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Legislation authored by George Malcolm Cowden

Includes legislation with George Malcolm Cowden as the primary author for the 58th through 60th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

59th Regular Session
HB 47 Caption: Relating to amending the Insurance Code so as to permit the licensing of corporations as agents or solicitors to provide for the precedence of this Act in event of conflict with any other law.
HB 57 Caption: Relating to providing means of settling grievances and disputes concerning the fairness, reasonableness or adequacy of salaries, hours of work and other emoluments of firemen in any city having a population of more than ten thousand.
HB 385 Caption: Relating to the salary of the Judges of the 19th, 54th, and 74th Judicial Districts.
HB 386 Caption: Relating to authorizing the appointment of a court reporter for the County Court at Law of McLennan County.
HB 387 Caption: Relating to the compensation of the county judge of McLennan County.
HB 391 Caption: Relating to amending the Penal Code to provide that whoever uses any telephone in any manner with intent to harass, annoy, torment, abuse, threaten or intimidate another, except if such call be for a lawful business purpose, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be fined not less than One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) nor more than One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00), or by imprisonment in the county jail for not less than one (1) month nor more than twelve (12) months, or by both such fine and imprisonment.
HB 430 Caption: Relating to amending the Insurance Code by including in the assets to be shown on the annual statements of Fire and Marine and Casualty Insurance Companies the value of electronic machines, office equipment, furniture, machines and labor-saving devices.
HB 755 Caption: Relating to amending certain statutes so as to delete a certain provision requiring the property of a married woman to be rendered for taxation by her husband if he is of sound mind or by herself if he is not of sound mind.
HB 756 Caption: Relating to amending the Code of Criminal Procedure by omitting the disqualification of a married woman as a surety on a recognizance or bail bond, so that a married woman will be qualified to be a surety on a recognizance or bail bond.
HB 757 Caption: Relating to amending certain Statutes so as to eliminate coverture of a married woman as a ground for tolling periods of limitation for legal actions.
HB 758 Caption: Relating to amending certain statutes relating to grounds for divorce.
HB 759 Caption: Relating to amending certain statutes so as to delete the disability of coverture from the list of disabilities which have the effect of extending the time during which the owner of land sold for taxes levied by cities and towns may redeem such land.
HB 1175 Caption: Relating to authorizing conservation and reclamation districts, the boundaries of which include at least 80 percent of the land drained by any single river system, to purchase, construct, improve, repair, operate and maintain works and facilities for the transportation, treatment and disposal of sewage and industrial waste and effluent and to issue bonds for such purposes.
HCR 79 Caption: Granting C. H. Harrison Company, a partnership, permission to sue the State of Texas and the Texas Highway Department.
HCR 96 Caption: Suspending the Joint Rules to consider a Senate Joint Resolution.
HR 27 Caption: Congratulating the Moore High School Lions of Waco, Texas on winning the 1964 State Championship in football.
HR 28 Caption: Commending Mrs. Aubrey L. Goodman and Miss Terry Goodman on their many achievements.
HR 29 Caption: Congratulating Lawrence Elkins on his athletic achievements.
HR 46 Caption: Congratulating Mr. M. F. Kruse of West, Texas on his achievements as an educator.
HR 47 Caption: Congratulating the Richfield High School Rams and Coach Jack Price on winning the District 13-AAAA championship.
HR 48 Caption: Congratulating the West High School Football Team of 1964 on its performance in 1964.
HR 49 Caption: Congratulating the Crawford High School Football Team of 1964 on a successful season.
HR 50 Caption: In memory of Charles F. Koehne, Jr. of Waco, Texas.
HR 182 Caption: Requesting study by the Legislative Council to study the laws of Texas to determine which, if any, discriminate against women.
HR 246 Caption: Congratulating Miss Cynthia Caye Chadwell on being named Queen of the Texas Farm Bureau.
HR 386 Caption: Welcoming Mr. Donald McClinton and Mr. Byron David of McGregor to the State Capitol.
HR 447 Caption: Recognizing F. A. "Jim" Crow Appreciation Day in Waco, honoring Floyd Arnold Crow, for his service to Baylor University.
58th Regular Session
HB 403 Caption: Relating to removing the disabilities of coverture of a married woman in connection with her contracts and her management and control of the separate property.
HB 404 Caption: Relating to repealing requiring joinder of the husband and privy acknowledgment of the wife in any conveyance of the separate lands of the wife.