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Legislation authored by Newton Barber Williams

Includes legislation with Newton Barber Williams as the primary author for the 32nd through 37th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.
Please note author information is not complete for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures or for sessions prior to the 30th.

37th Regular Session
HB 192 Caption: Relating to a certain Act regarding the correct classification of cotton by cotton buyers.
HB 228 Caption: Relating to a certain Act prohibiting compress companies to charge for keeping, storing, etc., of cotton.
HB 339 Caption: Relating to requiring the Railroad Commission of the State of Texas to fix tariff on cotton.
HB 340 Caption: Relating to preventing the wrongful and unnecessary extraction of cotton from cotton bales.
HJR 28 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Act providing for the establishment of warehouse districts.
36th Regular Session
HB 80 Caption: Relating to regulating, controlling and licensing billiard and pocket billiard halls in the State of Texas, and defining these terms and providing for the bond of the keepers of such hall before license will be issued.
HB 424 Caption: Relating to prescribing the parties to and venue of suits against foreign railroad corporations, assignees, trustees and receivers, and providing additional means of obtaining service on non-residential railroad corporations or companies in this State, and defining who are agents of such foreign railway corporations or companies.
HJR 20 Caption: Proposing an amendment to Section 16, of Article 16 of the Constitution of the State of Texas, providing for the creation of the Texas Homestead Bank, with power to loan money to actual purchasers of homesteads, on such terms as the Legislature may prescribe, to borrow money on its securities, to sell it debenture, and to invest its capital as its Board of Directors may determine.
36th 2nd Called Session
HB 63 Caption: Relating to amending the law defining a public warehouse and public warehouseman and prescribing privileges and liabilities.
35th Regular Session
HB 111 Caption: Relating to regulating pool halls and billiard halls; requiring licensure and providing punishment.
HB 149 Caption: Relating to the occupation tax on nine and ten pin bowling alleys.
HB 213 Caption: Relating to the franchise tax on foreign corporations.
HB 214 Caption: Relating to permit fees of foreign corporations.
HB 350 Caption: Relating to protecting the interests of stockholders in insurance companies.
HB 515 Caption: Relating to prohibiting any person, agent, officer, stockholder, director, employer, or creditor of an insurance company access to the records of its office except with the consent of the authorized person or body; making it unlawful to grant access to such records without authorized consent or unless directed by the Commissioner of Insurance and Banking; creating an offense and prescribing punishment; authorizing and prescribing the process for the application to the Commissioner of Insurance and Banking for an order to permit inspection of said books.
HB 519 Caption: Relating to governing all insurance corporations in this State; making it unlawful for an insurance corporation to make a voluntary assignment and prescribing the duty of such company when it finds itself unable to meet its obligations; making void any voluntary general assignment by such company or any acts relative therein, and making void all transfer assets after an act of insolvency or in contemplation thereof, with a view of preferring one creditor over another; declaring that no attachment, injunction or execution shall issue against such an insurance company or its property before final judgment; prescribing the duties of the Commissioner of Insurance and Banking when the capital stock or the reserve of an insurance company become impaired or when such company is conducting its business in an unlawful or unauthorized manner; defining the duty of the Commissioner in the event such company fails to observe the lawful orders issued by him; stating the circumstances under which the Commissioner shall report the affairs of an insurance corporation to the Attorney General; prescribing a complete scheme of liquidation by a receiver of insolvent insurance corporations; defining the duties of the Commissioner with reference to such liquidation; imposing upon the Commissioner authority to call stockholders' meetings for election of a new board of directors; defining the circumstances under which such a corporation may place its affairs in the Commissioner; authorizing the Commissioner to appoint special agents to assist him.
HB 578 Caption: Relating to repealing an Act amending laws relating to prohibiting the use of co-insurance clauses in any policy or contract of insurance covering property and providing that co-insurance clauses may be used in any policy or contract of insurance covering property at the option of the assured.
HB 641 Caption: Relating to providing for the licensing of insurance agents by the Commissioner of Insurance; providing a penalty.
HB 707 Caption: Related to the changing, etc., of railroad station limits.
HB 835 Caption: Relating to shortening the road to Tipperary and pave it.
34th Regular Session
HB 250 Caption: Relating to amending certain laws pertaining to Landlords Liens for rents.
HB 268 Caption: Relating to providing that the owner of real estate shall pay the taxes assessed against the same and further providing that where a vendors lien is held against real estate for the purchase thereof that the owner and holder of such vendors lien shall be liable to the owner of the land paying the taxes.
HB 320 Caption: Relating to providing the form of pleading in civil cases in the district and county courts and the manner and time of charging the juries in civil and criminal cases in said courts.
33rd Regular Session
HB 29 Caption: Relating to authorizing the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway Company of Texas to lease or purchase certain lines of railway.
HB 150 Caption: Relating to regulating the sale of cocaine and other drugs; regulating the issuance of prescriptions; and providing penalties.
HB 192 Caption: Relating to creating the office of state bond commissioner.
HB 338 Caption: Relating to preventing deception in the sale of paint and linseed oil.
HB 358 Caption: Fixing the salaries of the judges of the Supreme Court and the Courts of Appeals.
HB 554 Caption: Relating to regulating and supervising the sale and purchase of all stocks, bonds or other obligations, of private foreign and domestic corporations; fixing commission and promotion fees allowed to be charged and exempting certain corporations from the effect of this act.
33rd 1st Called Session
HB 9 Caption: Relating to regulating and supervising the sale and purchase, in this State, of stocks of private, foreign and domestic corporations organized for profit, which propose to increase their capital stock; and providing for service of process, examination fees, and exempting certain corporations from the effect of this act; providing penalty for violations of the provisions of this act.
32nd Regular Session
HB 132 Caption: Relating to prohibiting the gift, sale or delivery of, or being interested in the gift, sale or delivery of cigarettes, cigarette papers, or smoking tobacco to any minor under the age of 19 years; providing penalties
HB 204 Caption: Relating to the trial of criminal cases, and the order of argument of counsel representing the State and the defendant, and fixing the time and manner, and order of the argument.
HB 218 Caption: Relating to requiring the Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas to determine in all felony cases whether the appellant is entitled to bond.
HB 316 Caption: Relating to conferring authority upon the Railroad Commission, and making it its duty to adopt all necessary rates, charges and regulations to govern and regulate wharf companies and terminal wharf companies and terminal railroad companies; providing penalties.
HB 454 Caption: Relating to preventing discrimination in charges by owners and operators of telegraph and telephone lines and exchanges in the State.
HB 464 Caption: Relating to providing that no charter, franchise or permit shall be hereafter granted to, or right-of-way acquired by any railway company until the same shall be authorized and recommended by a majority of the Railroad Commission of the State.