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Legislation authored by Hilary B. Doran, Jr.

Includes legislation with Hilary B. Doran, Jr. as the primary author for the 60th through 63rd Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

63rd Regular Session
HB 403 Last Action: Signed by the Governor
Caption: Relating to the delivery to place of confinement and credits on the sentence.
HB 611 Last Action: Referred to Committee on Administration
Caption: Providing for a referendum on the issue of daylight saving time; and declaring an emergency.
HR 166 Caption: Commending the Texas Rangers.
62nd Regular Session
HB 237 Caption: Relating to providing for a referendum on the issue of standard time (daylight saving time).
HB 655 Caption: Relating to including Concho County within the provisions of the Uniform Wildlife Regulatory Act.
HB 718 Caption: Relating to zoning and building regulations for certain portions of Val Verde County frequented by citizens from all parts of this state; providing for enforcement and remedies.
HB 1203 Caption: Relating to authorizing the Public Safety Commission to appoint retired Department of Public Safety officers as Special Rangers.
HB 1204 Caption: Relating to including Concho County within the 119th Judicial District.
HB 1205 Caption: Relating to the sale of certain fish in Edwards County.
HB 1206 Caption: Relating to prescribing compensation for certain county and district officials in certain counties.
HB 1207 Caption: Relating to the abolition of the office of county auditor in certain counties.
HB 1380 Caption: Relating to changing the name of the Cotton Research Committee to the Natural Fibers and Food Protein Committee.
HB 1792 Caption: Relating to the compensation to be paid counsel appointed to defend an indigent.
HB 1799 Caption: Relating to excluding from the boundaries of Maverick County Water Control and Improvement District No. 1 all territory and land situated within the corporate limits of the City of Eagle Pass, Texas.
HB 1853 Caption: Relating to the salary of the District Attorney of the 63rd Judicial District.
HCR 3 Caption: In memory of the Honorable Roger H. Thurmond.
HCR 156 Caption: Commending administrations of state-supported colleges and universities.
HR 432 Caption: Authorizing the Texas Legislative Council to publish the Handbook of Texas Government.
HR 518 Caption: Commending the Honorable Commissioner for the United States, Joseph F. Friedkin, and the Honorable Commissioner for Mexico, David Herrera Jordan.
HR 544 Caption: Commending Judge James H. Lindsey, retiring County Judge of Val Verde County.
HR 559 Caption: Creating an interim committee to study educational microwave transmission network.
HR 577 Caption: Designating the Rules Committee as a standing committee to operate during the interim to consider a reorganization of House procedures.
HR 627 Caption: Instructing the payroll clerk of the House in accordance with the provisions of Article 432 of the Penal Code of Texas.
62nd 1st Called Session
HR 24 Caption: Commending the Honorable Joe Shannon, Rush McGinty, Sonny Schulte, and staff of the Speaker's office.
62nd 3rd Called Session
HR 126 Caption: In memory of Roger Weldon Hodge.
62nd 4th Called Session
HB 4 Caption: Relating to execution of the budget of the executive department of state government.
HB 50 Caption: Relating to authorizing the Governor of the State of Texas to determine certain facts specified by the Legislature as a prerequisite to the expenditures of certain appropriations; providing the procedures incident thereto.
HB 51 Caption: Relating to granting to the Governor authority to meet situations presenting an emergency and an imperative public necessity.
HR 63 Caption: Requesting the return of SB 32 from the Senate.
61st Regular Session
HB 82 Caption: Relating to provide for standard time in this state and to exempt this state from the provisions of federal law relating to uniform advancement of time.
HB 266 Caption: Relating to killing or injuring certain animals.
HB 302 Caption: Providing for the payment of relocation expenses and assistance in acquiring right of way on all highways designated by the State Highway Commission as a part of the State Highway System; providing for the State Highway Commission to formulate rules and regulations; providing for payment by the Comptroller.
HB 452 Caption: Relating to qualifications for admission to apprenticeship for a funeral director's license.
HB 491 Caption: Relating to qualifications for admission to apprenticeship for a license to practice the science of embalming.
HB 557 Caption: Relating to abolition of the officer of county auditor in certain counties.
HB 959 Caption: Relating allowing a school district that contains a Federal-owned reservoir and Federal-owned recreation area to receive proportionate credit for such area as said area bears to the total area of the district to determine the amount of local funds that the district shall be assigned to raise toward the financing of its foundation school program.
HB 960 Caption: Relating to adding wool, mohair, oilseed products and other textile products to the list of farm products whose increased use and outlet shall be stressed by the various State Agricultural Agencies, Departments, and State Educational Institutions; authorizing the Cotton Research Committee to add certain textile products to the list of products which it may research and investigate, etc.
HB 1392 Caption: Relating to establishing a limitation period for certain suits which challenge the validity of a conveyance by a married couple.
HCR 83 Caption: Commending U.S. Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez and inviting him to address a Joint Session.
HCR 108 Caption: Initiating a proposition relating to daylight saving time.
HJR 49 Caption: Relating to proposing a constitutional amendment to require the legislature to enact laws providing for a legally binding referendum on the issue of exempting the State of Texas from the provision of the federal law requiring uniform advancement of time.
HR 188 Caption: Recognizing the occasion of St. Patrick's Day.
HR 288 Caption: Naming Shannon Lee Floyd as Mascot of the House.
HR 444 Caption: In memory of F.T. Earwood of Sonora, Texas.
HR 464 Caption: In memory of Robert Edward Bibb, Judge of Maverick County.
HR 465 Caption: Commending George H. "Jack" Neill, President of First National Bank in Sonora, Texas.
HR 528 Caption: Creating a special interim committee to make a study of the Texas Civil Air Patrol.
HR 565 Caption: Commending "Madge" Horn of Del Rio, Texas on her accomplishments and on being honored as President of Texas Garden Clubs.
HR 566 Caption: Commending Roger Thurmond, Jr., Rush McGinty, and Sonny Schulte on their service to House Speaker Gus Mutscher.
61st 1st Called Session
HB 5 Caption: Relating to the time limit on payment of the tax on liquor, other than ale or malt liquor.
61st 2nd Called Session
HB 24 Caption: Relating to amending the Texas Liquor Control Act relative to the time limit on payment of the tax on liquor, other than ale or malt liquor.
60th Regular Session
HB 183 Caption: Relating to providing for the creation of a countywide hospital district in Schleicher County.
HB 983 Caption: Relating to amending certain acts relating to the regulatory authority of the Parks and Wildlife Commission in certain counties, to add Maverick County to the list of counties regulated.
HR 62 Caption: Congratulating the Sonora High football team on winning the 1966 Class A State Championship.
HR 86 Caption: Providing salaries for secretarial assistance.
HR 435 Caption: In memory of Jose R. Gonzalez of Del Rio.
HR 444 Caption: Congratulating Mrs. John L. Dodson, Jr. of Del Rio on being designated the "Mother of the Year for Texas".
60th 1st Called Session
HR 20 Caption: In memory of former Representative Albert R. Cauthorn of Del Rio.