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Legislation authored by Fred Orr

Includes legislation with Fred Orr as the primary author for the 60th through 65th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

65th Regular Session
HB 555 Last Action: Tabled
Caption: Providing for the regulation of automotive repair dealers; providing penalties.
HB 760 Last Action: Effective immediately
Caption: Relating to the regulation and inspection of boilers.
HB 888 Last Action: Referred to subcommittee
Caption: Relating to the vote required to amend the eligibility and benefit requirements in and to make comprehensive amendments to the firemen, policemen, and fire alarm operators' pension system.
HB 1112 Last Action: Assigned to General State Calendar
Caption: Relating to survivors entitled to death benefits under certain firemen's, policemen's and fire alarm operators' pension systems.
HB 1209 Last Action: Referred to Committee on Health and Welfare
Caption: Relating to the prevention and control of tuberculosis.
HB 1438 Last Action: Assigned to Consent Calendar
Caption: Relating to the diagnosis and care of persons having tuberculosis.
HB 1764 Last Action: Considered by committee in public hearing
Caption: Relating to primary elections and conventions held by political parties; changing the dates of the primaries and conventions and related actions; making procedural changes incidental to the change in dates; also making certain changes in dates; prescribing criminal penalties; amending sections of the Texas Election Code.
HB 1765 Last Action: Laid on the table subject to call
Caption: Relating to the errors and omissions policy required for qualifying a corporation to be issued a license as a local recording agent.
HB 1973 Last Action: Referred to Subcommittee on Local Government
Caption: Relating to the definitions of certain powers and funding of regional planning commissions.
HB 1977 Last Action: Referred to Committee on State Affairs
Caption: Relating to the administrative reorganization of state government.
HCR 171 Last Action: Referred to Committee on Calendars
Caption: Creating a joint interim committee to study reorganization of the administrative branch of the state government.
HR 142 Caption: Relating to creating an interim committee to study reorganization of the administrative branch of state government.
HR 155 Caption: Congratulating the DeSoto High School Eagles baseball team.
65th 1st Called Session
HB 18 Last Action: Rules failed to suspend
Caption: Relating to the authority of certain counties to finance criminal justice facilities and other county buildings and improvements.
65th 2nd Called Session
HB 11 Last Action: Referred to Committee on Ways and Means
Caption: Relating to repeal of the state inheritance tax.
HCR 18 Last Action: Signed by the Governor
Caption: Granting Denton Construction Company permission to sue the state.
HJR 22 Last Action: Considered by committee in public hearing
Caption: Proposing a constitutional amendment to prohibit the imposition of any state tax on the net incomes of individuals or corporations unless adopted by a record vote of two-thirds of the membership of each house.
62nd Regular Session
HB 137 Caption: Relating to the validity of arbitration agreements.
HB 223 Caption: Relating to providing for the regulation and control of automotive repair dealers; providing penalties for violation.
HB 346 Caption: Relating to providing for standard forms for applications, questionnaires and other forms used in connection with the application for or the issuance of insurance policies.
HB 415 Caption: Relating to the penalty for driving while license is suspended, cancelled, or revoked.
HB 452 Caption: Relating to a State policy for the environment, requiring State agencies and subdivisions to comply herewith, providing for the administration by the Parks and Wildlife Department, providing Act supplementary to existing statutes, administrative and regulatory procedures.
HB 658 Caption: Relating to validating the incorporation and charter and charter amendment proceedings of cities and towns; providing certain limitations; providing a non-litigation clause; providing a saving clause.
HB 679 Caption: Relating to insurance company exchange of stock.
HB 680 Caption: Relating to the cancellation of contracts between agents and insurance companies writing fire and casualty insurance for the appointment of the agent as the representative of the company.
HB 683 Caption: Relating to continuation of coverage under accident and sickness insurance for mentally retarded or physically handicapped children; providing an effective date.
HB 962 Caption: Relating to the unilateral reduction of an insurance agent's commission by an insurance company.
HB 1113 Caption: Relating to exempting the sale of certain real property interests of political subdivisions from bid procedures and publication requirements, requiring sale or trade at market value.
HB 1432 Caption: Relating to amending the Uniform Act Regulating Traffic on Highways relating to covering of certain loads on trucks and railroads.
HB 1437 Caption: Relating to eligibility of candidates for all elected public offices of cities of any class.
HCR 30 Caption: Memorializing Congress concerning regulations for tankers navigating in the coastal waters of the United States.
HR 42 Caption: Requesting the State Board of Insurance to study premium discounts for policyholders with approved safety equipment on their motor vehicles.
HR 106 Caption: Commending the Honorable Jack Blanton for his efforts as a Member of the Board and Executive Committee of the National Council of Service to International Visitors.
HR 148 Caption: Commending students of DeSoto High School.
HR 393 Caption: Saluting the students from Mountain View College.
HR 455 Caption: Creating a special interim committee to study the licensing of automobile repair businesses.
HR 566 Caption: Commending the staff of the Rules Committee.
HR 567 Caption: Creating an interim committee to study youth activities.
62nd 2nd Called Session
HCR 2 Caption: Stating that no state funds shall hereafter be appropriated for the purpose of transporting school children for the sole purpose of racial balance.
HCR 3 Caption: Stating that any future legislation affecting public financing be so constructed as to provide that local taxes collected within a local school district be spent within that local school district.
61st Regular Session
HB 190 Caption: Relating to amending Article 3.40 of the Insurance Code, as amended, to insert Section 5 an additional exception to provide that interests in producing minerals or producing royalties acquired prior to April 1, 1959, shall be excepted from the provisions of Section 5.
HB 341 Caption: Relating to amending the Insurance Code of Texas, authorizing any domestic stock insurance company to effect an exchange of all the outstanding stock of its shareholders for stock or other securities of another domestic corporation or foreign corporation, or other consideration; exempting the transaction and securities issued incident thereto from the provisions of the Securities Act.
HB 414 Caption: Relating to the power of the Parks and Wildlife Commission to acquire interest in real property.
HB 556 Caption: Relating to the establishment and supervision of an experimental vocational education program; providing for annual review of programs by the State Board of Education; providing for a supplemental aid allowance.
HB 641 Caption: Relating to amending the Uniform Act Regulating Traffic on Highways relating to the covering of certain loads on trucks and trailers.
HB 1081 Caption: Relating to the creation, powers, duties, and procedures of the Texas State Board of Housing.
HB 1090 Caption: Relating to amending the Insurance Code of Texas to require that certain notice be given on the face of any policy of insurance written on any motor vehicle or automobile in this State which does not provide bodily injury and property damage liability coverage in at least the minimum limits required by the Texas Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act; fixing an effective date.
HCR 33 Caption: Requesting the Governor to appoint a Natural Resources Study Commission.
HR 35 Caption: Commending Juanita Elerson.
HR 41 Caption: In memory of Mayor L. Carroll Moseley of DeSoto, Texas.
HR 47 Caption: Congratulating Rep. Jack Ogg, named "Outstanding Young Man of Houston for 1968".
HR 48 Caption: In memory of Metesser Canfield of Dallas, Texas.
HR 124 Caption: In memory of E.L. Dunaway of Lancaster, Texas.
HR 134 Caption: Directing the Texas Education Agency to study the need for vocational education in Texas, etc.
HR 145 Caption: Congratulating Representative Dick Reed on the celebration of his birthday.
HR 216 Caption: Congratulating Connie Sue Ogg on her birthday.
60th Regular Session
HB 220 Caption: Relating to authorizing the Parks and Wildlife Commission to establish a state system of scientific areas and authorizing governmental agencies to acquire, develop and manage scientific areas.
HB 712 Caption: Relating to amending certain statutes so as to permit local recording agent to sign certain notices of renewal of existing insurance policies required to be filed with Industrial Accident Board.