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Legislation authored by Hugh Nolan Wood

Includes legislation with Hugh Nolan Wood as the primary author for the 48th through 49th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

49th Regular Session
HB 427 Caption: Relating to creating a closed season upon wild deer, buck, doe, or fawn for a period of five (5) years in San Augustine and Sabine Counties, in the State of Texas; providing a penalty therefor; repealing all laws in conflict.
48th Regular Session
HB 388 Caption: Relating to providing an open season for taking wild deer and squirrel in San Augustine and Sabine Counties; providing a bag limit for deer; providing a penalty for violations of this Act.
HB 393 Caption: Relating to amending certain Statutes by providing that no person who has been elected or appointed to an executive or administrative public office in the State of Texas for a term of more than two (2) years shall be eligible to run for nomination or election to any other public office the term of which would begin before the expiration of the term of the original office to which such person was elected or appointed, without first resigning from such original office.
HB 405 Caption: Relating to prohibiting the sale or delivery of any beer, liquor, wine or other alcoholic beverage as defined in the Texas Liquor Control Act outside the boundary of any incorporated city, town or village; providing a penalty for violations.
HB 466 Caption: Relating to amending and supplementing certain laws by providing that if the assets of a Lloyd's Association under joint control of its Attorney-in-fact and the Board of Insurance Commissioners to be placed with a Custodian selected and employed by such Board, such Lloyds shall pay a reasonable fee for such Custodian's services, to be fixed by such Board, not exceeding $100 per annum; providing severability.
HB 467 Caption: Relating to amending Article 5017, of the Revised Civil Statutes, relative to required assets of Lloyd's underwriters.
HB 468 Caption: Relating to amending law governing investments of Lloyd's underwriters.
HB 469 Caption: Relating to declaring the policy of the State as to a connected system of all-weather State Farm to Market Road; defining State Farm to Market Roads; repealing laws in conflict with this Act.
HB 652 Caption: Relating to making a legislative finding that the recent tornado in San Augustine County was a great public calamity and donating and granting to the City of Saint Augustine and the County of San Augustine certain State Ad Valorem taxes for a period of five years.