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Legislation authored by Ace Pickens

Includes legislation with Ace Pickens as the primary author for the 59th through 62nd Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

62nd Regular Session
HB 115 Caption: Relating to exempting from certain statutes such vehicles or combinations of vehicles used exclusively to transport poles or pipe used in oil field operations.
HB 461 Caption: Relating to declaring bonds of certain international financial institutions existing under laws of the United States and in which the United States is a member to be authorized investments for certain public and private agencies and institutions.
HB 749 Caption: Relating to regulating the professions of funeral directing and embalming and the conduct of funeral establishments.
HB 764 Caption: Relating to permitting the service of summons to report for jury service verbally, by first class mail, or by registered mail.
HB 820 Caption: Relating to the requisites of citation by publication.
HB 821 Caption: Relating to the method by which a person may establish an exemption from jury service; providing penalties for falsely claiming an exemption.
HB 822 Caption: Relating to authorizing the commissioners court of any county to enact ordinances relating to public health, safety, morals, welfare and sanitation, applicable in certain areas.
HB 823 Caption: Relating to amending Chapter 3 of the Insurance code, relating to investments by domestic life insurance companies.
HB 1004 Caption: Relating to the disclosure of confidential information by government employees; providing penalties.
HB 1183 Caption: Relating to defining what constitutes the time of inception of the lien.
HB 1184 Caption: Relating to the appointment and compensation of reporters for the 70th and 161st Judicial Districts and for the County Court At Law of Ector County, Texas.
HB 1295 Caption: Relating to validating certain actions heretofore taken by the Board of Regents of Texas Tech University and the University of Texas System with reference to certain designated institutions of higher education.
HB 1296 Caption: Relating to the administration, situs, and maintenance of The University of Texas of the Permian Basin.
HB 1442 Caption: Relating to the establishment of catastrophic and conflagration considerations for all lines of insurance subject to catastrophic or conflagration as defined by the State Board of Insurance to be effected under the jurisdiction, supervision and regulation of the State Board of Insurance.
HB 1528 Caption: Relating to authorizing the Board of Regents of the University of Texas System to contract with any political subdivisions of the state located in Ector County for certain construction on land owned by The University of Texas of The Permian Basin.
HB 1775 Caption: Relating to legal jeopardy.
HB 1830 Caption: Relating to and regulating relationships, direct and indirect, of officers, directors and certain shareholders of insurance companies.
HCR 19 Caption: In memory of John Ben Shepperd, Jr.
HR 150 Caption: Congratulating Mrs. Preston (Joyce) Parker.
HR 169 Caption: Congratulating H. S. Samson.
HR 202 Caption: Congratulating Mss. Bellinda Myrick.
HR 209 Caption: Commending the members of the University of Texas 1970 Longhorn football team.
HR 497 Caption: Authorizing the House Committee on Insurance to act as a special interim committee to study the insurance industry.
HR 578 Caption: Creating an interim committee to study oil contractor "hold harmless" agreements.
HR 579 Caption: Directing the Texas Legislative Council to make certain studies.
62nd 1st Called Session
HR 34 Caption: Commending Assistant State Auditor Scottie Secord.
HR 46 Caption: Naming Nan Nugent Honorary Page of the House.
62nd 2nd Called Session
HR 70 Caption: Congratulating Mrs. Hilda Delepiani Finck on her birthday.
62nd 3rd Called Session
HCR 39 Caption: Expressing appreciation and gratitude to individuals, organizations and all citizens of Texas for their efforts on behalf of the University of Texas of the Permian Basin.
HCR 40 Caption: Expressing gratitude to all citizens of Texas who donated books to the library of the University of Texas Permian Basin.
HR 127 Caption: Commending the Reverend Fred Bomar, House Chaplain.