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Legislation authored by John Allen

Includes legislation with John Allen as the primary author for the 56th through 63rd Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

62nd Regular Session
HB 207 Caption: Relating to providing that the district clerk and criminal district attorney serving in those offices for the 124th Judicial District shall serve in those offices for the 188th Judicial District.
HB 623 Caption: Relating to definition of any interested owner authorized to apply for the pooling of mineral and royalty interests in oil or gas reservoirs.
HB 691 Caption: Relating to compensation of certain county and district officials in certain counties.
HB 692 Caption: Relating to prescribing the maximum salary to be paid to the Official Shorthand Reporters for the 124th and 188th Judicial Districts.
HB 1083 Caption: Relating to the amount withheld from payments to a contractor constructing a project financed from the Water Development Fund.
HB 1084 Caption: Relating to the definition of the National Flood Insurance Act.
HB 1093 Caption: Relating to a joint study to determine the best sites for natural river areas. ("Natural Rivers Act")
HB 1159 Caption: Relating to the jurisdiction of the Court of Domestic Relations for Gregg County.
HB 1458 Caption: Relating to the creation, establishment, consolidation, dissolution, maintenance, operation, financing, powers, and duties of municipal utility districts.
HB 1786 Caption: Relating to the effective date of Chapter 54 of the Water Code.
HCR 15 Caption: Congratulating LaTourneau College on its 25th Anniversary.
HCR 29 Caption: Memorializing the Congress of the United States to exercise its power in ameliorating the stringent restrictions of the Wholesale Meat Act of 1967.
HR 63 Caption: Congratulating R. E. Henry.
HR 198 Caption: Requesting the Texas Education Agency to make sure no child stands while riding a school bus.
HR 367 Caption: Congratulating Mrs. F. R. Jackson.
HR 375 Caption: Expressing the feeling of the Legislature that no tax-supported agency shall compete with private business.
HR 376 Caption: Urging the State Board of Insurance not to grant further increases in automobile insurance rates.
HR 426 Caption: Congratulating Alf Jernigan of Longview.
HR 427 Caption: Congratulating C. Quentin Abernathy of Gladewater.
HR 618 Caption: Congratulating Representative and Mrs. Billy Williamson.
62nd 1st Called Session
HR 9 Caption: Congratulating the Longview High School Band.
61st Regular Session
HB 1431 Caption: Relating to the creation of the Burleson County Water Control and Improvement District No. 1 as a conservation and reclamation district; prescribing the powers, duties, functions, and procedures of the district.
HB 1478 Caption: Relating to creating and establishing a conservation and reclamation district to be known as "Spring Hill Utility District", comprising the territory and property described herein.
HCR 78 Caption: Prohibiting the transfer of state property to the City of Austin.
HCR 117 Caption: Congratulating Evelyn Peterson LeTourneau of Longview, Texas on being named "1969 American Mother of the Year".
HCR 182 Caption: In memory of Robert Gilmour LeTourneau of Longview, Texas.
HR 172 Caption: Commending Chal Daniel Barnwell on his sportsmanship and wishing him a speedy recovery.
HR 356 Caption: Congratulating former Texas State Representative Wilson Foreman on his accomplishments.
HR 515 Caption: Congratulating three distinguished native sons, Tex Ritter, Ernest Tubb, and Bob Wills for their contributions to country and western music.
61st 1st Called Session
HB 74 Caption: Relating to the authority of counties to issue revenue bonds for the purpose of establishing, improving, enlarging, extending, or repairing county airports, facilities, and services.
60th Regular Session
HB 485 Caption: Relating to amending the Texas Liquor Control Act to give the holder of a Brewer's Permit the right to import ale and malt liquor; providing that the holder of a Nonresident Seller's Permit may have an interest in a Brewer's Permit; giving the holder of a Manufacturer's License or a Brewer's Permit the right to import beer, ale, and malt liquor into Texas; giving the Board and the Administrator the power to do any and all things necessary to carry out the intent of this Section.
HB 624 Caption: Relating to amending certain statute relating to interchangeable juries; providing that a certain Article also applies to counties with two district courts and a domestic relations court.
HB 887 Caption: Relating to county commissioners in certain counties issuing time warrants to pay for repairing, remodeling, and expanding community center facilities outside the county seat.
HB 922 Caption: Relating to prescribing the minimum and maximum salary to be paid to the official shorthand reporter for the 124th Judicial District.
HR 49 Caption: In memory of the Cecil Storey of Vernon.
HR 83 Caption: Congratulating Ben Holland for being named the Outstanding Conservation Farmer in Lamar County for 1966.
HR 176 Caption: Requesting the Texas Highway Commission to rename a portion of Highway 322 after Carl L. Estes of Longview.
HR 177 Caption: Electing children of Members of the House to the office of Mascot.
HR 244 Caption: In memory of Mrs. Johnnie Bradley of Gladewater.
HR 438 Caption: Honoring Jeb Stuart Buchanan of Longview for his 5 years of perfect attendance at church.
HR 456 Caption: Congratulating State Representative Billy Houston Williamson and his wife, Lou Ann, on their 16th Wedding Anniversary.
59th Regular Session
HB 73 Caption: Relating to defining and limiting, under certain circumstances, the liability of any owner, lessee or occupant of real property who gives permission to another to enter his premises for purposes of hunting, fishing and/or camping; preserving unchanged the doctrine of attractive nuisance.
HB 88 Caption: Relating to prohibiting governmental bodies from holding meetings which are closed to the public.
HB 454 Caption: Relating to creating a conservation and reclamation district, comprising the territory lying within the watershed of the Sabine River and its tributary streams lying within the boundaries of the Counties of Gregg, Rusk, Harrison and Panola as the same is made certain by the state contour maps now on file in the office of the Texas Water Commission, to be known as the "Middle Sabine River Navigation District," for the purpose of promoting, constructing, maintaining and operating, or to make practicable, promote, aid and encourage the construction, maintenance, and operation of navigable canals or waterways and all navigational systems or facilities auxiliary thereto, using the natural bed and banks of the Sabine River in so doing where practicable.
HB 472 Caption: Relating to providing three-year terms and an alternate method of election for trustees of certain independent school districts converted from common school districts.
HB 651 Caption: Relating to authorizing the Commissioners Court in certain counties to furnish each County Commissioner an automobile for use in official business.
HB 653 Caption: Relating to the appointment and compensation of the judge of the court of domestic relations as a member of the juvenile board of certain counties.
HR 80 Caption: In memory of James H. Threadgill of Longview.
HR 81 Caption: Granting privileges of the House floor to Representatives-elect Neal Solomon and John Mobley.
HR 199 Caption: Naming Sherri Lynn Williamson, Carolyn Annette Williamson, Elizabeth Leanna Williamson and Billy Houston Williamson, Jr., as Mascots of the House.
HR 272 Caption: Congratulating the people in the area comprising the Middle Sabine Navigation District on creating the District.
HR 360 Caption: In memory of Frank Stamps of Dallas.
HR 388 Caption: In memory of J. F. "Jim" Hendrix of Paris.
59th 1st Called Session
HR 81 Caption: Expressing appreciation to Chaplain Clinton Kersey for his service to the Texas Legislature.
58th Regular Session
HB 400 Caption: Relating to the rights of beneficiaries of pension, retirement, death benefit, stock bonus and profit-sharing plans, systems or trusts, and of beneficiaries of annuities and supplemental insurance contracts.
HB 460 Caption: Relating to validating the actions and proceedings of common school districts in counties with a population of not less than sixty-eight thousand (68,000) nor more than seventy-three thousand (73,000) according to the last preceding federal census, in increasing their maintenance tax rate.
HB 1083 Caption: Relating to prescribing the minimum and maximum salary to be paid to the official shorthand reporter for the 124th Judicial District.
HCR 102 Caption: Prohibiting the State Board of Insurance from increasing the rates of any insurance in any form and in any amount during the interim of the 58th Legislature.
HJR 44 Caption: Relating to proposing a constitutional amendment to provide that retail sales and use taxes imposed by the Legislature shall never exceed the rate of two per cent (2%) on receipts from the sale at retail of tangible personal property within this state.
57th Regular Session
HB 32 Caption: Relating to the concern of payment of aid and compensation to persons who have paid fines or served sentences for crimes of which they are not guilty.
HB 333 Caption: Relating to imposing an excise tax in the amount of two percent (2%) of the purchase price of certain retail sales of personal property; imposing a use tax in the amount of two percent (2%) of the purchase price on the use of certain personal property; providing an effective date.
HB 803 Caption: Relating to imposing a Retail Sales and Use Tax; providing an effective date.
HJR 24 Caption: Relating to proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Texas to remove places used for the calling or business of the head of a family from homestead exemption.
HR 168 Caption: Authorizing the House to accept a portrait of Samuel Day to hang in the lower floor of the Chamber.
HR 258 Caption: Congratulating Representative Byron M. Tunnell on winning the W. C. Windsor Award.
57th 1st Called Session
HR 91 Caption: Urging Congress and Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson to investigate the methods used by the Department of Commerce to determine which counties in East Texas were "economically depressed".
HR 116 Caption: Accepting the gift of a portrait of Samuel Day to hang in the State Capitol.
57th 3rd Called Session
HR 66 Caption: Memorializing the Texas delegation to Congress to oppose any legislation that would supply federal funding for public and private schools.
HR 131 Caption: Congratulating Mike Wolfe on winning the Texas VFW Voice of Democracy contest.
HR 137 Caption: In memory of Peter Moossy of Gladewater.
HR 138 Caption: In memory of Philip Rubin of Kilgore.
HR 175 Caption: Congratulating Norman P. Taylor on being named "Citizen of the Year" by the Longview Chamber of Commerce.
56th Regular Session
HB 5 Caption: Relating to amending certain statutes so as to move the Court of Appeals for the Sixth Supreme Judicial District of Texas from the City of Texarkana to the City of Longview.
HB 700 Caption: Relating to creating an additional District Court in Gregg County, Texas to be known as the District Court for the 147th Judicial District.
HB 718 Caption: Relating to creating a Court of Domestic Relations for Gregg County, Texas.
HB 936 Caption: Relating to the payment of aid and compensation to persons who have paid fines or served sentences for crimes of which they are not guilty.
HCR 56 Caption: Granting Stella Hall permission to sue the State of Texas.
HR 103 Caption: Directing the Committee on Rules to investigate a certain situation regarding the Secretaries of Members.
HR 270 Caption: Congratulating the White Oak High School basketball team for winning the Class A district championship.