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01/01/1995 74th R.S. Report to the 74th Legislature (outgoing Governor report) Ann W. Richards Other
06/19/1993 Governor signs hate crimes legislation (SB 456; and HB 1860 relating to employment discrimination) Ann W. Richards Other
05/30/1993 73rd R.S. Statement regarding HB 1776 (referendum on concealed weapons) Ann W. Richards Other
05/28/1993 73rd R.S. Statement following House vote to approve the education finance bill (SB 7) Ann W. Richards Other
04/27/1993 73rd R.S. Statement regarding the concealed weapons bill as passed by the House of Representatives (HB 1776) Ann W. Richards Other
04/20/1993 73rd R.S. Statement on Lt. Gov. Bullock's call for amendment to ban income tax without a vote Ann W. Richards Other
03/09/1993 73rd R.S. Governor testifies on behalf of immunization act (HB 916) Ann W. Richards Other
02/11/1993 73rd R.S. Statement on passage of SJR 7, school equity constitutional amendment (school finance) Ann W. Richards Other
01/27/1993 73rd R.S. Working for Texas: the Governor's policy budget, 1994-95 (summary) Ann W. Richards Other
12/11/1992 72nd R.S. Statement regarding the settlement of the Ruiz prison lawsuit Ann W. Richards Other
06/24/1992 72nd R.S. Governor names Sam Russell as Legislative Director (Mount Pleasant State Representative Sam Russell) Ann W. Richards Other
03/04/1992 72nd R.S. Official memorandum designating March 20, 1992, as Energy Education Day (energy conservation) Ann W. Richards Other
02/28/1992 72nd R.S. Official memorandum proclaiming March 14, 1992, as Boys Day and April 25, 1992, as Girls Day Ann W. Richards Other
12/20/1991 82nd R.S. Official memorandum, Juror Appreciation Week: 200 Years of the American Jury, Justice by the People, December 15-22, 1991 Ann W. Richards Other
12/13/1991 72nd R.S. Letter to Chief Justice Thomas R. Phillips, Supreme Court of Texas, regarding school finance and Edgewood litigation Ann W. Richards Other
12/03/1991 72nd R.S. Statement on resolving the redistricting plan for the Texas House of Representatives Ann W. Richards Other
11/13/1991 72nd R.S. Letter to Attorney General Dan Morales regarding redistricting of the Texas House of Representatives Ann W. Richards Other
07/12/1991 72nd R.S. Official memorandum, Texas Space Week, July 14-July 20, 1991 Ann W. Richards Other
06/16/1991 72nd R.S. Statement on decision to allow SB 1331 (the ERS retirement bill) to be filed without signature Ann W. Richards Other
06/15/1991 72nd R.S. Statement on signing of SB 1596 (Harris County Commissioners Court, jail overcrowding) Ann W. Richards Other
06/07/1991 72nd R.S. Environmental press conference/bill signings (SB 1099 - hazardous waste, SB 818 - river authorities, SB 1340 - recycling, SB 587 - plumbing, SB 1053 - coastal erosion and beaches, and SB 1193 - water and sewer services to colonias) Ann W. Richards Other
06/06/1991 72nd R.S. Insurance bill signing (HB 2, omnibus insurance reform bill) Ann W. Richards Other
05/23/1991 72nd R.S. Official memorandum, Women Veterans Recognition Day, May 23, 1991 Ann W. Richards Other
04/23/1991 72nd R.S. Statement on excellence in education (SB 1118 by Haley) Ann W. Richards Other
04/14/1991 72nd R.S. Governor outlines education quality plan (SB 1118, omnibus education bill); list of Governor's Educational Excellence Committee monetary awards Ann W. Richards Other
04/12/1991 72nd R.S. Governor signs economic development bill (Texas-Mexico Initiative, HB 1879) Ann W. Richards Other
03/01/1991 72nd R.S. Official memorandum, Adult Education Month, March 1991 (literacy) Ann W. Richards Other
01/10/1991 72nd R.S. Richards to call for emergency legislation (emergency matters: lottery and ethics) Ann W. Richards Other
12/19/1990 72nd R.S. Guerrero travels to Mexico on behalf of the Governor-elect (Lena Guerrero trip to Mexico to invite four Mexican Governors to the 1991 inauguration) Ann W. Richards Other
12/05/1990 72nd R.S. Barbara Jordan appointed special counselor to the Governor Ann W. Richards Other