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Legislation authored by Clyde Emerson Whiteside

Includes legislation with Clyde Emerson Whiteside as the primary author for the 51st through 52nd Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

52nd Regular Session
HB 67 Caption: Relating to amending certain acts so as to make tax certificates evidence of payment of taxes in all counties in Texas.
HB 283 Caption: Relating to amending certain acts to require additional safety equipment on certain vehicles operated upon the highways of this State; providing certain exceptions; providing for repeal of all laws or parts of laws in conflict with this act to the extent of such conflict, with certain exceptions.
HB 488 Caption: Relating to regulating the taking of minnows in Baylor County; providing that nothing in this Act shall prohibit the transportation for personal use of two hundred (200) minnows or less from Baylor County to another county; and providing that nothing shall prohibit transportation from Baylor County to another county when said minnows have been raised in a minnow hatchery in this State; defining a minnow hatcher; providing a penalty.
HJR 13 Caption: Proposing an Amendment giving the Legislature the power to provide, under such limitations and restrictions as may be deemed by the Legislature expedient, for assistance to needy individuals, eighteen (18) years of age or older, who are permanently and totally disabled by reason of a mental or physical handicap, who are residents of the State of Texas, except that the individuals who are receiving aid for the permanently and totally disabled may not, during the same period of time, receive other assistance; providing an appropriation therefor.
51st Regular Session
HB 48 Caption: Relating to providing for the issuance of temporary registration permits for trucks, truck-tractors, etc. which are being operated temporarily in Texas by non-resident owners to transport farm products to market and for purposes of harvesting, etc.; providing a saving clause; repealing all laws in conflict herewith.
HB 164 Caption: Relating to appropriating the sum of Forty-four Hundred Dollars ($4400), or so much thereof as may be necessary, to satisfy and pay, according to the terms thereof, that certain judgment rendered against the State of Texas and the Highway Department of the State of Texas in favor of Ed Davis and wife, Cora Davis, in cause No. 7415, in the District Court of Haskell County, Texas, in the 39th Judicial District of Texas, such judgment having become final and no appeal prosecuted therefrom.
HB 273 Caption: Relating to validating elections ordered by the Commissioners Courts for the purpose of revoking or canceling the authority to issue bonds.