Selected newspaper articles related to Greg Abbott

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Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
How Greg Abbott overcame a life-threatening accident to become governor of Texas Houston Chronicle  Wallace, J. 10/16/22
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott: Overcoming personal adversity shaped leadership in times of crisis Corpus Christi Caller Times  Moritz, J. 12/21/18
Gov. Abbott says anti-abortion stance driven by the adoption of his daughter San Antonio Express News  Fikac, P. 01/28/18
Amid discord, Abbott predicts legislative success Austin American Statesman  Tilove, J. 04/02/17
Abbott to use memoir to promote constitutional convention Houston Chronicle  Ward, M. 04/05/16
Greg Abbott and the new politics of disability Austin American Statesman  Tilove, J. 01/18/15
Greg Abbott tops Wendy Davis in Texas governor’s race Dallas Morning News  Hoppe, C. 11/05/14
For Texas governor, it’s lawyer vs. lawyer Dallas Morning News  Railey, K. 10/26/14
Abbott fiercely independent, low-key San Antonio Express News  Ward, M. 10/26/14
Abbott 'rose from ranks,' aims for governor's office Lubbock Avalanche Journal  Rangel, E. 10/19/14
Abbott's governor run looks to supporting dreams, fighting federal government Corpus Christi Caller Times  Waller, M. 10/05/14
Davis, Abbott share personal challenges with voters Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 09/09/14
Abbott’s accident shapes his views, approach San Antonio Express News  Fikac, P. 07/21/14
Q&A with Greg Abbott - Monitor Newsmaker's Breakfast Series McAllen Monitor  Staff 05/16/14
PolitiFact: Claim about Greg Abbott’s legal experience is Half True Austin American Statesman  Owen, S. 12/24/13
Abbott's policies concern disabled San Antonio Express News  Gonzalez, J. 07/29/13
Abbott begins campaign for governor Austin American Statesman  Tilove, J. 07/15/13
Greg Abbott officially announces he's running for Texas governor Dallas Morning News  Hoppe, C. 07/15/13
Greg Abbott launches campaign for governor Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Root, J. 07/15/13
Adversity helped steel Abbott’s ambition and patience for governorship Austin American Statesman  Tilove, J. 07/14/13
Greg Abbott brings staunch conservatism, toughness to race for governor, but lacks Perry bravado Dallas Morning News  Hoppe, C. 07/14/13
Abbott draws lessons from his life as he looks to next challenge Houston Chronicle  Fikac, P. 07/14/13
Attorney general: Abbott amps up conservative credentials Austin Chronicle  Smith, J. 10/28/10
Accident set Texas Attorney General Abbott on path to politics Dallas Morning News  Kim, T. 05/31/10
Texas Attorney General Houston Chronicle  Staff 10/29/06
Congress Austin American Statesman  Staff 10/22/06
Rivals undeterred by Attorney General Abbot's edge Houston Chronicle  Hughes, P. 10/02/06
Open government gets a champion in Abbott Austin American Statesman  Editorial 12/26/02
Abbott is sworn in as attorney general Houston Chronicle  Elliott, J. 12/03/02
Abbott promises even hand as Texas attorney general San Antonio Express News  Richter, B. 12/03/02
Same profession, but different clients Dallas Morning News  Nelson, C. 10/22/02
Throwing political stones from glass houses Austin American Statesman  Editorial 10/11/02
AG hopeful Abbott defends injury settlement Dallas Morning News  Staff 10/09/02
Lawsuit brought Abbott $10 million settlement Austin American Statesman  Pasztor, D. 10/08/02
Candidate defends tort stance Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Dyer, R. 10/07/02
Rival candidates, common backgrounds Austin American Statesman  Pasztor, D. 10/06/02
Rivals square off in state AG race San Antonio Express News  Richter, B. 10/01/02
Similarities help attorney general's race go unnoticed Houston Chronicle  Williams, J. 09/03/02
Insurance lawsuit shadows state race Austin American Statesman  Pasztor, D. 08/08/02
AG candidate criticized Houston Chronicle  Elliott, J. 04/27/02
Paralysis doesn't stop the man or the candidate San Antonio Express News  Sylvester, S. 12/17/01
Justice, senator toss hats in ring to succeed Ratliff Austin American Statesman  Copelin, L. 06/07/01
Lieutenant governor race gets 2 entries Dallas Morning News  Stutz, T. 06/07/01
Two Republicans announce bids for lieutenant governor Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Moritz, J. 06/07/01
2 in GOP enter race for state's No. 2 post Houston Chronicle  Robison, C. 06/07/01
Law assists wheelchair-bound jurist Houston Chronicle    12/23/95
Court builds a ramp to justice, for a justice Austin American Statesman  Gamino, D. 12/10/95
Houston judge seeking seat on high court Tyler Morning Telegraph  Pratt, T. 10/20/95
Tragedy hasn't slowed Abbott Wichita Falls Record News  Brown, A. 10/08/95