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Legislation authored by Woodrow Wilson Bean

Includes legislation with Woodrow Wilson Bean as the primary author for the 47th through 51st Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

50th Regular Session
HB 216 Caption: Relating to authorizing the county treasurer of any county, after approval by the commissioner's court, to appoint and bond a deputy county treasurer to carry on the duties of the office in case of the absence of county treasurer.
HB 217 Caption: Relating to amending the Code of Criminal Procedure of the State of Texas, 1925; providing for inquests and procedures and fees in connection therewith; containing provisions regarding the cremation of bodies, making it unlawful to violate such provisions, and fixing penalties for such violations; providing that physicians who perform autopsies under invalid orders of a Justice of the Peace in the good faith belief that such orders are valid shall not be liable therefor; providing that if any section, part of a section or provision of this Act is held to be unconstitutional, such holding shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this Act.
HB 218 Caption: Relating to amending authorize and require the State Highway Commission to fence State Highways with fences sufficient to keep cattle and other livestock off said Highways where the land for said rights of way has heretofore been donated by the land owners and said rights of way have not heretofore been fenced.
HB 269 Caption: Relating to amending and re-enacting a previous Act, so that an additional period is provided in which practicing Architects who were practicing on May 22, 1937, may register and receive a certificate without examination.
HB 272 Caption: Relating to amending a previous Act, by adding a provision that employees on each pay day be furnished a statement of all deductions from wages.
HB 341 Caption: Relating to fixing a minimum salary schedule for teachers in the public schools of this State.
HB 383 Caption: Relating to amending a previous Act, relating to limited capital stock insurance companies, so as to eliminate the provision limiting such companies to the writing of insurance only on the weekly or monthly premiums plan; providing that such companies may issue policies up to $5,000 to cover the event of death from natural causes and $10,000 from accidental causes; requiring reinsurance on policies in excess of $5,000.
HB 433 Caption: Relating to the payment of the prevailing rate of wages on public works; ,making certain exceptions; providing a penalty; repealing certain Acts.
HB 552 Caption: Relating to amending certain Acts relative to boxing contests or exhibitions.
HB 573 Caption: Relating to authorizing the Commissioners' Court of any County having a Population of over One Hundred Thousand Inhabitants, to adopt regulations and provide penalties for violations thereof, subject to certain limitation of the Zoning of Property; Restricting Building Construction; Health and Sanitation matters, within defined areas of said Counties outside of the limits of Incorporated Cities; providing a saving clause.
47th Regular Session
HB 108 Caption: Relating to amending the General and Special Laws relative to providing for the employment of part-time employees by the heads of departments, boards, or commissions of the State government; and providing for the salaries of such part-time employees.
HB 146 Caption: Relating to authorizing the Commissioners' Court in all counties to appropriate from the General Fund not more than five (5) cents on the one hundred dollars assessed valuation, for the purpose of advertising and promoting the growth and development of the home rule cities of the counties, and providing for an election authorizing such appropriation.
HB 185 Caption: Relating to making it unlawful for any person or other organization to engage in business or act in the capacity of a contractor without having obtained a license, and providing that the act shall not apply under certain conditions; classifying and defining "contractors"; creating the Contractors' State License Board and authorizing the Registrar of Contractors with approval of said board to adopt rules and regulations for the application of a license.
HB 506 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Act relating to application for and expiration of certain mineral leases.
HB 563 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Act by providing that owners of public free school land, that has heretofore been forfeited, and remaining unsold, shall have a right to repurchase same at the price fixed upon a revaluation thereof by the Commissioner of the General Land Office.
HB 628 Caption: Relating to repealing a certain Article of the Penal Code providing for store licenses.
HB 921 Caption: Relating to declaring a closed season on the killing of deer, dove, and quail in Culberson County and the killing of quail and dove in Hudspeth County for a period ending February 1, 1945; prescribing a penalty therefor.
HB 925 Caption: Relating to declaring an open season on killing the Golden Eagle or Mexican Brown Eagle in the State of Texas.
47th 1st Called Session
HB 25 Caption: Relating to amending House Bill No. 921, Acts of the Regular Session of the 47th Legislature, eliminating doves from the provisions of said Act.