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Legislation authored by Charles Jungmichel

Includes legislation with Charles Jungmichel as the primary author for the 59th through 62nd Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

62nd Regular Session
HB 84 Caption: Relating to establishing and regulating the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.
HB 290 Caption: Relating to amending the Uniform Wildlife Regulatory Act to repeal the limitation for Colorado County in Section 3.
HB 327 Caption: Relating to establishing minimum standards for teaching load requirements of faculty members in Texas public senior colleges and universities paid from the appropriation for "Faculty Salaries".
HB 328 Caption: Relating to extending the provisions of Section 2.08, Texas Education Code, to any employee of any textbook publishing company selling textbooks in Texas or to any person receiving any payments of money from any such companies.
HB 329 Caption: Relating to redefining the term "insurance organization."
HB 433 Caption: Relating to the use of substandard brick products.
HB 484 Caption: Relating to the establishment, maintenance, support, and administration of the University of Texas System Environmental Science Park.
HB 1051 Caption: Relating to schools at facilities of the Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation.
HB 1172 Caption: Relating to amending Texas Education Code, authorizing and establishing the procedure to create, administer and operate Occupational Skill Center Jurisdiction(s) subject to guidelines, regulations and approval of the Central Education Agency authorized herein for the development of comprehensive and coordinated technical-vocational educational offerings.
HB 1173 Caption: Relating to amending the Texas Education Code, providing for the allocation of funds to certain public school districts for the transportation of students who are enrolled in and attending vocational education programs or classes conducted by or for said school district but which may not be conducted in a school in the students' attendance area.
HB 1174 Caption: Relating to amending the Insurance Code, so as to provide that no "domestic" company shall pay to any of its officers, trustees, or directors a salary, compensation or emolument, or pay any such salary, compensation, or emolument to any person, firm or corporation, amounting in any one (1) year to more than Twenty Thousand Dollars ($20,000), unless such payment be first authorized by vote of the board of directors of such company or by a committee of such board with authority to provide such payments.
HB 1175 Caption: Relating to the abolition of the office of county superintendent in certain counties.
HB 1300 Caption: Relating to requiring a valid driver's license as part of an application to register a motor vehicle.
HB 1301 Caption: Relating to amending the Insurance Code of Texas, authorizing the issuance of life insurance policies or annuity contracts in fixed or variable amounts or both; setting an effective date.
HB 1750 Caption: Relating to changing the beginning date of terms of court in the 21st District Court in each county in which the court has jurisdiction.
HB 1827 Caption: Relating to the salary of the official shorthand reporter for the 155th Judicial District.
HB 1860 Caption: Relating to creating and establishing a conservation and reclamation district known as "Burleson County Municipal Utility District No. 1 of Burleson County, Texas," declaring district a governmental agency, body politic and corporate.
HCR 74 Caption: In memory of E.A. "Doc" Woods, Sr.
HJR 50 Caption: Proposing an amendment to lower the minimum population requirement for a city to adopt or amend a home-rule charter to include cities having more than 2,500 inhabitants.
HR 84 Caption: Congratulating Mr. and Mrs. Emil S. Kovar.
HR 165 Caption: Naming Tim Von Dohlen II, Christopher Von Dohlen, and Patrick Von Dohlen Mascots of the House.
HR 277 Caption: Congratulating.Evohn Rosanky Moore.
HR 281 Caption: Wishing Mrs. Homer Leonard a speedy recovery.
HR 295 Caption: Commending members of Bishop Forest High School junior and senior civics classes.
HR 318 Caption: In memory of Josephine Modesett Farr.
HR 352 Caption: Commending the La Grange Elementary School Fifth Grade Class.
HR 433 Caption: Commending the Elgin High School Senior Class.
HR 437 Caption: Commending the sixth grade class of Houston Elementary School in Smithville.
HR 551 Caption: Congratulating John Kokernot on his birthday.
HR 613 Caption: Congratulating the Honorable Dean and Gwen Neugent.
HR 614 Caption: Congratulating the Honorable Dean Neugent on his birthday.
62nd 1st Called Session
HR 29 Caption: Commending Mrs. Maxine Sanford and her efficient staff of professional telephone operators.
62nd 3rd Called Session
HR 48 Caption: Commending 4-H Youth of Texas Agriculture Extension District 10.