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Legislation authored by Jack McLaughlin

Includes legislation with Jack McLaughlin as the primary author for the 58th through 61st Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

61st Regular Session
HB 127 Caption: Relating to abolishing the office of county school superintendent, and transferring its duties to the county judge, in certain counties.
HB 130 Caption: Relating to prohibiting persons from receiving special hunting permits on wildlife management areas for two consecutive years under certain conditions.
HB 131 Caption: Relating to charging a nonresident hunting license fee equal to the amount that a resident of Texas is charged for a similar license in the state, country, or territory in which the nonresident resides, but not less than $25.
HB 281 Caption: Relating to establishing Uniform Standards Code approved by the United States of America Standards Institute for installation of plumbing, heating, and electrical systems in mobile homes; to require a license to be issued by the State Highway Department to mobile home dealers and manufacturers engaged in business in this state; to require all mobile homes to bear a Seal of Certification of License issued by the State Highway Department; to provide for enforcement and penalties.
HB 602 Caption: Relating to prohibiting hunting from any type of aircraft and authorizing hunting from an automobile.
HB 777 Caption: Relating to the possession of police broadcast receivers in motor vehicles; authorizing the issuance of permits; providing a penalty.
HB 1124 Caption: Relating to the establishment of certain rules and regulations for the movement of certain mobile homes, trailers, and their component parts over state highways; prescribing offenses and establishing penalties.
HR 21 Caption: Commending Paul C. Daniels of Fort Worth, Texas.
HR 40 Caption: Naming Lyndell Ann Hull as Mascot of the House.
HR 45 Caption: Commending Dwight Henry Johnston of Fort Worth, Texas
HR 86 Caption: In memory of Charles B. Bullard, Staff Sergeant in the Green Berets.
HR 97 Caption: Welcoming the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce and thanking the Organization for the party it gave to the Members of the House.
HR 202 Caption: In memory of William Blair Tarrance of Arlington, Texas, Private First Class of the U.S. Army.
HR 342 Caption: Creating a special committee on Parks and Wildlife.
HR 434 Caption: Commending the members of the Hill Family of Little Elm, Texas, for the role they have played in the history of our State.
HR 536 Caption: Commending Thomas W. Grubbs for many contributions he and family made to the State.
61st 1st Called Session
HB 59 Caption: Relating to authorizing and directing the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System to establish and maintain a dental branch of The University of Texas System in Tarrant County, Texas, to be known as the University of Texas Dental School at Arlington.
HB 60 Caption: Relating to the disposition of fees and charges authorized by the Uniform Standards Code for Mobile Homes.
60th Regular Session
HB 482 Caption: Relating to establishing Uniform Standards Code approved by the American Standards Association for installation of plumbing, heating, and electrical systems in mobile homes; providing for enforcement and penalties and for restrictions and placement of serial numbers.
HR 66 Caption: In memory of William S. Pierce of Fort Worth.
HR 80 Caption: In memory of Robert Wright Armstrong, Sr. of Fort Worth.
HR 155 Caption: Honoring PFC Augustus Chinworth III for being awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in Vietnam.
HR 179 Caption: Honoring the service of Mayor Lon T. Hubbard of Mansfield.
HR 272 Caption: Directing the creation of a committee to study the liquor control act
HR 357 Caption: Directing the creation of a Special Committee to investigate S. B. No. 465.
HR 383 Caption: In memory of Russel Lindsey Robbins of Fort Worth.
HR 407 Caption: Directing the creation of an interim committee to study school bus safety regulations.
HR 466 Caption: Commending State Representative Bill Finck for supplying free cigars to his colleagues during the session.
60th 1st Called Session
HR 92 Caption: In memory of Mr. Lewis Randall Osborne of Fort Worth.
59th Regular Session
HB 365 Caption: Relating to filing fees for candidates for State Representative or State Senator in primary elections in counties having a certain population; amending the Texas Election Code.
HB 627 Caption: Relating to the quorum of the county commissioners court necessary to transact business.
HCR 164 Caption: Instructing the enrolling clerk to make corrections in H. B. No. 627, and providing for immediate effect.
HR 331 Caption: Providing for additional credit for contingent expenses for House Members.
HR 377 Caption: Commending the Tarrant County Democratic Woman's Club for their great work.
HR 390 Caption: Congratulating Harley Pershing on his reelection.
HR 481 Caption: Congratulating Brewer High School Band of the city of White Settlement for placing first in its division the state high school band competition.
HR 486 Caption: In memory of Mrs. Don Jean Carter of White Settlement.
58th Regular Session
HB 723 Caption: Relating to transplanting deer.
HJR 38 Caption: Relating to proposing a constitutional amendment to authorize the Legislature to provide for the acquisition of toll roads and turnpikes.