits for the recovery of same.
SB 54 Caption: Relating to providing for the punishment of persons responsible for and contributing to the delinquency or neglect and dependency of children.
SB 59 Caption: Relating to defining "delinquent child" and regulating the treatment and control of same.
SB 60 Caption: Relating to defining dependent and neglected children, and regulating the treatment of same.
SB 78 Caption: Relating to the time for filing amendments to pleas in trials.
SB 84 Caption: Relating to making it a misdemeanor to abandon or willfully neglect to provide for the support and maintenance by any person of his wife or of his or her minor children in destitute or necessitous circumstances.
SB 95 Caption: Relating to providing for the appointment and qualifications of auditors for the various counties and judicial districts of the State; providing penalties for failure to comply with this Act.
SB 121 Caption: Relating to providing for the selection of jurors in all counties in Texas having a city or cities therein containing a population aggregating 20,000 or more people; providing for penalties for the violation of any of the provisions of this Act.
SB 122 Caption: Relating to prohibiting the sale or offer to sell or have in the possession of any person or persons, firm or corporation, milk or cream containing formaldehyde or any other preservative, and providing penalties therefor, and authorizing a civil action for the violation thereof.
SB 138 Caption: Relating to regulating continuances in civil cases.
SB 175 Caption: Relating to the compensation of county commissioners.
SB 203 Caption: Relating to incorporating the trustees of the Independent School District of the city of San Antonio, Texas, under the name "San Antonio School Board," with power to make contracts, to be a party to actions in courts, to receive gifts, grants, conveyances, donations or devises for use of public free schools of said city and district, and power to levy taxes, to issue and dispose of bonds and provide for the payment of same, to borrow money, to appoint depositories for the funds of said board, to adopt text-books, and to do all acts authorized by this law.
SB 214 Caption: Relating to providing for the publication of the Appellate Court Reports.
SB 219 Caption: Relating to authorizing corporations for erection of hotels, office buildings and apartment houses.
SB 233 Caption: Relating to making the increase, income, rents, issues and profits of the separate estate of married women, also her separate estate and authorizing conveyances to and settlements upon female persons of property to their sole and separate use and benefit, free from the material rights and community rights and cotnrol of their husbands.
SB 234 Caption: Relating to authorizing district and county judges to inquire into the solvency of the sureties on any bond that may have been approved by the district or county clerk, sheriff or constable, in any county in which such district or county judge may be authorized to hold terms of court.
SB 247 Caption: Relating to authorizing the formation of corporations for the purpose of guaranteeing title to land.
SB 264 Caption: Relating to amending the San Antonio city charter.
SB 283 Caption: Relating to creating a more efficient road system for Gillespie County, Texas, and making the commissioners of said county ex-officio road commissioners in their respective precincts, and prescribing their duties as such, and authorizing the appointment of deputy road commissioners and providing for the compensation of road commissioners and deputy road commissioners; providing penalties for violations of the provisions of this act.
SB 303 Caption: Relating to providing for the appointment of a State Highway Commissioner, defining his term of service, powers, duties and salary, and making an appropriation for payment of salary and expenses.
SB 305 Caption: Relating to making it unlawful to be interested in or instrumental in operating or maintaining a gambling house, or to permit property to be used as a gambling house; providing a penalty therefor, defining gambling houses.
SJR 11 Caption: Proposing an amendment to Section 2, Article VIII, of the Constitution of the State of Texas, relating to certain exemptions from taxation.