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03/07/1891 22nd R.S. Speech to Joint Session of the 22nd Legislature upon presentation of the portrait of Jefferson Davis to the Senate (includes biography of Jefferson Davis, his birth and early history, political career, visit to France, England, and Scotland, visit to Texas in 1875, visit of Texians to Mr. Davis, federal prisoners, charge of treason) Francis R. Lubbock Speech
11/04/1863 10th R.S. Outgoing address Francis R. Lubbock Speech
02/05/1863 9th 1st C.S. Governor's address to the 9th Legislature, 1st Called Session Francis R. Lubbock Speech
11/15/1861 9th R.S. State of the State Francis R. Lubbock Speech
11/07/1861 9th R.S. Inaugural address Francis R. Lubbock Speech