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Legislation authored by James William Loving

Includes legislation with James William Loving as the primary author for the 51st through 52nd Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

52nd Regular Session
HB 559 Caption: Relating to imposing in the Texas State Parks Board additional powers and duties with respect to the operation of state parks and the acquisition of lands, property and improvements thereby, through purchase, lease, gift, condemnation or otherwise; authorizing said Board to erect hotels, restaurants, and buildings; imposing therein certain rights of regulation and inspection authorizing the imposition of fees and charges thereby.
HB 674 Caption: Relating to making an emergency appropriations of Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000) to the Livestock Sanitary Commission to supplement the sum appropriated to the Commission by the rider provision for the purpose of carrying out the provision relating to the prevention of foot and mouth disease, during the remainder of the fiscal year ending August 31, 1951.
HB 711 Caption: Relating to amending the Penal Code by prohibiting the driving of cattle across the Rio Grande from Mexico into Texas or from Texas into Mexico except where a United States Custom House is maintained or where there is a place of inspection by United States Custom House officers, or without first having them inspected in accordance with law; and prohibiting the movement of the carcass, or a part of the carcass, of any cow, calf or other animal of the cattle family across said river except where a United States Custom House or Custom House inspector is maintained, or without first having said carcass inspected according to law.
HB 813 Caption: Relating to declaring that the disastrous and destructive tornado that occurred at the City of Olney on the afternoon of May 18, 1951, constitutes a public calamity in the City of Olney and in the Olney Independent School District; granting and appropriating the sum of Thirty Thousand Dollars ($30,000) for the purpose of aiding and assisting the City of Olney and the Olney Independent School District in the repair and replacement of public buildings destroyed by said tornado.
51st Regular Session
HB 27 Caption: Relating to the provision of motor vehicle license registration for church buses, and for other purposes; providing a penalty for violation of its provisions.
HB 149 Caption: Relating to providing for the season for hunting, taking or killing of wild deer in Jack County; fixing a penalty for the violation hereof; repealing all laws in conflict.
HB 700 Caption: Relating to providing that it shall be unlawful to kill or take wild turkey in Jack County from and after the passage of this Act; providing a penalty; repealing all conflicting laws.
51st 1st Called Session
HB 37 Caption: Relating to authorizing independent school districts in counties of more than 18,975 and less than 19,025 inhabitants according to the last preceding Federal Census under certain conditions to issue time warrants for certain purposes.