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Legislation authored by Walter Hoppe Richter

Includes legislation with Walter Hoppe Richter as the primary author for the 58th through 59th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

59th Regular Session
SB 12 Caption: Relating to creating a Texas State Committee on Aging to be known as the "Governor's Committee on Aging"; providing for the appointment of the Committee, a Governor's Citizens Council on Aging, a Coordinator of Aging, and such other appropriate staff as is deemed necessary, and defining their term of office, powers, duties, functions, responsibility, and the relationships with other agencies and officers of the state.
SB 24 Caption: Relating to changing the name of soil conservation districts and of the State Soil Conservation Board.
SB 33 Caption: Relating to travel and per diem allowances for members of the State Soil Conservation Board, district supervisors, and delegates and alternates to the State District Conservation Conventions; changing the time supervisors are elected; deleting obsolete provisions relating to delegates to the State District Conservation Conventions.
SB 103 Caption: Relating to faculty development leaves of absence for faculty members of State institutions of higher learning.
SB 133 Caption: Relating to the organization, powers, and functions of the Texas Commission on Higher Education and to the political subdivisions that may establish junior college districts, under the commission's supervision.
SB 149 Caption: Relating to providing financial support from state funds on a limited basis for the development of instructional television services toward the enhancement of classroom instruction in the public elementary and secondary school system of Texas.
SB 286 Caption: Relating to providing for the establishment of a system of eight-five Educational Services Districts and defining and outlining the purposes thereof.
SB 456 Caption: Relating to establishing the Planning Agencies Council for Texas.
SB 484 Caption: Relating to the duties and compensation of the district attorney for the 25th Judicial District; amending certain Acts.
SB 496 Caption: Relating to authorizing and requiring the appointment of an official shorthand reporter of the 25th Judicial District of Texas.
SB 508 Caption: Relating to authorizing the Board of Regents of the State Teachers Colleges to accept for the use and benefit of the Southwest Texas State College certain land in Hays County, Texas, to be conveyed by the United States government.
SCR 10 Caption: Requesting a committee to appoint the Poet Laureate and Alternate Poet Laureate of the State.
SCR 12 Caption: Recognizing Hilda Weinert for her service to the State.
SCR 48 Caption: In memory of J. G. Flowers.
SCR 68 Caption: Creating a Planning Agency Council for Texas.
SCR 121 Caption: Suspending Joint Rules to consider S. B. No. 149, 1918.
SJR 17 Caption: Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Texas to provide that one member on the several governing boards of the state senior colleges and universities may serve while not being a citizen or resident of the state.
SJR 30 Caption: Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Texas authorizing the Legislature to permit the producers of any agricultural commodity to develop, carry out, and participate in, programs of research, education, and promotion, designed to encourage the production, marketing and use of such commodity; authorizing the Legislature to permit the producers of any agricultural commodity to levy an assessment upon themselves, to finance the purposes herein stated.
SJR 33 Caption: Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Texas to authorize state participation in programs financed with funds from private or federal sources and conducted by local level or other private, nonsectarian associations, groups, and nonprofit organizations for establishing and equipping facilities for assisting the blind, crippled, or otherwise physically or mentally handicapped in becoming gainfully employed, for their rehabilitation or restoration, or for providing other services essential for the better care and treatment of the handicapped.
SJR 37 Caption: Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Texas providing that the Legislature shall have the power to provide assistance to needy persons over the age of sixty-five years who are citizens of the United States and to needy persons over the age of sixty-five years who are not citizens of the United States but who have resided within the boundaries of the United States for at least twenty-five years immediately preceding application for such assistance; providing that no such assistance shall be paid to any inmate of any state-supported institution.
SR 300 Caption: In memory of John Edwin Wheeler.
SR 500 Caption: Naming Ruby and Bill Kilpatrick Honorary Pages for the day.
SR 513 Caption: Recognizing Sharon Stoeppler for saving the life of her grandmother.
58th Regular Session
SB 88 Caption: Relating to creating the Governor's Committee on Education Beyond the High School for the study of the needs of public and private education beyond the high school in this state and the formulation and recommendation of a comprehensive coordinated system of programs and facilities in education beyond the high school; setting a termination date for its work.
SB 92 Caption: Relating to authorizing Incentive Aid Payments to certain independent school districts.
SB 150 Caption: Relating to extending the jurisdiction of Notaries Public.
SB 306 Caption: Relating to making an appropriation to the Vocational Rehabilitation Division of the Texas Education Agency to provide funds for the rehabilitation of severely physically disabled Texas citizens for the biennium 1963-64 and 1964-65.
SB 323 Caption: Relating to providing that where the board of equalization has raised the assessment of any person's property, then the written notice to the owner of the property shall describe the property on which the assessment is to be raised, and the figure to which the board intends to raise it.
SB 363 Caption: Relating to providing that there shall be a partial exemption from license fees for vehicles used in the transportation from farm to farm of soil conservation machinery and equipment.
SB 397 Caption: Relating to providing that any individual, association, corporation, or other organization which gives remuneration other than campaign expenditures previously reported in any form to any member of the Legislature shall file an annual statement of such payments or gifts with the Secretary of State; providing for penalties.
SB 499 Caption: Relating to Hays County Wimberley Water Supply District, by giving said district sanitary sewer system powers and authority to issue bonds therefor.