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Legislation authored by Milton Joe Schiller

Includes legislation with Milton Joe Schiller as the primary author for the 58th through 60th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

60th Regular Session
HB 93 Caption: Relating to experience increments allowed in determining salaries of professional positions under the Foundation School Program Act.
HB 161 Caption: Relating to filing fees for candidates for the office of State Representative; adding Section 194a to the Texas Election Code.
HB 441 Caption: Relating to amending certain acts providing for reflectorized material on all license plates; providing for effective date.
HB 507 Caption: Relating to amending certain acts authorizing the State Department of Health to enforce proper standards of sanitation and health on all bus lines, air lines or railroad lines, operating within the State of Texas.
HB 508 Caption: Relating to providing that certain counties not presently required by law to use the jury wheel system may adopt the use of the jury wheel for the selection of jurors.
HB 774 Caption: Relating to regulating the sale, use, and transportation of herbicides.
HB 1070 Caption: Relating to a filing officer's duty to furnish information about financing statements.
HCR 27 Caption: Commending the Texas Agricultural Extension Service for its operation of 4-H Clubs.
HR 41 Caption: In memory of Mrs. Olga Woods of Franklin.
HR 58 Caption: Authorizing the Speaker to attend certain meetings or to appoint Members to represent him.
HR 133 Caption: Authorizing an increase to the budgets of the Members of the House for contingent expenses.
HR 135 Caption: Congratulating the Rose Bud High School football team for making the Semifinals in the 1966 State Class A Playoffs.
HR 198 Caption: In memory of Ross C. Donaho of of Austin.
HR 222 Caption: In memory of the Honorable H. M. Roark, former Representative of Milam County.
HR 223 Caption: In memory of Steve Rieger, Jr. of Thorndale.
HR 259 Caption: Directing the creation of a Special Aviation Committee.
HR 271 Caption: Directing the creation of a committee to study possible restorations to the Photo Panels that adorn the House Chamber.
HR 314 Caption: Commending the students of C. H. Yoe High School from Cameron on their interest in State Government.
HR 379 Caption: Honoring Mrs. Cora Tankersley for her leadership and a lifetime of involvement in carrying out her civic responsibilities.
60th 1st Called Session
HR 7 Caption: Directing the creation of committees to inform the Senate and the Governor that the House of Representatives is organized and ready for business.
59th Regular Session
HB 43 Caption: Relating to amending certain acts relating to the grant or loan of appropriated funds to incorporated cities for the construction of airports and navigational facilities.
HB 350 Caption: Relating to reorganizing the 20th and 85th Judicial Districts of the State of Texas by detaching Robertson County from the 85th Judicial District and adding Robertson County to the 20th Judicial District.
HB 825 Caption: Relating to establishing a comprehensive vocational and technical education program.
HB 1137 Caption: Relating to amending certain Acts relative to the Pond Creek Watershed Authority; finding a benefit to all land and other property within the Authority.
HR 72 Caption: Congratulating Mike Perrin of Cameron on becoming the first high school athlete to receive a four-year scholarship to The University of Texas in 1965.
HR 162 Caption: Naming John David Haines as Mascot of the House.
HR 349 Caption: Commending the Senior Class of C. H. Yoe High School in Cameron and their instructors on their interest in state government.
58th Regular Session
HB 985 Caption: Relating to providing that it shall be unlawful in Robertson County to take, kill, wound, shoot at, hunt or possess, dead or alive, any wild female deer, wild fawn deer or any wild buck deer without a pronged horn, or to possess any deer carcass or green deer hide with all evidence of sex removed; providing a penalty.