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Legislation authored by Thomas Slaughter Johnson

Includes legislation with Thomas Slaughter Johnson as the primary author for the 36th through 36th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.
Please note author information is not complete for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures or for sessions prior to the 30th.

36th Regular Session
HB 28 Caption: Relating to ratifying, confirming and validating the incorporation of the Manor Independent School District, in Travis County, Texas, and the official acts of its Boards of Trustees; creating the Clayton Vocational Institute in said school district.
HB 29 Caption: Relating to repealing the item of salary for two nurses at $600 each, contained in the appropriation for the Confederate Women's Home for the years 1918 and 1919, making an appropriation for the salary of two nurses for said Home for the months of January, 1919, to August, 1919, both inclusive.
HB 69 Caption: Relating to providing for the erection of a building by the State of Texas as a memorial to the soldiers and sailors of Texas who responded to their country's call in its war with Germany, providing for the use of said building, making an appropriation therefor.
HB 86 Caption: Relating to amending certain statutes providing for the printing, publication and sale of the reports of the decisions of the Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeals and the Courts of Civil Appeals of the State of Texas, and repealing certain statute concerning said reports.
HB 241 Caption: Relating to amending certain statute in regard to vacations of firemen in certain cities.
HB 265 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Act fixing the number of members constituting the governing boards various educational institutions of the state so as to provide for the appointment of women on said governing boards.
HB 295 Caption: Relating to amending certain Act so as to provide that said Act shall not apply to any person, corporation or collection of persons or partnership who pursue the business of collecting accounts due to any persons or partnership or corporation for merchandise or good actually sold and delivered, or for services actually performed, or for premises occupied or for rentals, and who charge a reasonable fee for collecting such bona fide accounts past due.
HB 430 Caption: Relating to amending certain statute so as to eliminate the quantity of intoxicating liquors that may be ordered, received, shipped or transported for sacramental purposes only.
HB 442 Caption: Relating to providing for the destruction of old papers by Justices of the Peace after 10 years.
HB 521 Caption: Relating to authorizing and directing the Secretary of State to exchange Court Reports, Session Acts, and other publications of the State for textbooks and like publications of other States and foreign countries for the benefit of the Law Library of the University of Texas.
HB 554 Caption: Relating to declaring the English language the official language of the State of Texas; making it unlawful for public officials to conduct public business in any other than the English language; providing that certain books, accounts, contract, etc., shall not be admissible in evidence unless written or printed in the English language, with certain exception; prescribing punishment and penalties for the violation of this Act.
HJR 23 Caption: Proposing an amendment to Section 51, of Article 3, of the Constitution of the State of Texas, providing for an additional tax to constitute a State Teachers' Retirement Fund, authorizing the Legislature to pass laws regulating the management and disbursement of said fund, and making an appropriation.
36th 2nd Called Session
HB 51 Caption: Relating to amending the Act creating Pflugerville Independent School District in Travis and Williamson Counties.
HB 86 Caption: Relating to amending certain articles relating to the issuance of funding bonds by a county; providing for the rate of interest such bonds may bear.
HB 104 Caption: Relating to amending certain articles so as to authorize the Governor to employ counsel to file escheat proceedings in addition to the authority already therein conferred upon the governor.
HB 113 Caption: Relating to authorizing and directing the Board of Regents of the University and Texas and the Board of Directors of the Agricultural and Mechanical College to expend any surplus funds heretofore appropriated.
36th 4th Called Session
HB 9 Caption: Relating to providing for the issuance of poll tax exemption certificates to certain persons and authorizing said persons to vote at any election held during the year 1920 and during the month of January 1921.